This is the sequel to a forbidden love
Only now Two years have passed by in our lives and things are alot different then before


14. I just wanna go to bed

    I ran into the bathroom and started throwing up. Then Louis Came In.

"Oh My Gosh, Was it something I did." Louis said.

"No I don't know what happened I just don't feel good." I said.

"Oh well I will go get you some water." He said then ran down stairs. I went over to the corner and started crying. Then Louis came in.

"Here is your water." He said.

"Thank you." I said.

"Do you have any Idea what happened did you have any drinks at the party." He asked.

"One." I said.

"Do you need anything else." He asked.

"No I just want to go to bed." I said and got up out of the corner and walked to my room. I took my dress off and changed into my pj's a shirt and shorts. Then got in bed and a little bit later Louis came in and took of his shirt and and got in.

"I put some water by your bed." He whispered.

"Thank you." I said. And then cuddled into his chest and fell asleep.

    Riley's P.O.V

*Next Day*

         I woke up and Felt around the bed and found out Niall wasn't there. I looked around the room and he wasn't there. I went down stairs and went into the kitchen, And there I saw Niall cooking. he turned around and smiled.

"Hey babe, I made you breakfast." He said and sat eggs and sausage on the table.

"Wow. Looks good." I said and sat down at the table.

"Thanks." He said.

"So what do you wanna do today." I asked.

"I think we should do a normal thing like go shopping for food... and baby boy things." He said smiling.

"Sounds good." I said and started eating.

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