Above & Below

finding something good without looking for it.

"In this case, it wasn't good. Well, he wasn't good or bad, he was something that I had never thought of. Someone that isn't normal, that isn't something you'd find by looking. He came to me. And now, he's all I need."

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4. ~Chapter 3

 "Val, wake up! I want to watch movies." 

I opened my eyes, saw Elisio and closed them. I sighed as he tugged my arm and pulled me out of bed. This has to at least be 5th time he has done this in the past two weeks. Elisio and I had been friends since freshman year. I guess you could say for the short time we've been friends, we're closer than we should be. 

I punched his shin and he let go of me, screeching in pain, "I'M UP YOU DORK!"

"Well geez, lazy. It's-" he looked down at his watch, "12 o'clock. You need to start living up your weekend, not spending it sleeping and wasting time."

"Psh, I live my weekend. You're the one wasting time trying to get me up." I blew the strand of hair that was bothering me out of my face and mumbled, "At least Tatum lets me sleep in."

We walked into the kitchen; getting out a bowl, a spoon, milk, and Lucky Charms. Dad and Caelum were gone so, I'm guessing that they went out. Elisio sat at the island and watched me pour out some cereal, along with the milk. Walking into the living room we sat down on the couch. 

"What do you want to watch, butt hole?" I elbow him. 

"Hm.. scary." he grins at me and starts to laugh evilly. 

"Nope, I don't do scary movies. You know this, Elisio."

He steals the remote out of my hand and clicks a random scary movie. I sigh and eat my cereal, giving up on him. The movie was called Choose Sides, and it was about a boy who saw angels and demons. It wasn't so much scary as it was, interesting. Then, near the end the boy had to decide his fate; whether to go to heaven or hell and because of such the heavy influence, he chose hell. 

"AAH!" I screamed and dug my nails into Elisio's flannel shirt, hiding my face under his arm. He laughed and nudged me off him. This is exactly why I hate scary movies; all those stupid jump scares.

"Well now that that is over, wanna go somewhere?" 

"Actually Elisio, I'd rather not. I have work tonight so, I'd rather just stay home and sleep until I have to go to work, but thanks." I smiled at him.

"Oh okay, that's cool. I need to get a job. Anyways, I'm gonna go. Bye." he hugged me then kissed my forehead. He opened the front door and waved goodbye. 

      Elisio and I had been so close these past few years, and his company always soothed me. He never really came out of the closet, because for as long as I'd known him everyone seemed to know he was gay. The great part for him, is that no one cared. Everyone thought no less, no more of him. I never have asked if he was gay, because he's always been open about his sexuality. He's always been here for me, and I will always been grateful for that. 

I started to walk upstairs, then I heard glass shatter. I ran to my room, closed my door, and locked it. I looked out my window and saw that no one was home. This is a time when adrenaline sets in, and you have to make the decision to check to see what the sound came from or to sit in your room until your dad gets home an hour later. So, being the "brave"  person, I am. I decide I'm going to walk down the stairs and look around. 

Nice choice, short-stack.


"You're brother, I just got done with baseball practice. So actually, I'd be the one smashing your face in." he grinned and marched his way up to his room, "By the way, there was something for you on the doorstep. I didn't pick it up, because it was wet." 

I was so stunned, "How'd you get home? Have you ate? And thanks for the scare."

"Jared's mom. I had pizza but, I'm cool with eating again. And you're welcome, anytime sis." he closed his door and that was the end of our conversation. 

I sighed and decided I'd bring up the noise I heard at dinner. I walked out the door and saw the note Calum spoke about. I picked it up and saw my name was written on the outside. Tatum must have left it, or maybe Elisio. It was kind of strange and random to find a note with my name on it, though. I gently opened it, making sure it didn't rip because of how soaked it was. I decided to just leave it on the table to dry, so I could read it. I forgot about the note, and began to cook before dad got home. 


"Hey honey, how was your day?" Dad walked in, and closed his umbrella. 

"I don't really know how to answer that question dad, I'll get back to you with that later. How was your's?"

"Tiring, Trina still doesn't know how to overcome her fear of rabbits. I don't know what else to do, I've been working with this girl for over two years. And still, nothing." he rubbed his head as he sat down at the island. 

I mixed the pasta and sauce together, "You could always recommend her to another therapist. I mean, seriously maybe it's not the fear. Maybe you're just not doing something that other therapists could. You have plenty of other patients."

"You know, Valience. I just might do that. If that doesn't work for her, I don't know what else to do."

Calum walked down the stairs, "Hey dad."

"Hey, son. How was baseball today?"

"Good, I guess." he shrugged his shoulders and sat down beside dad. 

I got out the plates and and silverware. I handed it to Calum, who set the table. I served them as they sat down at the dining table, "Calum, did you break something earlier when you came home or did anything break by accident? I couldn't find what was broke, but I heard something."

"Nope. I came in, saw you, and went to my room."

"Are you sure?" it was strange, because I heard something break. 

"Yep, I'm positive." Calum chewed loudly.

"You think I should install an alarm, Val?" Dad asked, worriedly after taking a big bite of fettuccine 

"Nah, I think we're fine. I think Elisio probably broke something when he was walking out to his car." I laughed, "You know me, always thinking the worst."

"Okay, but I'm still gonna think about getting one, just in case. I get worried about you two being here alone while I'm at work all day." he looked at Calum and me, "Are you not eating, Val?"

"Nope, I'm gonna eat at work which is in like 30 minutes." I stood up, "Calum, you have dishes tonight. And I'll see you guys tomorrow unless you're up late." 

"Okay, be careful. Love you!" dad kissed my cheek. 

"Bye Val." Calum, waved. 

"See ya!"


On the way there, I remembered the note that I had left on the table. I mentally cursed myself. I honestly think I have the memory of a pineapple. (Yes, I'm aware pineapples have no memory. My exact point.) Oh well, I thought. I could look at it when I get home. I pulled into the bowling alley, and walked inside. 

"Val, hey Val!" my manager, Kim walked over with a familiar person, "I want you to introduce you to the new kid. He just started working here yesterday, and I think you have the same schedule. Help him out as much as he needs."

"Hey Bea." he smirked. 

"You two already know each other?" Kim asked, surprised.

"No- well, sort of. We go to school together." I stammered, trying to comprehend that I would now be spending extra time with a person who was really attractive and also annoying.  

"Okay, good well get to work you two!" Kim smiled and sent us away.


     Something I was good at was reading people. Like the first time I meet Tatum, I could tell from the first conversation we had in kindergarten about what our favorite color was, I could tell we were going to be best friends. I could tell she was a good person, with a great humor, and was an open book. Or like the first time, I meet Elisio in my 9th grade year, our first conversation was about herbal tea and the good effects from it. Just by having that first conversation I could tell he was a wise, caring, giving person. All of this was just from looks and a small conversation. The reason I say all this is, because with Nyx I can't understand him. I've had a couple of conversations with him, and by the looks and the conversation, nothing. I don't understand him. 

A body stood behind me, "Hey Bea,you're overflowing the cup." 

I jumped and accidentally poured the overflowing drink all over myself, "Holy crap man."

"Why so jumpy, Bea?"

I grabbed a wad of his shirt in my hand and yanked him over to me, then whispered, "Listen asshole, my name is Valience, either call me that or Val. I'm tired and I've worked overtime the past three nights. Also another thing, I'm a very jumpy person, so don't ever do that again." I let go of his shirt and glared at him. 

He grinned, "Sorry, won't happen again Valience."

"Good, I'm taking my break while it isn't busy. I'll be back in ten minutes."

I walked into the locker room and changed shirts. He was ridiculous, and tonight was going to be a long night with him. I couldn't wait to be home.


My shift was over, it was 9:30 and curfew was 10. I walked out to my car, dragging my aching feet along the concrete sidewalk. Before I could make it to my car, Nyx was sitting on the side walk. I sighed, and looked at him. 

"You need a ride, Nyx?" I looked at him.

"You know, I don't think I should accept a ride from a jumpy person, might mean they're a bad driver." he looked down at the asphalt and laughed.

"You know what? Stay here, spend the night out here." I started to get in my car, when he suddenly looks up and laughs. 

"Are you taking me seriously? I'm only teasing." 

"I don't care, either get in or sleep there. Make your choice."

"Eh, what the hell." he walks to my car and gets in the passenger side. 

      It felt strange, and scary to actually be alone with this guy. He was so tall, and handsome. Yet, there was something off about him. I couldn't place what it was, but I'd figure it out one way or another. 

"Tell me about yourself. If we're going to be working together and seeing each other at school all the time, then I definitely need to know about you." I said, trying not to pry too deep. 

"What do you want to know, Bio Babe?" he asked. I tried holding my anger inside by reassuring myself that it's just a teasing nickname. 

"Tell me your history."

"I was born, I lived, I died, I'm here."

"Why do you feel as if you died?" I asked, questioningly. 

"I died from.. boredom." he grinned, "Turn here."

I turned, then continued, "Why were you bored?"

"What do you really want to know, Valience?" he looked out the window then back at me, "you're obviously not getting the answers you want, so ask what you really want to know?"

"Are we getting close to your house?" I asked, nervous now as my hands began to grip the wheel tighter. 

"Don't avoid it. Just ask." he laid his head against the seat. 

"Okay, who are you?"

"A living, breathing thing. You?" he grinned, "You can let me out now. I'm as close as I'll ever be." 

"Um okay, you're sure? We're in the woods." 

"Yeah, I live with my older brother up there in a log cabin. Thanks and sorry about your shirt earlier."

"It's cool. See ya tomorrow!" I watched him walk up the hill, then headed home.

I wasn't ready for what was coming next.





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