Kidnapped|| by Dancer336

Sam Wilcroft a badass girl who leads a gang in London called The Killers.

Zayn Malik a hot badass guy who leads the rivalry gang called The Bloody Devils.

The night Sam Wilcroft gets kidnapped by Zayn Malik the power of the gangs is most definitely handed to The Bloody Devils. In the escape of Sam Wilcroft she will learn secrets and these secrets will determine whether she's stays true to her gang or betrays them for the path of her heart.


20. Chapter 19

Sam's POV 

     I push my way through to the back where the bar is and finally get there. I sit down on one of the bar stools and look around. The others are on the dance floor practically having sex and most of them have downed more than six shots already. I then hear behind me, "Would you like anything to drink?" "I'll have a beer," I say smiling at the bartender. He passes me a beer and I open it and start drinking. I'm looking around when I feel arms go around my waist. I get up and try to pry the arms off but once I see the tattoos I realize it's Zayn. "Hey babe," I hear him say in my ear. "What were you doing before," I ask him turning around. He then looks around and says, "You don't need to know babe." I can smell alcohol on his breath and I know he's drunk. He takes my beer and sets it down and pulls me onto the dance floor. He starts kissing me and I kiss back. I start grinding on him and he says, "Wanna take this somewhere else?" I nod and he carries me to a room and closes it. The room is empty and dark but has a lock. He pushes me up against the wall and starts to kiss me he then slips my top off and starts to kiss my breasts. I let out a moan when he kisses my sweet spot and then he starts to unbuckle my jeans. While he's doing that I take off his jeans and grab a condom slipping it on his dick. Soon enough my bra is off and my panties are being pulled off my Zayn. He teases me by putting his tip just at my entrance and I say, "Fuck Zayn just go!" I hear him smirk and he enters himself inside me. I moan in pain and it soon turns into moans of pleasure. Zayn takes me off the wall and lays me on the ground and I tug at his hair causing him to moan. I finally reach my climax and Zayn and I both scream at the same time while he cums and I sigh in pleasure. I kiss him on the lips and get my clothes on and he does the same. We walk out holding hands and find that the others aren't in the club. Zayn looks at me and signals me over to the back exit. We both take out our guns and then he quietly opens the door and we slip outside into the cool air. We see that Harry and the others are all being held up at gun point. No one sees Zayn or I and I have a plan. The roof to the ladder is beside the wall. I signal Zayn to follow and I quickly scale the ladder and get up on the roof without being noticed. Zayn does too and we soon lie on the roof with our guns ready. Zayn and I both have silencers so I start taking out the guys shooting at different angles to make it look like there are different trajectory points. They go down and soon enough our gang members start fighting back. I keep picking them off and I'm almost done when I get a gun to the back of my head. "Drop your weapon and stand up slowly turning to face me." I do as they say and as I drop it I pull a trigger so the last guy goes down. I turn around to be greeted by a face I never thought I would see again. "Well you aren't dead, I was hoping you were Alex."

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