Kidnapped|| by Dancer336

Sam Wilcroft a badass girl who leads a gang in London called The Killers.

Zayn Malik a hot badass guy who leads the rivalry gang called The Bloody Devils.

The night Sam Wilcroft gets kidnapped by Zayn Malik the power of the gangs is most definitely handed to The Bloody Devils. In the escape of Sam Wilcroft she will learn secrets and these secrets will determine whether she's stays true to her gang or betrays them for the path of her heart.


13. Chapter 12

Sam's POV

I play with my water bottle as my phone got taken away from me five hours ago. I've been stuck in this meeting for six hours and I so far have not been able to speak at all. Zayn put me beside him so whenever I played on my phone he would take it away and that was five hours ago. I've tried drinking a lot of water so I could go to the washroom and not die of boredom but Zayn only limited me to two water bottles. Currently I'm playing with my empty second water bottle. Everyone wants me to join but Zayn wants rules and the girls don't think it's right and the guys are fine with it. I sigh as they discuss some more and I realize Harry is staring at me. I stare back as a game and he smirks and look away. Once he looks away I smirk and know that I'm the winner. "Sam what do you think?" Zayn asks me. "Well now that I actually get to voice my opinion," I say glaring at Zayn, "I think that I would love to join your gang but no rules." "Fine my only rule, your mine and always mine," Zayn says smirking at me. "No," I say glaring at him. He then says, "Look I'm the leader you do what I want." "No rules Zayn you agreed to it," I say shouting. He stand up and towers over me even though I'm standing and says, "Yeah no rules but there is one that will always be in place. I don't care if you don't like it you're mine and that's final." I glare angrily at him and clench my fist so I can punch him but then Harry says, "Guys calm down we can work this out maybe you guys should go separate ways and cool off." "Gladly," we both say and walk out going separate directions. I go to the kitchen and grab a bunch of plates and walk out. I find a tree and smash the plates against the tree. I'm throwing hard when I feel my stitches rip. I can feel blood drip down my back. "Fucking hell," I say angrily since I happened to cut myself on the plate. My hand is bleeding so I sit down against the tree and sigh. Why is Zayn such an asshole? I mean rules? Why can't he understand that I am nineteen almost and do not want to be treated this way. He's just so annoying. What am I going to do?

Zayn's POV

I walk out and walk up the stairs to my bedroom. Sam is so fucking stubborn and annoying I don't even know what to do with her. I sigh and then Louis walks in. "Hey mate," I say sighing. "You know you don't have to treat her like a child," Louis says sitting down beside me. "I know but she's so-" "stubborn?" Louis says finishing my sentence. I nod and he smiles. "This is the problem you had with Perrie," He says. I nod and he says, "It's fine just go talk to her now but don't yell at her." I nod and leave. I go downstairs and look outside to see her leaning against a tree. I go outside and sit down beside her. "Hey," I say. She looks at me but doesn't say anything and looks at her hands. I look and her right hand has a cut that's bleeding and she's stopping the blood flow with her shirt. I sigh and take her hand in mine. "What did you do," I ask looking at her. She twitches her mouth and says, "I was throwing plates at the tree when I cut my hand and ripped my stitches." I nod and she says, "So does that one rule still stand in place?" "Yes," I say. She smirks and says, "I didn't think you would change your mind but remember, rules are made to be broken."

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