This is the sequel to a forbidden love
Only now Two years have passed by in our lives and things are alot different then before


23. seeing Liam

Emili's P.O.V

in order to stop Zayn i messed up his hair which he then ran to the mirror to fix and then i went behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist and then i said 


"yeah babe"

"i just wanted to tell you that i love you and i'll always love you"

"so will i babe always and i'll never leave you"

"good cause i don't want you to"


Riley's P.O.V

"so i was thinking when were all in the same place we should all have a dinner together since it's been a while since we been together"

"that sounds great Riley"

"but how are we gonna get them all together?"

"after their vacations i'll call them myself"

"thank you Niall"

"your welcome babe"

then he kissed me and said

"so i was thinking how about tomorrow we spend the whole day at all your favorite places"

"Really Niall"


then i smiled and kissed him.


Carrie's P.O.V

Louis and Emma went to the hotel ahead of me cause i wanted to walk for a little bit and then i saw Liam and he came up to me and said

"you have to tell them Carrie"

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