One night

I was invisible. Never noticed. Ignored.

Then I meet a guy.

It takes one night to fall in love.

But then again it takes one night to have your heart broken.

After that your left to pick up the broken fragments.

One night changes everything.


2. Chapter 2

After he took my hand, the guy didn't let go.

"What's your name?" I asked as he led my hand somewhere.

"Austin." He grunted out.

Then we walked until I was picked up and sat on a plush motorcycle seat.

"This is really comfy for my butt." I blurted out.

His eyebrows raised. I blushed and looked away.

Then he sat on the bike, and drove away with my hands around his waist.

I just sat there telling myself 'I'm not going to die.'

Eventually we stopped at field full of music and people.

I heard a slow song come on.

Suddenly I felt his hand in mine.

He led me out to the middle of the secluded field, where we could still here the music.

The song was 'Chasing cars by Snow patrol.'

My hands went around his neck, while his went around my waist.

We swayed to the song.

Then our eyes met, and time stopped.

He leaned in and brushed his lips against mine before fully pressing his lips to mine.

It was my first kiss.

Shivers went throughout my body.

His mouth was feverish on mine, fast and controlling.

His hands traveled downwards.

A loud horn caused us to break apart.


After that we went back on his motorcycle.

This time I laid my head on his back.

He stiffened for a second before relaxing.

This time we stopped at a McDonald's.

"Yeah food." I said happily.

Then I ran inside.

He chased after me.

I felt his hand grab mine. "Slow down."

"No. Mister we are eating food. I love food." I poked him in the chest.

His eyes widened in surprise.

I blushed.

Next thing I know we're kissing in front of McDonalds.

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