The Pride

This story is based off of Warriors, and it is basically where cats are forced out of their home by global warming, and have to make their way to a new place and survive there. This book includes a touch of romance, and has a real life connection to me that I hope will shine through. It is a piece I am working on with friends who will maybe join me later on this website. I have to give credit to Sadie Gregory and Hannah Moore for helping me to write this book. Hope everyone enjoys!


8. A Long Journey

~~ Ocean leads us over to the beach, smiling and winking at me all the way. Stone stepped out of the crowd and asked, “I don't see anything. Where are we going?” Ocean replied like he had known he would ask this question. “There!” He stepped aside so everyone could see what was behind him. It was a huge island! “Now all we have to do is…” he was interrupted by Spark, who rudely thrust his head at Ocean and scoffed, “But we can`t get there! I knew this was a mouse-brained idea!” He shied away to the back of the crowd when Patch gave him a dirty look. Patch would be mean to anyone who disrespected her family, even Spark. Ocean looked around the crowd with a familiar glint in his eye. “We`re going to swim.” This sent a chorus of troubled mews throughout the gathered cats. “Calm down, calm down! It`s pretty easy, swimming. If all of you can run, you can swim. Just imagine the water as a winding mountain slope that you are running up. And remember, the water is a friend, not a foe. It wants to help, not hurt; to assist not affect. Follow, Stone; I taught him many years ago to be an expert swimmer. He knows what to do. I will be at the back, helping the cats having trouble.” Stone took a big breath and leaped into the water, flexing and moving his paws as if he was racing on an invisible track. Bear followed, and a landslide of cats followed suit. As I jumped in, I felt myself gradually sinking. I panicked until a silver muzzle lifted me to the surface. “Thanks,” I gasped as I felt the water shift below me. I started to sink again, but then a unknown instinct kicked in. I imagined myself running, faster than I could ever run, and I soon found myself at the head of the group. stone was swimming expertly in the water, gliding over the waves almost as skillfully as Ocean. He looked over at me and spoke with great pride. It took Ocean four moons to get me even swimming on my own and even more to-” he broke of as he quickly dunked his head and most of his upper body into the water and brought it out with a massive fish in his jaws. “Do you mind trying to kill it for me?” he mumbled around what I thought was a trout. I clumsily tried to deliver the final bite, but the fish kept wiggling and evading my mouth. It smacked its scales against Stone`s cheeks, and splashed water into his eyes. I eventually managed to end the poor fish`s suffering, but not before Stone had gotten a serious whack. I gave Stone a grin and dunked my head into the water, cleaning it off. As I shook my face and blinked all the water out of my eyes, I realized just how close the island Ocean had talked about was. Trees reached up to the sky, and long plants hung from their boughs. Jungle, I thought, surprising myself by knowing the term. Stone had a strange, knowing look on his face, but I pushed it to the back of my mind. I quickly climbed out of the water and collapsed on the gritty shore.

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