This is the sequel to a forbidden love
Only now Two years have passed by in our lives and things are alot different then before


18. Going on vacation anyway.

    I was going to shut the door. but then Louis put his foot in the door.

"Carrie wait." He said sadly.

"WHAT!?" I yelled.

"I just want you to have these... I mean I know you don't want to go with me so here." He said and handed me the tickets. I took them and kicked his foot out of the way and slammed the door.

"Emma get your bags lets go." I said.

"Where are we going." She asked.

"Hawaii." I said.

"Is Daddy coming." She asked. My heart broke.

"No He's not." I said "Let's go." I said and we walked out of the house and Louis was sitting on the porch. 

"Do you need a ride." He asked.

"No we can manage." I said.

"Okay... By." He said and walked away but before he could I slipped his ticket in his back pocket and walked to the airport.    Once we got there we went threw security and put our bags on the... Thing. and waited for our flight to take off. I let Emma play with my tablet in my carry on.

"are we ever going to see Daddy again." She asked me.

"Um.. Ya." I said.

"FLIGHT TO HAWAII TAKING OFF EVERYONE BOARD NOW." the flight attendant announced. then we walked over to the boarding and showed our tickets. I looked back one more time for Louis, No sign. Then we got on and started taking off.    

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