Singer of the Heart

"A special kind of human, a Singer, is born to one out of every three vampires, and any vampire who is bestowed with one has a sealed fate." Damon had heard the story for years, had seen the power of the Singer's call first hand. He never wanted any part of it, until the day his own singer is born. But Elena is so much more. He could never know this human would change everything.


2. Chapter 1

I groaned as sunlight hit my face and an annoying thumbing woke me up. Who the hell were playing so loud, I could actually feel the bass?! Whoever the person was, I was going to rip their fucking heads off. I didn't really care it was probably 2pm or something like that. I needed my sleep, and no one was going to interrupt that, human or vampire.

Feeling my head throbbing, I put my hand to my forehead and rubbed it lightly. And then the memories from the night before started to come back to me. My heart. No, no, no it couldn't be happening!

But sure enough, my heart was beating. There was this annoying throbbing in my chest, and I couldn't stop it. How ironic was that? Just yesterday, I'd been thinking about the fact that I was never ever going to have a singer. And all of sudden, she was here. She was born, and I already knew the exact rhythm of her heartbeat. Because my own freaking heart had the same.

I pulled away the sheets, walking to my dresser to find a pair of jeans to put on. I had always been the kind of guy to go commando. When I had them on, I walked downstairs, feeling the annoying throbbing all the way in my head. God, could this become any worse? I'd barely had the heartbeat for 24 hours, and I was already sick and tired of it. And I needed to have this for another 24 years, before I could be at peace again! Couldn't she just speed up aging or something?

I made my way to the basement, and grabbed four blood-bags from the fridge. My brother never touched these, but Caroline did indeed. My baby brother is boring enough to stick with the animal diet. I guess you could say he's the complete opposite of a vegetarian.

I am not complaining about his diet, though. I mean, sure, he was fun when he was on human blood. He knew how to have fun, drinking, fucking and draining. But he also left behind a big mess. And that wasn't very fun. Plus, now that he's on animal blood, I am so much stronger than him. And not just a little. I'm very much stronger. Guess I am the older brother after all!

“Damon, how many times have I told you not to let humans go to the... Oh!”

I turned around and saw Caroline standing before me, looking at my chest. Not because I was half naked, no. She'd seen me naked before. Lot's of times. No, it was the throbbing she had to be able to hear from my chest. That was what she was gazing at. I drained the blood bag without looking at her, throwing it in a garbage can and opening another one. I was going to need a lot of blood.

“Your heart...” she whispered, holding her hand before her mouth. I rolled me eyes and walked past her, getting the hell out of the basement. A bit too close to her for my taste.

“It's beating, stop staring like that. You're going to make Stefan believe you chose the wrong brother,” I said, putting in as much sarcasm as possible. Noway I was letting her know anything about the pull I felt. I knew where the little girl was. I knew her exact location, and I wanted to go there. But I so wasn't going to do that. I was going to go up and pack my stuff and get the hell out of here. Actually, I was going to get the hell out of the country.

“STEFAN! Oh my God, Stefan, Damon actually has a heart!” Caroline started running up the stairs, while yelling to her boyfriend. God, could those two be any worse?

I had just poured a big amount of blood into my bourbon as Stefan made his way downstairs, wearing his usual hero outfit, jeans and a tight fitting tanktop. He just needed a skirt, and he'd be more girly than Caroline.

Stefan stared at me for a minute, before focusing on my chest, and I knew the sound of my heartbeat was clear to him. And he'd comment something about me needing to go and see her in three, two...

“You should go and see her, Damon,” Stefan said, his face very serious. What did I tell you?

I raised my eyebrow at him and emptied the glass, going over a mental list of stuff I needed to bring with me. How much clothes did I need? And where would I go? Maybe back to Italy. Or Germany maybe... There were always a lot of alcohol and trouble over there.

“I am not going to see her, Stefan. Stop trying to be the saving hero. I'm going away, actually. I knew you wouldn't be too keen on having me in the house, so I've decided that I need to travel. I'll be in Italy if you need me... Or maybe Russia... France perhaps?” I flashed them my usual smirk, before heading upstairs and into my room. I didn't miss Stefan's comment to Caroline.

“This is either going to be the best thing that's happened to him or the worst...” he sighed. I rolled my eyes. Baby bro was worried about me. Well, he got something right – this was officially the worst thing that had ever happened to me. And that included the times I'd tried to have my mind pierced with more than million burning needles by a witch. Stupid bitches.

Now I had this annoying thumping in my chest, reminding me that my whole existence suddenly had a meaning, and that I shouldn't be on the run from Mystic Falls. I should probably be vampire speeding to the local hospital, right into the nursery and see her. But I wasn't going to do that. I could feel the pull, no doubt about that. But no way I was actually going to submit to it. Stefan may have been weak, but I wasn't going to be. This baby was going to be fine without me, and in 24 years, I'd be free of that annoying beating in my chest.

I threw a couple of shirts and jeans into a bag, wondering what else I could possibly need. Alcohol, maybe? A couple of books? Blood, definitely.


Okay, I admit it, I might have dragged out my packing a bit... It might have been around eight o'clock, when I left, and I maybe wasn't going to drive out of the city...

I felt like the biggest pussy in centuries. My own freaking brother and his singer had actually talked me into going to see her. Just once. And here I was, on my way, all alone, to Mystic Falls hospital, to look at the tiny human I was meant to protect for all of her life.

Yeah, right, that's not going to happen.

I was going to go, just to prove Stefan wrong. As soon as I arrived, I would take one look at all the babies, not even knowing which one was my singer, and then I would leave again. Then I would go out and drink my bourbon, find some girl and have a little drink. In the morning I would return home, my confident smirk on my lips, as I told him about the evening and next thing would be for me to leave the country.

If only that had been what happened.

I felt totally ridiculous, as I sat in my car, draining at least four blood-bags. I didn't need that much. No where near that amount, actually. But I couldn't have a child's life in my hands. I couldn't lose control in there and drain a baby. I wouldn't let myself. I had to take the right precautions. Plus the whole drinking thing was another thing delaying me in going in there, another thing that kept me from submitting to the urge I had to vampire speed up the stairs to see the baby that was waiting for me.

Of course she wasn't waiting for me! She was a child, and a stupid human as well. She wouldn't know who I was. She would know nothing. Actually, she would probably be asleep, not even noticing my presence in the room. Hopefully she would just be sleeping.

I took in a deep breath before leaving my car, slowly walking inside, following the pulling from my chest. Her heartbeat. I could hear her heartbeat, in perfect synchronization to my own. Our hearts were beating together. I compelled the nurse at the disk to let me through, and went on, trying to keep my steps at human speed. My body wanted to use my vampire speed to get to her. It wanted me to hurry.

Why? She wasn't in danger. She couldn't already be, plus her heart was beating slowly and securely. She was sleeping. I could recognize the sound of a sleeping human heart any day. And she was asleep.

I turned around the corner, and could see the big glass window that, in a few seconds, would allow me to look at my singer. This was actually going to happen. I was actually going to meet my singer. She was in there.

I couldn't help it. I vamp sped the rest of the way, and as soon as I laid eyes on the babies, I could see her. There she was. Wrapped up in blankets, sucking on her thumb, safely asleep. I put my hands on the glass, wanting to be closer. I wanted to be able to touch her. That little fragile human in there, changed everything going on in my mind. Of course I was going to protect her. Of course I was going to, she was special, and I needed her. How could I not protect someone as innocent as her?

“Which one is yours?” I was almost gasping at the female nurse next to me. It had been years, centuries since a woman had been able to sneak up on me. I'd been way too caught up with the girl that was in there. What the hell was wrong with me? Oh, no time to think about that.

“Her,” I said, pointing towards the small girl. The nurse smiled at me. She had to be in her fifties or sixties, dark skin and friendly eyes. I had no intentions of drinking from her, at all. I forced her eyes on me, feeling the power of compulsion race through me.

“Let me into the room, and tell me everything about her and her parents,” I said. Her eyes went dazed as she nodded lightly and found her keys. She opened the door, closed to behind us and walked to the crib that held the little girl.

“Her name is Elena Gilbert. She was born on July 12th 1994 and had trouble breathing at first. We got that under control, and she's acting exactly like a girl her age should. Her parents are called Miranda and Grayson Gilbert. Grayson is a doctor here and him and his wife has wanted children for a long time. It was a miracle when Miranda got pregnant.”

The nurse was still under my power. Oh well, being a vampire definitely had it's perks.

“You are going to make sure she get's the best treatment possible. I am going to pay for any extra stuff she might need. Give her everything she needs. She is the most important baby here,” I said, not even recognizing my voice as I said the words. I was paying for her hospital bills. I was seriously going all the way for this tiny little human. But it suddenly didn't seem to important anymore. I just wanted to protect her. I wanted this little girl to have everything she'd ever dreamed of. I wanted her to live her life fully, without worrying about a single thing.

“Leave and forget about this.”

The nurse left, leaving me alone with her.


I loved that name. It fit her so perfectly. I recognized the name, actually. It was Latin. Meant light. And boy, did that fit her. She was my light. I would never admit it to anyone, but this little girl, this Elena, was my number one priority. All of my previous thinking, about just let her living her life, went out the window, the moment I laid my eyes on her. How could I not protect her? How would I ever be able to let her die?

Simple. I wouldn't.

I slowly raised my hand, caressing her small cheek very carefully. In the exact moment our skin touched, her eyes shut wide open, and she cocked her head, looking at me with a curious expression. I was stunned to see her eyes. Big, brown, beautiful doe eyes were looking at me. It wasn't right for a baby her age to be able to move her head like that, but she did. And that intense gaze she had.

One of her tiny hands came to my finger, grabbing it in a tight grip and pulling me closer. With a small unconscious smile, I let her pull my finger to her mouth and let her take it in. Her teethless gums locked around my finger, before she opened her mouth again and did something I hadn't expected. She giggled. How was that even possible? She was less than 24 hours old, and she was giggling. Was babies supposed to giggle?

To be honest, I couldn't really bring my self to care. She was obviously good. She was happy. And she was healthy. That was all that mattered to me.

“Elena Gilbert...” I let the name fall off my tongue, already liking the way it sort of just fit in my mouth. She cocked her head once again and let out a little tingling laugh. I felt my heart melt at that sound. My beating heart. I could already tell she was special. Normal children wouldn't laugh until they were at least two months old. But here she was, laughing at me, her eyes shining with happiness. How could someone that small be able to feel that?

“You can hold her if you want, you know.”

The nurse had returned. I looked at her with big eyes. Normally I would have laughed and told her hundreds of reasons why I didn't want to care for a small child. But this was Elena. She was my singer. The nurse lifted her carefully and showed me how to hold my arms.

And then I was holding her. She weighed absolutely nothing. Her fragile little body was laying in my arms, not a single sign of the smile that had been there a few seconds ago. She looked like an entirely normal baby, except for her eyes. They were locked on mine, and they were shining with happiness and affection.

The nurse handed me a bottle filled with milk, a smile upon her lips. I took it, never letting go of Elena, and looked confused between the two.

“Just hold it to her mouth. She'll do the rest herself,” the nurse said, smiling softly at me. I cradled Elena carefully, as I put the bottle to her mouth, not even blinking, afraid to miss something important. Her tiny mouth took the tip of the bottle into her mouth, and she suckled at it with eagerness, almost choking on the milk. I lowered the bottle a small bit, still bouncing her lightly while keeping her as close to my body as possible, without breaking her fragile bones.


It took me almost two hours to let go of Elena again. But as soon as she was gone from my viewpoint, I returned to my old habits. What the fuck had I just been doing?! I had been doing exactly what I didn't want to do! I'd been in there, holding her, and I'd been completely lost in her eyes.

I needed to get out, to get a drink, and to find someone to fuck. This wasn't me, for fuck's sake! I didn't even want a singer. I didn't need a singer! I wasn't my freaking brother! I was close to almost slamming my door when I got into my car. What the hell was happening to me? I almost hurt my baby!

I pulled out from the hospital parking lot and hurried towards my favorite bar in Richmond. I needed a drink, desperately. Hopefully that drink would come from someone blonde and willing. Hell, she didn't even have to be willing. Maybe I'd just attack the first woman I saw, hopefully drain her dry. Because then I'd have some sort of control over my body. I would have control over that woman's life. And I would kill her, knowing that I was the one to decide her fate.

No, tonight, I was going to be in my predator mode. Which meant I was going to guy in and buy a drink, and find a quiet street, before attacking someone. And I was going to enjoy their screams. Tonight I wasn't using compulsion or any of my other tricks. I was being what I really am – a predator.

I made my way to the bar, ignoring all the looks the woman in the bar was giving me. I was well aware of my good looking body. I didn't need a silly human to point it out for me. And normally, I would probably use my good looks to make a woman come to the street with me, compelling her to keep quiet, take some blood and compel her to forget everything about the small encounter.

Tonight was different. I couldn't possibly care less about their looks and their attempts to make me look down their cleavage. This bar didn't exactly attract hot females – more like woman in their 40's, putting on way too much make-up, to try and get something from a guy way out of their league. Sad little humans. They had so few years to live in, and most of them wasted the time completely. The woman who was on her way to sit down next to me, was the perfect example of just how much those silly little creatures wasted their life time. I'll even prove it to you, as soon as she sits down!

“Fancy a drink, handsome?”

See my point? A woman, clearly looking at least twenty years older than me, coming up to me and asking me if I want a drink. If that isn't a sad life, I don't know what is.

“Already have one,” I said, lifting my glass of bourbon to show her and then downed it. Hopefully she would get the message. I really didn't have time to deal with annoying humans.

“Well, now you haven't, and I really wouldn't mind giving you what you want?” Her eyes moved up and down my body, a confident smirk placed on her cracked lips. God, she looked disgusting. And was that supposed to be a pick up line? God, why did I even bother with this species?

“You feel like going home, right now,” I said, compelling the woman. Her eyes went dazed for a minute, before she stood up and grabbed her purse.

“I think I'm going home. Here's my number, if you feel like it,” she said, leaving her number on the bar before walking out. Maybe I should follow her. I could chase her into some quiet alley and drain her. I would probably do every single good looking guy on earth a favor.

I ordered another bourbon from the bartender, figuring I might as well give the woman a little head start. There was something thrilling about the chase. Not that it would be very hard to find her. The amount of perfume did help a lot.

I missed the late 1700's more and more each decade.

Don't get me wrong, I love the whole tight fitting clothes thing. I love it, when sexy women are the ones wearing it. But when a woman, that clearly should be dead from obesity, is wearing clothes showing of all the curves she shouldn't have, I found myself missing the dresses and corsets from back then. And there had always been some kind of excitement about ripping the dress off a woman, seeing her curves for the first time.

But I did love the young, sexy women, who wore skintight clothes.

After emptying my glass, I got up from my uncomfortable seat and put on my leather jacket. Time to start the chase.

As soon as I stepped outside, I could smell the trail of her perfume. Hopefully she hadn't used too much on her neck. Oh well, if she had, I would find another artery to drain. No problem.

I strolled down the streets, following the trail, while using only a little bit of my vampire speed. No need to get this over with fast. I would take my time, tracking her down and killing her. This was what I did. This was who I was. A predator. Not a freaking weak emotional human.

At the memory of the feelings I'd experienced at the hospital, I let out a growl, feeling my face change. Screw patience.

I pulled the woman inside a dark alley and immediately plunged my fangs into her neck. She screamed, her body fighting my attack. I reveled in it. And as her body grew limp in my arms and her screams died with her, I laughed, enjoying the fact that I had taken back the power over my body. My heart may be beating, but I wasn't defeated yet. Why return to having emotions, when it was so much more fun without them?

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