Our Little Secret

"J-Jack-" He cut me off by placing his oh so soft lips on my lips. I moan at the softness, he softly smirked. I noticed that this was wrong not only is he my brothers Best friend but he's a vampire half werewolf, and my brother would kill him. I pulled away. "We can't." I moaned out. "Shhhh. It'll be Our Little Secret. Your mine now."

Warning: If you are bellow twelve I suggest you do not read this story. Because it involves: Sex, Cursing, Harm to People, and Drama. You've been warned!. :)


4. Chapter 4.


I woke up this morning feeling pain... Not a hangover I don't have though's anymore. But pain because of last night. It hurts so much knowing I can't have him. And Grace made it worse Daring him to kiss me. Ugh! Why me!!!

I didn't get a shower I just changed into a sweat shirt that said 'Fancy' showing off my left shoulder. And some sweat paints with pockets that said dope on the side. I walked down stairs to the kitchen running a hand through my hair. I saw Jack looking in the fridge which scared me have to death.

"Jesus! What are you doing here." "My name isn't Jesus smart one it's Jack. And I live here." Right forgot about that... He smirked. "You look sexy today." He walked over to me moving a peace of hair from my left shoulder kissing it. I moan horribly, it felt so good and so right to feel his soft lips on my skin.

"Alright you ready to tell Jacie what we are." Austin said walking in. Jack pulled away from me just in time. "What do you mean?" I asked. Austin's eyes snapped up to mine. "Hey J... Uh." He walked over to me. "Come on let's sit in the living room." He said "No. I wanna know. Now." I snapped.

He sighed running a hand through his short hair. "I know you don't believe in supernatural stuff... But... What if vampires and werewolves were real and me and Jack and all my other friends were have werewolf have vampire." He said.

I looked at him like he was stupid! Why the fuck is he asking me this question! I was still staring at him. "Why do you ask?" I looked over at Jack then at brother again. "Because... Don't freak out but .. That's all true what I just told you. Me and the guys are all werewolves have vampire.

I looked at him trying to find a lie in his eyes. Not one. I laughed. "God damn you are an amazing lire bro. Great joke great joke." I said walked to the cabinet. "It wasn't a joke. That's why you and none of my Best friend a can be together you'll be killed in seconds. It way to dangerous for humans and beings like us to be together." I looked at him again.

"Stop trying to freak me out cause it's not going to, to work!! There is no such thing. And if there was. I would say leave me the fuck alone!! Because if it's dangerousness for beings like you to be with people like me. Then I shouldn't be living with you. And why tell me now!! Huh!! Go to fucking hell!!" I yelled walking away. Jack grabbed my arm.

"Don't talk to you brother like that. It's not his fault... He couldn't tell you. He's not supposed to tell you. It's dangerous. He just wants you to understand J." Jack said. I turned around looking at my brother. I was scared, terrified actually... I walked over to him slowly. I knew he wouldn't hurt me. Why am I being so slow about it.

I sighed jumping in my brothers arms. He held my back hugging me back. I know my brother would never hurt me. He wouldn't hurt a fly even if he tried... But I still don't understand how all of this works. It's so confusing. I mean. Why tell me now...? And not earlier or why tell me now and not later. All these questions were popping in my head that I did not understand... And wanted to understand but couldn't. There was only one thing I knew... That scared me...

My brother and his friends are monsters...

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