TwinkleToes & Tinkerbell

Twinkletoes and Tinkerbell is a story about a dance teacher in the busy city of Los Angeles named Izzy. Her life is changed when a blonde dancer named Gavin enters her studio. The two begin their journey together filled with dance, sarcastic comments, romance and many bumps in the road.


1. I AM the teacher

 The lanky blow up dolls you see in front of grand openings and gaudy car dealerships probably dance better then Izzy's dance class. No structure, no direction, no organization and ranging from ages sixteen to fifty. Izzy's dance class was a jumbled mess of flailing limbs. Izzy has always loved dancing since she was a little brown haired, blue eyed kid. She used to pretend that her bed was a crowd of people and she was putting on a concert in her room. Now twenty two, she still had the same dark eyes, bright blue eyes and passion for dance. Even though her studio isn't the most popular dance studio in the busy city of Los Angeles she still enjoyed coming to work everyday. 
 Izzy moved to LA back when she was eighteen with her best friend Ari. Her older brother Ross had moved to LA a year prior to pursue directing. She moved to the city with the intentions of study the Performing Arts in college. However, once she reached LA she met a girl named Lexi, together they decided to open a dance studio with Izzy being the instructor and Lexi being the receptionist. Both Izzy and Lexi clicked immediately. Lexi became the Robin to Izzy's Batman(which are the nicknames they now use for each other around the studio).
     Izzy loved her little struggling studio and everyone who attended her classes. Admittedly, she would like some people with dance experience, but honestly, Izzy has only taken one dance class herself. Contrary to what you may think after hearing that, she is actually a really good dancer, she puts her heart and soul into her dancing. She wakes up, gets some coffee, drives to the studio, dances and sings to music in LA traffic, gets to the studio and starts teaching. 
   That was basically all she did until she met him on May 7th at 6PM.
   Izzy was on her last class of the day, no one ever showed up for this class, but Izzy kept it on the schedule so she could stay and practice dances she knew she could never teach to her class. In the middle of one of her dances she heard the door to the studio open. She didn't think much of it, just assuming it was Lexi, she turned around and was shocked by the unfamiliar face standing in front of her.
   It was a man, on the shorter side compared to Izzy's 5'6 height, maybe around 5'9. He had dirty blonde hair styled into a quiff. But, what really got Izzy was his eyes. They weren't "blue like the sky" or "blue like the ocean" or any other cheesy way of describing blue eyes.They were just blue. So simple, yet exceptional when paired with his thick eyebrows and bright smile. Exceptional.
   "Is this the dance class?" He asked.
   "Isn't it obvious?" Izzy said motioning to the empty studio room.
   One thing you can always count on with Izzy is a sarcastic comment.
   "Is the teacher not here yet?" He said looking at his watch.
   "I am the teacher." Izzy said slightly embarrassed that she had to explain that.
   "REALLY?!" The man asked, seeming overly shocked.
   "Yep. What threw you off? How young I am? How youthful?" Izzy joked.
   "I saw you dancing before I came in, didn't seem like a teacher."
  It took Izzy every ounce of her self-restraint not to clock him across the face. "And you can do better?"
   "I have been taking dance lessons since I was a kid."
   Dance lessons were always the thing that made Izzy seem like a rookie. Does she wish she had taken more then one lesson? No. Does the fact that she didn't hold her back? Probably.
   "Can I help you?" Izzy snapped.
   " I want to sign up for classes."
   "You do realize I'm the only teacher, right?"
   "It's something to do. Besides, I think it will be entertaining."
   "Well you have to do some paper work with Lexi downstairs."
   Once they reached the receptionist desk a skinny redhead popped out from behind the desk.
   "Hi Batman!" Lexi smiled.
   "Hey Robin!" Izzy said as she grabbed a water from the fridge behind the desk.
   "Hi, my name is Gavin Spence. I wanted to sign up for dance classes." The man said.
   " Alright Gavin, so how it works here is Izzy is in the studio Tuesday thru Saturday. You can come in whenever, I just handed you a sheet with the class schedules and we'll talk payment the next time you come in." Lexi explained, handing Gavin a packet of papers.
   "Thank you." He said shaking hands with Lexi. "Nice to meet you Izzy, I'll see you next time." He said extending his hand to Izzy.
   "Nice meeting you too, Gavin." Izzy said grabbing and shaking his hand while pursing her lips.
     As soon as Gavin left the studio Lexi went off.
    "He's cute! Not Ross " I want to have your babies" cute, but cute! You should go for it!"
     "First off, please don't talk about my brother that way in front of me. Second off, he's not my type. I like tall guys with dark hair."
      "GOD! When I try to set you up with a guy with brown hair you like blondes, when he has blonde hair you like brunettes!" Lexi exclaimed throwing her hands in the air.
      For as long as Lexi and Izzy have been friends Izzy has never had a boyfriend. Not that guys didn't like her, she got asked out often, she just always rejects them. Izzy will constantly deny the fact she runs away from relationships, but both Ari and Lexi are determined to get Izzy to at least go out on a date with someone. And neither of them are going down without a fight.

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