Our Little Secret

"J-Jack-" He cut me off by placing his oh so soft lips on my lips. I moan at the softness, he softly smirked. I noticed that this was wrong not only is he my brothers Best friend but he's a vampire half werewolf, and my brother would kill him. I pulled away. "We can't." I moaned out. "Shhhh. It'll be Our Little Secret. Your mine now."

Warning: If you are bellow twelve I suggest you do not read this story. Because it involves: Sex, Cursing, Harm to People, and Drama. You've been warned!. :)


2. Chapter 2.


As I walked down the stupid halls, people were staring at me and when I say people... I mean preps. Mmm. I so fucking hate preps. Walking to my locker I opened it throwing my books in it. It was about 7th period, my friend Grace skipped down the hall over to me.

"Are you high?" I giggled. She looked up smiling real big. "Maybe a little babe. Look there's a party tonight you have to come." She said. "Hmmm. Well will there be drugs?" I asked slamming my locker shut. "Yes." She giggled.

"Then hell you know I'm in babe." I giggled. "Yay!!" She squealed. "You wanna Skip the rest of the day?" She asked. "Yeah come on." I said. The tardy bell rang. I sighed as we walked out of the school down the wrong. This girl is my best friend has been since the 1st grade. We call each other babe because we are weird like that.

We walked to the cross wall sitting down. As I pull out my weed and crake I give some to Grace. "Thanks. I'm running out... Looks like I'm going to have to get some more." She said lighting the weed. "No. I really don't want you having sex with that man. Last time it was like he bit you on the neck and wrist like a fucking vampire." I said.

I put the weed in between my lips as I watched the cars go by. "Yeah I know... But the weird thing is he kept saying mine. Mine. It was really weird." She said puffing the smoke. "Well he was drunk and high so...." She sighed. After about the rest of the school we stayed up here.

After about a few minutes after school ended. I saw my brother and Jack walking up the cross walk, I got up fast making my head go around. They were laughing but stopped when they saw me. "Hey were are you guys heading to?" I asked sweetly. Grace stood up throwing the weed down to the ground. "Football practice, and why do you smell like... Drugs and weed?" He asked. "Did you fucking Skip school!" He snapped. "Yes." I said looking down.

"Jacie I told you this already. You can't do that or they will take you away not thinking I can handle you." He explained for the 100th fucking time. "I know Austin. But I just got bored at school." I snapped. He sighed grabbing my arm hugging me. "I just don't want to lose you to some foster care..." He said. "I'm sorry bubba... I'm sorry..." I saw something on his shirt. Blood?... "What happened to your shirt?" I asked pulling away.

He looked down at it. "Oh uh. Just uh an accident with one of my friends they called you hot so I uh bashed there face in. Didn't I Jack." He said to Jack. He snapped out of his gaze drone me making smile and blush like crazy. "Uh yeah. Yeah. You did. Uh he did." Jack said then looked at me again. Did I have something in my face.

"Alright dude let's go." "Uh Austin you know what. I'm not feeling to good so I think I'll go home. Could you tell couch?" He asked. Austin looked at him for a minute. "Uh okay. I'll see you later then." He sighed then walked off. "I got to go too. Cheerleading practice sorry girl. I'll talk to you later. " she said picking up her bag and leaving.

"Well I guess it's just you and me. Wanna walk me home?" I asked sweetly. He smiled then nodded "Let's go." He whispered in my ear making me shiver.

As we walked I noticed something strange. He had something red on his mouth. Takie powder maybe.... I shook it away. But it just kept bothering me. "You got a little something" I stopped, licking my thumb placing it on his mouth rubbing it off. "Oh that's uh...!" "Takie powder.?" I said. He slowly nodded. "Yes, Takie powder. Thank you." He said softly.

What was wrong with him and my brother today.

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