This is the sequel to a forbidden love
Only now Two years have passed by in our lives and things are alot different then before


28. At dinner.

     I looked up at Louis and smiled and leaned in.

"Louis I would but we have to go to dinner with Riley and Niall." I said sounding disappointed.

"Aww man." He said pouting. I laughed.

"Now go get dress." I said.

"Come with me." He said. I went up with him and went in his room. We got dress he put on a tux and I put on a red dress that went to my knees.

"Wow that's a first." I said.

"Same to you." He said.

"No I wore a dress at the party." I said.

"Oh.... I was focused on your lips love." He said and laughed so did I.

"I'm going to go do my makeup." I said and went to the bathroom and did my hair curled and out red lipstick and eye liner and went down stairs and out on heels. Louis walked down.

"Ready?" He asked.

"Yep." I said, And we got into his car and drove to Riley's.

     Riley's P.O.V

          I got out my phone and called Carrie.

C: Hellllooooo.

R: Hi Carrie I am at Harry's house and Emma wants to know if she can come to dinner?

C: Yea sure.

R: Okay see you in a minute.

I hung up and picked up Emma.

"Good news... you can come." I said.

"Yay." She said and hugged me. Then Harry came down in a tux.

"I'm Ready." He said.

"Okay let's go." I said and we got in my car and sped to my house.  




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