Falling For Him


2. Emmas P.O.V

"Emma get up your gonna be late!""Liam leave me alone!""No today is your last day of school!"Once i heard last day of school i shoot up and ran to get ready.Oh im sorry i forgot to introduce myself my name is Emma Payne i am Liam Paynes sister. Some people call me Em. I have long curly brown hair I have green eyes. My best friends name is Lilly. Anyway i was getting ready when i got a text from Lilly saying "Come on Em were gonna be late im waiting outside your house!"I texted her back "ok gosh calm down im coming!"I threw my phone into my backpack and went down stairs to find Liam talking on the phone. So i ate my breakfast. I turned around and asked were you talking to mom and dad? Our parents went on a business trip for 5 weeks. "Yeah" he said. Then he just stared at me and i said "Well what did they say?" "they said that they have to stay in London for 3 more years" "What why?"" i don't know their boss said they had to!""ill talk to you later Lilly is outside waiting for me!""OK bye have fun and love you"he said kissing me on the cheek. ~skip car ride with Lilly~

When me and Lilly get to school we go to our lockers which are right next to each other. But the person that had the locker next to me was Madison. I hate Madison shes one of those stuck up brats where everything has to be perfect. Shes spoiled and rich which makes it worse. Shes also the cheer leading captain or whatever you call it. She turned to me and Lilly and said "Wow look its the ugly twins with no talent" her and her little cheer leading group laughed. Lilly stepped in front of me and said "Oh please,you wouldn't know what talent is if it came up to you wearing a name tag,introduced itself and slapped you right across the face!"   That made Madison mad she turned to Lilly and said "Watch your mouth Stewart!"I stepped up this time and said "AWWWW well look who finally learned to stand up for her self!" Madison didn't know what to say so she slammed her locker and left! Me and Lilly high fived each other and went to our first class!

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