This is the sequel to a forbidden love
Only now Two years have passed by in our lives and things are alot different then before


12. Having a Conversation

    They both looked at each other.

"Well, We just wanted to say that we are now going to the movies and wanted you to come." Liam said.

"Oh sounds good I will go get Louis." I said and started walking back inside.

"Um, No I was thinking just us." Harry said pointing at Liam and me then him.

"Oh well sorry guys I just got back together with Louis and I am not leaving without him." I said.

"Oh okay." Liam said then walked away. But Harry stayed there then smiled

"Yes Harry." I said.

"Come on why wont you go to the movies with your brother?" He asked.

"Well I don't want to leave Louis after I just got back together with him." I said.

"Wow." Harry said.

"What." I said.

"You care more about him than your own brother." He said.

"Ugh. Fine I will go at least let me go tell him then I will be out." I said.

"YAY." he said "I will go get Liam." Then he ran around back. I walked inside and went over to Louis.

"What did they want." He asked me.

Well they want me to go to the Movies with them. alone." I said.

"Oh okay, I will go home then." He said frowning.

"No you are sleeping at my place tonight." I said and winked and then he smiled really big.

"I will be there waiting." He said. Then I walked out to go to the Movies.

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