Kidnapped|| by Dancer336

Sam Wilcroft a badass girl who leads a gang in London called The Killers.

Zayn Malik a hot badass guy who leads the rivalry gang called The Bloody Devils.

The night Sam Wilcroft gets kidnapped by Zayn Malik the power of the gangs is most definitely handed to The Bloody Devils. In the escape of Sam Wilcroft she will learn secrets and these secrets will determine whether she's stays true to her gang or betrays them for the path of her heart.


1. Chapter 1

Sam's POV

I wake up to banging on my apartment door. I look at my phone and it's three in the morning. Who the fuck bangs on someone's door at three in the morning?! I groan and get up cracking almost every bone in my body. I put a sweatshirt on and the banging gets harder. I grab a gun and then I open the door to reveal my stupid brother. Great my fucking brother is here. "What the fuck do you want?" I ask rolling my eyes and putting the gun by my side. He then says urgently, "I'm in trouble they're coming after us get your stuff and go." I look at him in shock. "What the fuck do you mean!?" I ask my idiotic twin Alex. Yeah I know it's weird our parents gave us both unisex names and we're twins. I then hear something and I'm guessing Alex heard it too because he then throws a bag at me and runs out. I roll my eyes and I put a change of clothes my phone and some guns and knives along with ammo in a bag. I then change into black leggings and a black fitted jacket top. Underneath my top I put on a bullet proof vest and I put two knives in the heels of both of my combat boots. I then strap my 9mil hand gun in a holster to my leg and throw a couple grenades on my belt. I then grab my favourite gun with a round of thirty two with a pink leather handle. Oh yeah sorry I might have forgotten to mention that I am in one of the highest gangs of London along with my brother. We're the Killers.

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