The Pride

This story is based off of Warriors, and it is basically where cats are forced out of their home by global warming, and have to make their way to a new place and survive there. This book includes a touch of romance, and has a real life connection to me that I hope will shine through. It is a piece I am working on with friends who will maybe join me later on this website. I have to give credit to Sadie Gregory and Hannah Moore for helping me to write this book. Hope everyone enjoys!


6. Preparations

~~ I padded over to Bird mewing her worries at Daisy, “What if you can`t find food? Or if you encounter wild cats? What if this trip is just a waste of cats and energy? The Pride will be weaker without you. Can`t you stay here instead?”
 Before Daisy could answer, Stone gave a sharp call and gathered all the leaving cats around him. He opened his mouth and started to begin, “Ok, everyone listen up. First things first, we need a place to start. Owl and Ocean, please step up here.” He waited until he saw both of them beside him before he continued. “Owl, I know you tend to scout at the farthest places in our territory, so where do you think we should go?”
 Owl paused to think, and then started to draw a map in the dirt. “Okay, so we are basically completely surrounded by water, but Ocean knows something about our little island that I don`t.”
 He stepped back to let Ocean speak. “Down by the water, it is usually too misty to see far, but now that our territory is warmer, there is less fog. This morning I was swimming and I saw a faint shape in the distance. I thought I could investigate it, so I swam a bit further out and saw a huge island there, about the size of ours. I think we should go there.”
 Stone nodded at his brother in approval. “Good job. Okay everyone go get some sleep and…” Stone was interrupted by a loud call from the Star Ledge.
 Dawn stood there, her confidence renewed. “It has come to my attention that several smallpaws should be granted a new ranking before they leave us. Snow, Bear, Patch, and Moon, please sit under the Star Ledge. We obeyed, shaking out our fur and giving it a quick lick. “Snow.” Dawn began. “You are a kind and loyal cat. Your mentor will be Daisy. Bear. You are strong and powerful yet compassionate. Your mentor will be Stone. Patch. You are already a skilled cat who can hunt with ease. It is only fair that your mentor will be skilled enough to teach you even more. Your mentor will be Owl. Moon. You are insightful, sleek, and smart. I know you will learn best if I pair you up with someone you know will be perfect. Your mentor will be Ocean.” Ocean recoiled, in shock that he was actually getting a softpaw to train. As I padded over to sit by him, I could feel pride shining in both his and Stone`s eyes. Then Dawn silently and wordlessly handed the responsibility of us over to Stone.
 Ocean asked him, “Who`s going to be your strongclaw?”
 Stone thought for a second, and then replied. “Owl, I know you may be getting old, but I would like you to be my strongclaw.”
 Owl dipped his head and kindly replied. “I would be honored to serve at your side, but I doubt I could ever be as good as you.”
 Stone murmured, “It will be hard, but knowing you are helping your Pride is rewarding. Now, I mean it when I say everyone get some rest. Knowing Ocean, he probably will have one of his crazy plans for us tomorrow.” Daisy and Sky groaned, knowing what was coming.
 As I trudged to the softpaw cave, I heard Patch whisper to Bear, “I told you something awesome like this would happen.” I rolled my eyes, found a comfy nest, and fell blissfully into sleep.

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