Hannah Payne, Sister of Liam

Hannah Payne, I'm the younger sister of Liam Payne. I'm not known as the sister of Liam Payne, instead I'm known as the famous youtuber Hannah Payne. Popular because of hard work, not because my brother is one fifth of One Direction.
I just went through a horrid breakup and I soon found out my brother and the rest of One Direction will be staying at my house for a week. I'm starting to get pretty close to the boys.... One of them I fancy. But he can't like me right? Who would like a weird person like me? I mean, I talk to a camera all the time, I eat so much, I'm always laughing, I can be sassy and funny, I love to play music but I'm to scared to play for anyone other than my closest friends, I skateboard, my fashion sense changes in the blink of an eye, I mean, it's not even possible for him to like me.... Right?

Keep in mind this is my first movella, so it's most likely not the best one out there, but I'm trying. <3


5. The plan takes place

Louis' Pov

Hmmmm, Hannah was being pretty secretive in what was going to happen. But whatever, I'll trust her and Hayley this time and see what happens, me and Hannah would be good partners in crime......but I need to see what she can do in this situation first. Hmmm.......

Hannah's Pov

The four boys at the bottom of the stairs were screaming because everything was foggy. It was getting harder and harder to not laugh. I had a few smoke bombs left..... I'm gonna make good use of those.

Zayns Pov

Hannah was throwing smoke bombs down from the top of the stairs. We couldn't see anything clearly, the stairs we couldn't see at all. She was sneaky- real sneaky. I don't think Liam was thinking when he said "right, lads, up the stairs!"

Followed by Harry, " as soon as I find the stairs!"

And then Niall, " if I knew where the stairs were, id be running up them right now! Idiot....."

Then you could hear Hannah laughing. "OI HANNAH WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY?!" Liam yelled.


Hannah's Pov

After my giggle fit, I threw another smoke bomb and then quietly ran to

My parents room and opened the light, then closed the door again. That should keep them busy for an extra 3 minutes or so. I ran back to the staircase, and threw some more smoke bombs. Then I put a few smoke bombs on the floor of the hallway so that when they kick them they set off. I quickly ran to my room and shut the door quietly. Using the flashlight on my phone I went to my closet and grabbed out my NERF guns. They don't even know what's coming. I had 4 of the big NERF guns and 6 smaller ones. I grabbed all of them and went to the balcony. " hey guys!" I said with a cheeky grin. Hayley saw the NERF guns and she said "yessss!" Louis then looked at the guns and grinned. "I never knew you had NERF guns!" "There's a lot of things you don't know about me Tommo. Now shut up and take these." I tossed him a big gun and two smaller guns. "Oooooh sassy!" "Shut it Tomlinson! Ok, first of all, the big gun should be in your hands, the two smaller ones in your back pockets. Ok so the smoke is going to clear up in a few minutes. I left the light on in the last room so when the run there, they'll trip over the smoke bombs I laid out on the floor, then we will go to our positions. Louis as soon as they run to the room, you run to Liam's bedroom which is the one that's closest to the stairs. If anyone tries to go down, shoot them. Can I trust you with that?" "Yes mom!" "First of all what mom in their right mind would tell her kids to shoot multiple people?! And second, be silent because then you'll set the others off to your direction immediately and then you won't be able to control them. Hayley! You will be in the washroom, doing the same sort if thing as Louis but your going to be both of our backups. I'll be in my parents bedroom attacking them there. I'm going to keep shooting at them until they walk out of the room and start going down the hall. I'm gonna call out pineapple and that's Louis' cue to come out of his hiding spot and start shooting at them there. They will be in the middle of the hallway with no where to go, except the washroom or my room. When they are in the hall, I will call out mango, which is Hayley's cue to come out and shoot at them until they back into my room. Once they are in my room me and Hayley will corner them and Louis will stay near the door to make sure none of them escape. The rest is where I take over. Got it?!" " wow Hannah I never knew you were this clever!" " ok whatever Tommo, I have to go to my position now because I won't get the chance later. You guys go to your positions when your chance comes. Ok?"

"Ok Hannah! Just please be safe! Your parents bedroom all alone is like suicide!"

"I know, don't worry Hayley, it'll be worth it in the end. Besides i have NERF guns, they don't. Bye!" I quickly ran to the master bedroom.

Everything went according to the plan. They were now cornered in my bedroom panting. I turned the light on and Louis took his position, as did Hayley. I looked at Louis " Louis, your phone please?" I held out my hand, and took Louis' phone. I started recording and went up to the boys. I gave the phone to Hayley. The boys looked terrified. "Soooo boys. Whats up?" I said with a cheeky smile. "Hannah please don't..." Liam said. "Awwww man! Liam! Man up! She's younger than you and she's a girl! We can beat her!" Harry said. Liam replied to Harry, " Mate, you don't even know Hannah that well she probably planned this whole thing by herself!"

"That she did mate!" Louis called. " but Hannah's just so sweet, she couldn't have done that!" Zayn said.

"I did do it Zayn. I'm super sweet, but I can also be clever and devious."

"And sassy!"

"Shut it Louis!"

"Hannah Elizabeth Payne! Back off now otherwise I wont let you make youtube videos anymore!" ( I know I didn't say that she was a youtuber before but just go with it)

" what?! Ok fine Liam! Don't make me stop! I have to many subscribers now!" I said while slowly walking backward with my hands up.

"Your a youtuber?!" Harry asked

"Erm..... Yes?"

"It's not a bad thing love."

"Oh. Ok then...."

"So, erm how many subscribers have you got then?"

" 3.5 million"

" Woah! That's quite a lot of people..."

"Yeah... It is. But I wouldn't stop making youtube videos, it's just too fun for me!"

"Well yes I can understand but-"

" I hate to interrupt you and Harold's lovely conversation, but do you think you could continue when we're not in the corner of your room in an uncomfortable position?" Liam said sarcastically.

" oh right. Well get up then! Let's go watch a movie!"

All the boys got up and I handed Louis back his phone. "Right, Liam, you and the boys can go downstairs in the basement and watch a movie, and me and Hayley will stay up here and clean up."

"OI Hannah! Who said you were giving orders?!"

" Me."

" Well I'm the oldest-"

" you aren't acting like it."

" yes I am. I could've given orders!"

" yes I very well know that, I just did it for you. And your the one who gets to watch the movie while I'm cleaning, so stop complaining!"

"Ok fine whatever."

" byeeeee!"

The boys started following Liam down the stairs when I quickly grabbed the back of Louis' shirt and pulled him back. I quickly whispered

in his ear " be glad I hid the Toy Story movies."

He grinned and hugged me before running downstairs.

Niall's Pov

As I followed Liam down the stairs, I saw Hannah pull Louis back and whisper something in his ear. He grinned and hugged her. I quickly turned around and hurried down the stairs before they could see I was watching. I felt a bit angry at Lou, but.... Why? Is if possible... That... That I like Hannah? This is really bad. Liam's going to rip my head off! And it's not like Hannah likes me back or anything, she has about friend after all. Maybe I need a girlfriend. Yes, I'll get a girlfriend and that will take my mind off Hannah! But I doubt any girl could measure up to Hannah. I mean let's list everything about her. Cute smile, a dimple, rosy cheeks that are always blushing, the softest long brown hair I've ever seen, those big brown eyes that are always sparkling, that awesome physique that's not stuck thin, those dainty little fingers that are always drumming on some surface, she loved to eat, she loves to skateboard as we've been told by Liam but Liam says she just says she's bad so she doesn't like to show anyone but Hayley, she loves to laugh, she's quite funny, she's a very successful youtuber due to her hardwork and determination, especially not letting anyone know she was Liam's sister because she wanted to become a popular youtuber herself. Then there's the fact that she's always so kind, even when she's sassy she still cares. She loves to skateboard, has an awesome sense of style, and is the kind of person everyone wants to be friends with. She is very popular at school, but she uses it in a good way, she stops the bullies. Liam told us one time these backstabbing bitches were bullying the new kid whose name was James. One of the nicer girls in the school told them to back off or she'll get Hannah, but those bitches just gave that poor girl, Emily, and James shit about Hannah, not knowing she was behind them the whole time. Just as about one of the bitches named Angel (complete opposite really) was about to slap James, Hannah stepped in front of Angel and stooped her hand before it came to James' face. Angel was stuttering and saying that she was sorry and didn't mean anything about what she said about Hannah. That bitch just wanted popularity and to be noticed by the guys in the school and to weasel her way into Hannah's youtube career. Hannah just told her to watch it and don't ever hurt or bully anyone again otherwise there will be consequences. That bitch was so scared of Hannah she never bullied anyone again. Her and James became good friends before he moved to LA with his mum. Liam said she was a bit sad because she loved him (as a friend), but they still skype and text to this day, even though it was 3 years ago. Liam was do proud that she wasn't one of those bitches. Liam..... Oh god. I suddenly felt sick. I was shaken by my thought by Liam "NIALL!!"


"Do you wanna build a snowm-"


"Do you wanna watch toy st-"

"Hell to the no."

"Fine.... Frozen?"

"Yup fine whatever."

He went to go find it off netflix.

I suddenly started blushing thinking about Hannah. Oh no.... I'm not... I can't be..... I may be...... I think..... I think I'm in love with Hannah Payne...

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