Hannah Payne, Sister of Liam

Hannah Payne, I'm the younger sister of Liam Payne. I'm not known as the sister of Liam Payne, instead I'm known as the famous youtuber Hannah Payne. Popular because of hard work, not because my brother is one fifth of One Direction.
I just went through a horrid breakup and I soon found out my brother and the rest of One Direction will be staying at my house for a week. I'm starting to get pretty close to the boys.... One of them I fancy. But he can't like me right? Who would like a weird person like me? I mean, I talk to a camera all the time, I eat so much, I'm always laughing, I can be sassy and funny, I love to play music but I'm to scared to play for anyone other than my closest friends, I skateboard, my fashion sense changes in the blink of an eye, I mean, it's not even possible for him to like me.... Right?

Keep in mind this is my first movella, so it's most likely not the best one out there, but I'm trying. <3


3. Movie Time!


When I turned around outside, I saw something I never wanted to see. My Little sister, crying her eyes out. She was wearing her favourite dress, the red one. She had her hair curled and her makeup was smudged a little under her eyes. Tears streaming down her face, heels in one hand and her clutch in the other. I called after her asking what was wrong, but Hannah just ran inside. I dropped my bags and followed her inside. I saw mum and dad asking what was wrong and she just sobbed and ran up to her room. I began to go upstairs when mum stopped me. " Liam, she needs time to calm down. Give her 5 minutes, then go and check up on her."

"Mum?" I asked. " Yes Liam?"

"Did...did I do anything wrong that could've upset her?"

Maybe she was upset that the boys were her and I didn't tell her. Or that I haven't called in a few weeks.

" Liam honey, it wasn't your fault. Just yesterday she was talking about how she missed you so much, and how she wished that she could have her best friend back for one day."

Tears started to form in my eyes, " really mum?" I blinked the tears back 'be strong Liam be strong. Be strong for Hannah.' " Yes Liam really."

" Can I please go upstairs to check on her now?" "No" "please? "No" "pretty please?" "No" " pretty please with a cherry on top?" " No Liam"



"No.more.shouting" "K thanks mum!" "And also Liam, auntie Jess called yesterday and she's terribly ill, me and your dad have to be gone for at least a week to take care of her, so you're in charge!" Yesssss! Just then the boys walked in. " Mate we got your stuff, so where do we put it, and where to go after?" Harry asked. "Ummm, just drop it to your left, and right there into the living room. Just, uh..... Watch some tv for a while, and, uh, don't break anything. Niall, no food until I'm down again. Got it? Good!"

They all went to the tv and started to watch Dora the explorer. As I walked up the stairs I noticed a note on Hannah's door. She went for a shower but the shower isn't on and neither is her music, so she isn't changing. I went into all the other rooms, no Hannah. I went downstairs and into the dining area where I saw Hannah leaving a note in the pantry, whaaa? Then I realized what she's wearing. One if my old hoodies that was Baggie on her so it reached a little below her bum. The boys cannot see her like this, especially Harry! He would get that gleam in his eyes, lick his lips, flirt, say 'I love you' and then BAM, next thing you know they'll be in a room having sex. Noooooo way can that happen. Wait she's holding a bag...of food? Now Niall can't see her like this! Niall will attack her and wrestle for the food, and Hannah being Hannah will fight back because her love of food is just as much as Niall's, maybe even more. Then she walked out, and upstairs. I sneakily followed her and watched as she went in her room. Then the doorbell rang and she raced out the room. She bumped into me and almost fell down the stairs but I caught her at the right moment.

Hannah's Pov

" uhhhh...... Liam please let me go!"

He had a firm grip around me. "No. Tell me what's wrong, then I'll let you go." I sighed. No use keeping this problem away from my bestest friend ever! "Liam I swear I will tell you after just lemme get the door, I'm having a sleepover with Hayley." Then I wiggled my eyebrows and he blushed, I laughed. " Theres the laugh I wanna hear!" I replied by saying " hush! Don't change the subject! You fancy Hayley don't you now?" "Maybe..." I squealed " yay! You guys are so gonna be dating! Gimme a week okay!? Yay!" Then I ran downstairs to get the door. The boys were watching me from the family room.

I opened the door to find a smiling Hayley. We naturally said "HAY GURL HAYYYY!!" And hugged when she said " Bitch I got the foods!!" The boys looked like they would have spit out water if they were drinking any. I replied with my commonly used " Bitch I got the rooms!" The boys were now staring at us in horror when we both yelled "HANDSHAKE!" Then we did our amazing 30 second handshake, and hugged again and then started laughing. Then suddenly I stopped, realizing what we were both wearing. Hoodies that just fit across our bums with nothing underneath. The boys have been watching us for a good 5 minutes while we were wearing THIS! I gasped and whispered in her ear "the boys have been watching us for 5 minutes and we're wearing the SLUTTIEST pjs! Well I bet Harry's seen worse, but still!" Then we both cried out " RUN!" And so we ran upstairs. We past Liam and I yelled " tomorrow!"

We went into my room and decided on 3 movies. Superman, the notebook, then Frozen. Then there was a knock on the door. I opened the door and it was Liam who said " mum and dad are gone for the week because auntie is ill, don't stay up to late otherwise you're grounded!" ok Liam, you and the boys might want to go to the basement because were going to be yelling, crying and singing....." "Ok thanks for the heads up sis!"

*1 hour later*


I yelled then jumped on the bed. Me and Hayley both laughed and I got back down to have some more crisps. We have a movie and food routine for our sleepovers. Crisps and salty stuff for the action movie, sweets for the chick flick, and whatever's left for the musical. We heard laughing on the other side of the door after I yelled so we paused the movie and the laughing suddenly stooped, but you could tell who's laugh it was. We smiled at each other evilly and played the movie again. We silently got up went to my closet and got out my evil box. Full of stuff to throw and to get people away from me with. We looked for about a minute when I took out some smoke bombs and some lollipops that look like regular lollipops but they change your teeth and entire mouth into a neon colour that's whatever colour the package is we grabbed those and then I gave them to Hayley. I yelled "SUPERMAAANN!" Again there was some muffled laughter. Me and Hayley mouths to Each other 'Niall'.

We slowly crept up to the door and quickly opened it and threw out the smoke bombs. The smoke was everywhere in the hall so we laughed while they coughed and threw the lollipops. We laughed harder when all of them said " ow who's throwing things?!" Then there was an argument about who did it so they were arguing in the smoke while we closed the door and continued the movie. This was going to be a fun week...

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