Falling For Him


7. Emmas P.O.V

"How was your last day of school Em?""It was pretty good.""Oh OK."Once i walked through the door Liam started asking me questions. I don't know if i have said this before but i want to meet his band mates but he dosnt want me to! He thinks that im gonna fall for one of them. My favorite has always been Harry. I dont know why i guess because of his voice and hes really cute{so are the other boys}! I have been begging Liam to meet them but he keeps saying NO! So thats why i was really confused and happy when he told me that i was meeting the boys because they wanted to meet me to! He told me to get ready because we were all going to Nialls house to meet up. Liam said we were leaving at 9:00 and it was 7:30 right now so that gave me plenty of time to get ready! I went upstairs to my room to get ready. I went to get some cloths from my closet. I didnt really know what to wear so i decided on jean shorts and a short sleeved shirt with a butterfly on it. I went to the bathroom and took my shower. By the time i got out and got dressed it was 8:00. I went to my room to do my makeup. Im really slow with make up so by the time i was done it was 8:30. I decided to leave my hair curly so it was easier and Liam didnt have to wait for me. When i went down stairs i heard the shower running so i knew Liam was taking a shower. I sat on the couch and thought about what to say to the boys. I didnt even hear Liam get out of the bathroom so being the Liam that he is ran over to me and scared me. "Are you ready Em?" Liam asked "yup,lets go!" It only took about 10 minutes to get to Nialls house. When we got there Liam said "Emma,i know you really like should i say LOVE one direction but you cant fall for any of them!" I know Liam!" With that we got out of the car and walked up to Nialls house. He didnt even knock which was kinda weird but oh well. When we got inside his house was HUGE! there were posters and pictures of 1D everywhere! There were only three guys sitting there Louis,Harry,and Niall. Zayn wasnt there. Louis was the the first one to come over he said "hello love" i did not know what to say so i was like " hi im Emma." Then it was Harry he said "Hello darling" I said the same thing to him as i did to Louis. Then Niall just said "Hi im Niall" and i said the same thing as before. Niall said to sit down while he went to get some drinks. I told Liam i had to go to the bathroom and ha said "ok its upstairs 2 door to the right" i said thanks. I went upstairs and found the 2 door on the right i was about to open it when someone from the other side opened it before me. I looked up and saw 2 hazel brown eyes looking down at me. It was Zayn. He must have been taking a shower cuz his hair was all wet. He looked at me and smiled he said hi, im zayn you must be Emma right?" I looked at him and just nodded. At that time someone came upstairs and said "Emma"?

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