When Everything goes Wrong

Lily Cox is your average Directioner. She has posters and she is always wishing for One Direction tickets. One day she gets 2 tickets and when she gets to the concert her life gets turned upside down. She is Harry Styles long lost sister. She goes to stay with her brother and his band for break and ends up falling in love with Niall Horan. Will she make her and her brother's relationship stronger or weaker? Will a unplanned event make Niall, Harry and Lily's relationship stronger or will trust be tested? Some cursing.


1. The Tickets

Lily's POV



i pounded down the stairs with haste after I heard the mailman leave. I had a strange fear of mailmen so I kept my distance from them. I opened the door and raced towards the mailbox. I had been expecting a very important package, with very important things in it. I whipped open the mailbox and grabbed all the mail and raced back inside. For a 19 year old I sure was fast. I stopped and stood still for a moment trying to catch my breath, then I looked through the mail and saw an envelope adressed to me. I dropped the rest of the mail and ripped the envelope open. Then I saw them, two One Direction tickets! Yes I know I am 19 and I shouldn't still like One Direction, but I do.


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