One night

I was invisible. Never noticed. Ignored.

Then I meet a guy.

It takes one night to fall in love.

But then again it takes one night to have your heart broken.

After that your left to pick up the broken fragments.

One night changes everything.


3. Chapter 3

After our heated kiss, Austin lead me inside.

All the customers were staring with there mouths gaping. I raced toward the food.

"Yum." I said staring at the food.

"What would you-" I cut him off.

"Large milkshake. Two Big Macs. Also a large fry. Thank you." I said.

Then I walked off to find us a seat.

"No. No." I looked around and saw none of them were good enough.

Then I saw a table outside.

It was perfect.

I raced to it sitting down.

Minutes passed by.

My butt started to hurt.

Finally Austin came to my seat. "Got you a free meal."

"What do you-"

I saw a hickey on his neck. It looked gross.

Then I took my food and sat a table away from him.

He followed. "Hey I got it free."

I went back to the other table.

He followed.

This went on until a blonde walked towards him. We were at the same table.

The blonde had huge boobs. Plus she wasn't wearing a lot of clothing.

Austin stopped noticing me.

His gaze was at the blondes chest.

He didn't even notice when I moved away.

Or ate all my food and threw it away.

I even left without him noticing.

But that was okay. I was supposed to be invisible.

That was just my life.

I heard footsteps behind me. "Hey. Hey wait up. Geez your fast."

Austin stopped talking when he noticed the tears running down my face.

His eyes turned serious.

"Look I'm so-"

I held my hand up. "It's okay."

"No it's not." He screamed out. My eyes widened at his outburst. "Your supposed to yell. Scream at me. Anything. Not just stand there like it's happened before. Has it..."

"That's my life." I smiled a bitter smile.

"What about your family or friends?" Austin's voice was softer now. Almost cooing.

"I only have my mother. But half the time she doesn't notice me. I wish..."

I paused.

"Well what do you wish for?" Austin asked.

"I wish...I was loved." I spoke my eyes meeting his.

We locked eyes.

I felt something pull me towards him.

We held each other in the dark night, kissing the world away to forever.

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