The Pride

This story is based off of Warriors, and it is basically where cats are forced out of their home by global warming, and have to make their way to a new place and survive there. This book includes a touch of romance, and has a real life connection to me that I hope will shine through. It is a piece I am working on with friends who will maybe join me later on this website. I have to give credit to Sadie Gregory and Hannah Moore for helping me to write this book. Hope everyone enjoys!


5. The Moving of Stones

~~ Daisy lightly tapped me awake with her nose and murmured, “It`s time.” I groggily got up and stretched, arching my back and digging my sharp claws into the soft ground. I yawned loudly and squeezed through the entrance of our den. I narrowly avoided the bright rays of moonlight and looked for the others. Patch and Bear were sitting on either side of Stone, looking around and chatting non-stop. They looked exhausted but too excited to even think about sitting still. I realized with a jolt that they must have been awake all day waiting, too fervent to catch a quick nap, and I cursed myself for not doing the same. I perked up my ears and listened in to their conversation.
 Patch was meowing, “Ooh! Wouldn`t it be cool if we got to go outside? Or if we got to be softpaws and can go on patrols and stuff! Anything can happen now! Everything is changing, and it`s all up to Dawn! Oh, all the good things that can come from this!” Patch and Bear looked about to burst with happiness. 
 Stone scolded them sternly, “Now, this is serious. Whatever Dawn chooses will affect the whole Pride not just you two. And sit still, Dawn will make her decision soon.” As I seated myself next to Bear, I heard a loud mrow coming from the Star Ledge, a large rock piece sticking out of the wall that was the leader`s official speaking place. I saw Dawn slide silently and sneakily out of her den underneath the Ledge, looking strong and powerful even as her bones were visible through her matted pelt.
 She meowed loudly, “All cats of the Pride gather to hear my decision. The stars guided me along this path, and now they let me climb the last rung of the ladder of life. Everyone here knows I am getting weak, and I will be replaced soon. The stars told me to choose myself, but I disagree. I think that you, my noble sharpclaws, Wisers, and softpaws, should chose for yourselves. All cats old enough to chase a snow rabbit form a line, most-experienced to least-experienced. I watched as Stone and Daisy left our sides and joined the mass line of cats facing the Star Ledge.
 One- Ear and Tiger stepped up first. Tiger moved his and One- Ear`s stones to the Stay side of the Ledge and announced in a voice withered and cracked by age, “Our bones our weakened by age, and we couldn`t leave if we tried. Anyway, we`ve lived our whole long lives here, and we want to spend the rest of our times here too.” Several cats nodded as Tiger and his mate padded to sit on the left side of the cave.
 Sky limped up to the piles of rocks, picked his up slowly, and put it on the Leave side. He raised his voice to the sky and answered the startled mews. “My bones are still strong, and I think I can make this journey. Anyway, I`m not just going to sit and watch my Pride starve around me. I`d rather move somewhere where I won`t have to see my Pride perish without me doing anything at all.” He walked to the Leave side and sat defiantly with his head held high and a satisfied look in his eyes.
 Next came Moss, who, slowly walking towards the piles, chose his stone and put it on the Stay side. “I will stay here and heal my pridemates until I cannot do it anymore.” He nodded his head to the next cat in line, Owl.
 Owl walked up to rocks and flicked his tail slightly to move his special pebble. It bounced its way to the Leave side and he trotted silently to Sky`s sleek side.
 Next up was Stone, who took a quick look at Daisy, then began to nose through the mounds for his rock. My heart was a butterfly trying to escape the cage of my chest as he lifted his stone from the pile and placed it carefully on the Leave side. What would Daisy choose when it was her turn? Barely paying attention, the rest of the voting flew by for me. Ocean, Willow, and Flame chose to leave, but Leaf, Vine, Dusk, Squirrel, and Bird chose to stay. I heard Daisy pad up to the now smaller heaps of pebbles and pick up hers. She sighed and closed her eyes as she gently placed her rock on the Leave side. Running over to Stone, she pressed her head up against his muscular shoulder and curled her tail in his. I could hear her content purr from across the room. I knew she must have loved him with more than just her heart, but her soul to leave the place where she grew up and her best friend, Bird. I felt so happy that they were both going together that I hardly paid any attention again. I vaguely remember Maroon, Eagle, Wolf, Fern, and Spark moving their stones to the Leave side, and Mouse and Fox moving their pebbles to the Stay side. Now it was our turn.
 Snow padded softly to the five stones left and picked up hers. She placed it on the Leave side and ran up to her mother and sat down.
 Wind looked around the room then placed his rock on the Stay side. “I`m sorry, but my home is here, and it will be until I die.”
 Bear stepped up to the piles and batted his paw at his stone to send it flying to the Leave side. He ran to sit at Snow`s side and she whispered something in his ear that made him smile.
 Patch stood up and moved her pebble to the Leave side as well, making me the last one to choose. I felt the gazes of the whole Pride on me, but I wasn`t afraid or nervous. This answer was already in my future and I knew what I had to choose. I moved my stone to the Leave side without a moment’s hesitation.
 Dawn stepped forward and raised her voice, “Oh, my Pride. The time has come to say goodbye to your family and friends that will be forging their own paths tomorrow. Rest well, travelers. You will be leaving when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky.” She turned and strode into her den, leaving the rest of brimming with questions and a deep sorrow for what the future might bring.

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