This is the sequel to a forbidden love
Only now Two years have passed by in our lives and things are alot different then before


5. figuring things out

Emili's P.O.V

After me and Zayn ate breakfast we sat on the couch and turned on tv and then Zayn said

"i want you to sleep in my room, you don't have to use the guest room anymore"


"yes, i mean we've been dating for a while now and your still sleeping in the guest room i want you to be in my room with me but only if you want to"

"i want to sleep in your room with you"

"good" he said with a smile on his face and then he kissed me and it felt as magical as it did the first time he kissed me 

"i love you Emili"

"i love you to Zayn"


Riley's P.O.V

"i'm so glad were gonna have a baby boy"

"and a little while after you have him we should try again"


"yeah i don't want our son growing up without siblings or anyone to play with"

"your right but lets wait a little bit before we do that okay"


"i love you Riley"

"i love you to Niall"

"i'm so glad that in a few months were gonna be parents"

"i know me to" i said smiling and then he came closer to me and then he wrapped his arms around me and then he kissed me.

Carrie's P.O.V

Louis had stormed off into the bathroom, after what i had said to him about Emma and then Eventually Louis came back out and sat down again, but he still looked furious

"i still stand by what i said Louis"

then i brought Emma home and then i put her down for bed and then i got changed into my pj's and then about thirty minutes later i heard a knock on the door, and i opened it and i saw Louis and Liam

"what are you two doing here?" i asked them

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