Kidnapped|| by Dancer336

Sam Wilcroft a badass girl who leads a gang in London called The Killers.

Zayn Malik a hot badass guy who leads the rivalry gang called The Bloody Devils.

The night Sam Wilcroft gets kidnapped by Zayn Malik the power of the gangs is most definitely handed to The Bloody Devils. In the escape of Sam Wilcroft she will learn secrets and these secrets will determine whether she's stays true to her gang or betrays them for the path of her heart.


10. Chapter 9

Sam's POV

I woke up and got up. I stretched out and my back cracked. I guess that's what I deserve for sleeping on a old mattress that's hard. My sigh and make myself some lunch and get changed. I stay in to stay off the grid and just wait for anything to happen.

Zayn's POV

I sigh angrily as we get back in the mansion. We have been driving all around London all day looking for Sam and we haven't found anything. I then say, "Louis look at all public transportation." He nods and starts typing furiously on his laptop. He then says, "Mate I found something, a cab driver drove seven hours today to Paris and is coming back to his cheap motel room now here's the address." "Good job mate thanks," I say smiling. I then walk out with Liam and Harry and go to the address. We get there and I bust the door down. The man stands up and says, "What the fuck man?" "Yeah you better be asking yourself that question, who did you drive to Paris," I say lifting him up. He then says, "I can't answer your question." I then pull out my gun and shoot him in the shoulder. He screams in pain and says, "Ok ok I did but she didn't tell me her name. She had blue eyes and wavy brown hair though." I show him a picture and he nods confirming that he drove Sam to Paris. "When you got to Paris where did you drop her off," I ask reloading my gun. "I dropped her off at a café and left because that's where she told me to drop her off," he says gritting his teeth from the pain. I nod and then Harry shoots him in the head. We leave and then we get in the car and I go to the airport. I say bye to Harry and Liam and get a ticket to Paris. Here I come Sam Wilcroft.

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