Kidnapped|| by Dancer336

Sam Wilcroft a badass girl who leads a gang in London called The Killers.

Zayn Malik a hot badass guy who leads the rivalry gang called The Bloody Devils.

The night Sam Wilcroft gets kidnapped by Zayn Malik the power of the gangs is most definitely handed to The Bloody Devils. In the escape of Sam Wilcroft she will learn secrets and these secrets will determine whether she's stays true to her gang or betrays them for the path of her heart.


5. Chapter 4

Sam's POV

I wake up and Zayn is looking at me. I scowl at him and then give him the death glare. "Why are you here," I say. "Maybe because I live here and now you do too," Zayn says smiling. I scowl and roll my eyes and I sit up wincing at my shoulder and leg. I then say, "So are you going to stab me again?" I know those words hurt him because I can see hurt flash across his face as my words hit him. "Look Sam I'm sorry-" Zayn starts but I don't let him finish. "Please shut the fuck up I don't care that you're sorry," I say closing my eyes. I then hear a door close and I open my eyes to see no one there. "Ah finally," I say closing my eyes. I then get interrupted as something is dropped in my lap. I open my eyes and Zayn stands there he then says, "Stab me." I look down at the knife in front of me and say, "I can't just stab you." "Fine but I will let you hurt me when you're feeling better," Zayn says getting the knife and sitting down. I look at him in shock. He wanted me to stab him. Zayn then sits down in the chair beside me and we just sit there in comfortable silence. I soon drift off to sleep.

*A week later*

Sam's POV

So far it hasn't been too bad aside from being stabbed in the leg and shot in the shoulder but my shoulder is pretty good and my leg is in perfect condition. Thankfully they have been feeding me. I then get interrupted out of my thoughts as Zayn says, "C'mon you're going to meet the gang." I sigh and get up I then look at myself in the mirror and I am definitely skinnier and multiple bruises and scars on my face. Zayn leads me into his living room and the other boys are there too. "Boys this is Sam. Sam this is Harry who is our trainer kind of guy, Niall who is like a sharp shooter, Louis can make anything that involves technology, Liam is basically like a doctor and obviously I'm the leader," Zayn says pointing to each one. I smile and say, "Nice to meet you all." They all smile back and then Zayn says, "There will be rules-" "Wait rules? I'm not a fucking child," I say crossing my arms. He then says, "The only reason you haven't left is because you've been too injured to but now is the perfect chance to escape for you." I then say, "Yeah you're right it is." I then run down the hallways of their mansion and I can hear them coming after me. I then come to a dead end and I realize I'm in interrogation room. I look and then I find a small window I could get through. I break the window and get through just as they come through the door. I then start running and I realize that we're in the middle of nowhere. I run to the closest sound of a road and then I find a barn. What the fuck? I then see a horse and I hop on. I then see a tracker on the horse and take it off. The horse takes off and I steer it into the direction of the real road. I then find the highway and gallop down the highway. I look behind me and their car is trailing close behind. I then turn the horse around and gallop to the downtown streets of London. I then get off the horse and let it run off while I run to our gang headquarters. When I get there I'm panting and out of breath. The inside is dark and I'm confused. There's normally always someone inside. I go in and turn on the light. I then see most of the gang members dead and worst of all my brother isn't there.

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