This is the sequel to a forbidden love
Only now Two years have passed by in our lives and things are alot different then before


17. a big fight

Rley's P.O.V

After we were done shopping for baby clothes, me and Niall went to the paint store and bought some paint for the baby's room and then when we got home.

We went and started painting the baby's room, and when we were done, we went downstairs and started making something to eat but since we were so tired we ended up burning it so we just ordered some pizza, and then we went upstairs and laid in bed , and then i said

"Niall, babe i can't sleep will you sing to me"

"sure Riley"

then he started to sing little things to me and i soon fell asleep in his arms.



Carrie's P.O.V

When we got to the airport. Emma and i were separated from Louis do to all the fans and then when the fans dispersed, and i saw Louis talking to Eleanor and then she kissed him and he didn't pull away and then Emma saw and started crying, and then i picked her up and then i brought her back home.

On the way back home eventually she cried herself to sleep so i put her in her bed, and then i heard the front door open so i went downstairs, and when i saw Louis i went up to him and i slapped him, and then said


"you are suck a jerk Louis tomlinson here i thought you loved me and Emma and wanted to apart of our lives but you were to busy wanting to hook up with Eleanor i bet thats why we were even gonna go to Hawaii so that you could be with her"

then i pushed him out the door and shut it and then he kept knocking on the door and when i opened it i said

"go away Louis!!!"

then i started to shut the door.

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