The Pride

This story is based off of Warriors, and it is basically where cats are forced out of their home by global warming, and have to make their way to a new place and survive there. This book includes a touch of romance, and has a real life connection to me that I hope will shine through. It is a piece I am working on with friends who will maybe join me later on this website. I have to give credit to Sadie Gregory and Hannah Moore for helping me to write this book. Hope everyone enjoys!


1. The Beginning

~~A bright light pulsed through my closed eyes.  A strong tongue rasped upon my back.  “Welcome to the world, little one.” A tired voice came from nearby.  I stumbled around searching for something I did not understand yet. A slight push nudged me from behind and pressed me up against a warm pelt. As I found a *teat and started to drink the sweet milk, I heard three hearts pulsing next to mine, two small and weak like mine, and one loud, powerful one that sounded like a thunderstorm overhead.
 “Okay, you can come in now, Stone, but be quiet. She`s very drowsy, and the little ones are suckling and need the nutrition to stay healthy like their mom,” a strange voice rumbled. *Pawsteps came closer until they were right next to me. Quick, nervous breathing rolled across the room.
 “How are they, Moss? Are they sick? Or crippled? Is there anything wrong with them?” This new voice sounded anxious, like its speaker was worried about somecat.
 The cat who must have been Moss reassured him. “They`re fine. Two young she-cats and a tom who looks like a *sharpclaw already! And don`t worry about any of them. Daisy is strong, the strongest nurse I`ve ever seen at a time like this, and she will be back in full health in less than a *moon.” Stone sighed loudly, and his breath tickled my face as it whisked past. I wondered who he was, and why he was interested in me and the other heartbeats beside me.
 “You`ll be a great father, Stone. It may be hard at first, sometimes harder than being *strongclaw, but you`ll pull through. As long as you don`t spoil them too much but still show you love them, you`ll be just fine.” That was it! He was our dad, and he was something called a strongclaw! The way Moss talked to him must mean he was important somehow! My thoughts were interrupted as more voices sounded around me.
 “Well, you`ve seen the smallpaws, now let`s go talk to the Wisers. We have to give Daisy some room.” a soft female voice floated in the air. “But we wanna play with them!” two cats’ meows sounded in unison. “When they are older you can play. Don`t forget you just opened your eyes. No, Wind you can`t get any closer.” Pawsteps got quieter and quieter until I couldn`t hear them, and then they suddenly sounded nearby.
 “Well, Stone,” A strong, demanding female voice came. “Well done. So, let`s get down to business. Since Daisy is asleep, you get to pick their names. So, what shall they be?”
 Stone hesitated a second before answering, “Um… We`ll name the tom Bear. He definitely looks like one with that brown, shaggy pelt of his. And then the she-cats will be Patch and Moon. That whitish spot on Moon`s forehead is like the moon in *leafbare, and that fur shines in the light as if it emits its own light. And Patch, well, she looks like a pile of leaves, all different colors. Do you think the Pride will like them? I don`t want them kicked out, any of them. You know how hard that is.” He meowed sympathetically. Then he continued, “Please don`t send them out in the cold at least, Dawn! Oh, will they be ok? What if I let being strongclaw get in the way of things? Or if they disobey the order and I have to kick them out when I’m leader? And after seeing them grow up! Oh no, no, no!” He wailed desperately, waking Daisy up.
 Still groggy, she had no idea what was happening. “What is it, Stone? Did someone die?” She struggled, trying to get up to see for herself.
 Stone gently pushed her back down with his nose, smoothing his ruffled gray fur and reassuring her with an amazingly calm voice that betrayed no inside feelings except for his love for her and his new children, “Everything`s all right. Just go back to sleep and I`ll talk to you in the morning.”
 Dawn waited until Daisy was completely asleep before answering Stone, “They are perfectly fine. Don`t worry, they have a rightful place here. Ok, I`ll check back in later but for now I must go and tell the *Pride. They are probably itching off their pelts to know by now!” The voice grew fainter until I couldn`t hear it clearly anymore.
 “Okay, Stone, their eyes won`t be open until some weeks or so, but they should be able to hear us in a couple days. But I swear the one you named Moon looks like she is listening already.” A purr rumbled in her throat. “But of course that couldn`t be possible.”
 Stone started to purr too but made himself get serious again, “Moss, I have to ask you something. I know that healers usually are the only ones to get, you know, visions and stuff, but exactly before Owl woke me, I had a really weird dream. I was in a forest, with huge, tall trees with strange green things climbing up, or down, them. I had really sharp senses, like a thousand times sharper than a cat usually has, and the moon was covering the sun. Then I launched myself into a clearing with tons of cats fighting and…” He stuttered, then regained his confidence, “I-I saw myself there, fighting a big black tom. And I looked down at my paws, and they were silver, more fluorescent and bright than anything I have ever seen. I yowled, and the cats all stopped and looked at me. Cats snarled as I raised my voice and shouted, ‘Cats of Tiger, Leopard, Lion, and Jaguar, go now or be hurt even more. We may be less in numbers, but we are strong with the stars in our paws.’ A huge tabby growled, ‘We will be back, Moonstar. Watch your back, or else you might find us destroying you and everything you ever loved.’ He mrowed and all the cats followed him away into the shadows. Then Owl woke me up and this… dream, if you can call it that, ended. It was weird. But… now I see my smallpaws, I think the cat I was in my dream was Moon. I know it`s crazy, but can you believe it, for me? And don`t tell anyone. They`ll kick me out! Please!” Thoughts whirled by in a never-ending hurricane, but I finally shut it all out and fell into a milky trance.

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