The Pride

This story is based off of Warriors, and it is basically where cats are forced out of their home by global warming, and have to make their way to a new place and survive there. This book includes a touch of romance, and has a real life connection to me that I hope will shine through. It is a piece I am working on with friends who will maybe join me later on this website. I have to give credit to Sadie Gregory and Hannah Moore for helping me to write this book. Hope everyone enjoys!


10. Standing Up

~~ I walked into camp to see Stone, Daisy, and Ocean tearing up the camp. Their eyes were wide and scared; all their fur stood on end. “We have to find them!” Daisy panted, going mad with worry. “That tom could have done anything to her! When I find him, I swear I`ll tear him to pieces!” I felt Sunheart gulp beside me. He whispered in my ear, “Do something! I`m not going to hurt her, but I don’t want to get ripped apart!” I stared into his worried eyes for a long time, and remembering what happened at our old island, stepped out into the sunshine. My pelt instantly lit up and blinded all those looking at me. I looked down and saw my pelt seem to glisten with thousands of stars. I really did look like a ghost cat. As soon as everyone was looking my way, I spoke in the most commanding voice I could muster. “Mom. Dad. What are you doing ripping up the camp?” As I stepped out of the sunbeams, Daisy started checking me all over. “Did he hurt you? Are you all right where is he?” Sunheart slowly came out of the shadows. She growled deeply and Stone started to advance on Sunheart, lips peeled back in a fierce snarl. Sunheart dropped into a crouch, ready to defend himself, when I bolted out of Daisy`s grasp and stood in between them. “Dad! Sunheart! Stop this nonsense!” I spun around to glare at Stone. “I thought you were better than this, Dad. He hasn`t done anything! I looked up to you Dad. Many of us did. But now, you should be ashamed for going against your own rule! Every cat is innocent until proven guilty!” I turned my back to him and raised my voice. “Sunheart here is from Thunderclan, a distant pride. Ocean and I will help him get back, and at the full moon we will leave.” I turned around and stalked through the undergrowth, not waiting to see if they had followed me.

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