Hannah Payne, Sister of Liam

Hannah Payne, I'm the younger sister of Liam Payne. I'm not known as the sister of Liam Payne, instead I'm known as the famous youtuber Hannah Payne. Popular because of hard work, not because my brother is one fifth of One Direction.
I just went through a horrid breakup and I soon found out my brother and the rest of One Direction will be staying at my house for a week. I'm starting to get pretty close to the boys.... One of them I fancy. But he can't like me right? Who would like a weird person like me? I mean, I talk to a camera all the time, I eat so much, I'm always laughing, I can be sassy and funny, I love to play music but I'm to scared to play for anyone other than my closest friends, I skateboard, my fashion sense changes in the blink of an eye, I mean, it's not even possible for him to like me.... Right?

Keep in mind this is my first movella, so it's most likely not the best one out there, but I'm trying. <3


6. Frozen and a Livestream

Hannah's Pov


My iPhone 5s alerted me that I got a new text. Louis sent me the video.

"HAYLEH! Come here and watch the video with me?"

"Hell yeah!" She said failing at an American accent.

"Lol! Fail much?!"

"Oi just shuddup and play the video!"

I played the video and we were trying not to laugh. The camera was now faced at the four boys crouched in the corner. I looked at all their faces and I found it so funny! But then I looked at Niall, aw! Nialler looks so cute! Omigod... What am I saying?! I suddenly got a headache, it's a good thing we finished cleaning already!

"Hayley I've just got a headache, I'm going to go to the washroom. Don't wait up on me, just go down and watch the movie with the boys."

"But it'll be awkward!"

"No it won't! The only awkward part will be the fact that you fancy Liam."

"W-what? Erm... I dunno w-what you're talking about...."

"Hayley don't deny it, I can tell!"

"You're not..... Mad are you?"

"Course not! Now go and seduce him with those big eyes of yours!"


"Sorry! Just go!"

I ran to the washroom and liked the door. Thoughts were running through my mind. Do I like Niall? No you don't! Don't do this to yourself.... Again. That's right. Again. I've had multiple crushes on Niall before, but I told myself that I didn't and he didn't like me either, and soon enough I would forget about it. Every once in a while, those feeling would slowly creep back up into mind, but not this time. This time they came crashing in when I least expected it. Was it because Brad broke my heart and I wanted a rebound? No....that's not possible..... Or is it? I mean why did I even start dating Brad? Niall.

That's right. I told everyone it was because he was different and kind.... Clearly I was wrong. The real reason was because I wanted to distract myself from Niall. Before all I could think about was Niall. Even in some of my videos I would start blushing just thinking about him, my subscribers even noticed that! So I eventually got in a relationship with Brad and everyone thought the blushing was because of him. But no, it was because of Niall. Then the blushing stopped. A bunch of people were tweeting me and asking me, so I just said I had a crush and we started dating. But I always felt guilty in our relationship because I was always thinking about Niall. It was like I was cheating, but he actually was and he didn't even care for me. Ugh god I have to face him the day after tomorrow. And for the rest of the year, luckily it's march and next week is March break! Anyways, I know I sound obsessed with Niall, madly in love with him. But I'm not. He just keeps crawling back into my mind. It's like a major crush! It's a good thing I'm pretty good at acting.... Nobody's even questioned me! But I need to get over myself. I was telling off myself. It was about 4 minutes later, I felt better and not smitten anymore. I slowly opened the door and made my way downstairs to see the boys and Hayley watching frozen. They were all sitting on the sofa. Only just barely enough room to fit the 5 boys and a Hayley who was sitting on Liam's lap. They were both smiling and flirting. Then I saw Liam asked her something and she nodded and smiled. He sooo asked her to go out with him... Typical Liam.

" hey Hayley! Boys...."

Hayley jumped up from Liam's lap

"Oh... Erm hey.... Hannah.... I-I'm sorry...."

"Hayleh! No need to be sorry I'm happy you guys are going out and I can't wait for when you get married, and have kids! You guys would make the cutest babies!!

"Hannah! I hardly think that's appropriate, and how did you know I asked Hayley out?"

" Cuz I'm amazing."

"Hannah! Come join us!" Harry said with open arms.

"Harry I'm not sitting on your lap."

He cheekily grinned,

"Let's change your mind then."

Niall's Pov

Hannah walked down the stairs and I was staring, but she didn't notice. I quickly looked away.

"Hey Hayley! Boys...."

I smiled.

Hayley jumped up from Liam's lap

"Oh... Erm hey.... Hannah.... I-I'm sorry...."

"Hayleh! No need to be sorry I'm happy you guys are going out and I can't wait for when you get married, and have kids! You guys would make the cutest babies!!

"Hannah! I hardly think that's appropriate, and how did you know I asked Hayley out?"

" Cuz I'm amazing."

"Hannah! Come join us!"

Harry said opening his arms, suggesting Hannah sit in his lap.

Jealousy ran through me and I felt like I was gonna burst.

"Harry I'm not sitting in your lap."

Yes! I was happy inside, Harry would obviously seduce her and they would fall in love... But I love Hannah and I wish I could love her and not Harry, and not her boyfriend Brad. He sounded terrible to me.....

I was yanked out of my thought when I heard Harry say, "let's change your mind then."

What's he playing at?!

Then he asked her " if you had to sit on someone's lap right now, who would you choose?"

" none of you." She replied, I felt happy but also hurt, but it's not like she knew I had feelings for her, and she obviously didn't like me back.

"Now now, you must pick someone. And if it's anybody but me then you have to get up and song and dance with them to love is an open door."

"Shit! Why'd you have to pick a musical?!"

I laughed, then Liam said, " Harry! That's not nice, she has a boyfriend!"

"I'm sorry liam I swear to god I forgot!"

"Harry don't apologize to me, apologize to Han-"

Their bickering was cut off by a teary eyed Hannah,

" I don't have a boyfriend."

I felt like going over there and comforting her, hugging her... But luckily Hayley jumped up and gave her a hug.

"Oh Hannah are you ok? I didn't mean to make my baby sister cry! That bastard! What's his address?! Imma go punch him right now!"

"No Liam I'm fine. I-I just want to spend a normal night with you guys. And Harry I'll answer your question, what was it again?"

" if you had to sit on somebody's lap, who would you choose? Do you remember the punishment if you don't choose me?"

"Yes Harry"

She fluttered her eyelids and Harry licked his lips, I do not like where this is going...

" let's see, not on Louis' or Zayn's because they have girlfriends, so that leaves you and Niall!"

My heart skipped a beat.

"What about Liam?"

"Hayley looks pretty comfy there, and he's my brother. Like ew."

Harry said, " well who's it going to be then?"

Then she said something that made my heart beat quicken.


My heart was thumping rapidly as she made her way over to me and sat down on my lap, while Harry pouted. As soon as she sat down the butterflies went crazy. I felt like she belonged here in my arms.... So i quickly wrapped my arms around her waist and to my surprise, she leaned back and rested her head on my chest. Then she groaned and stuffed her face into my chest.

"Niall we have to do a duet...."

I laughed " well let's just make it terrible so we can stop early."

She brought her face up and said "Niall James Horan, you are one cute little genius."

Cute. She called me cute! I'm acting like a girl who's fangirling over Taylor Lautner.

Then Harry ruined our plan,

"No! You have to actually sing otherwise we'll break Niall's guitar!"

"What no! Don't drag me guitar into this!"

" don't worry Niall. I don't you usually sing but this time I will. For you and your guitar."

My heart just melted.... She's so perfect! Why would that Brad guy want to dump Hannah?! I mean I'm kinda glad he did, otherwise I wouldn't be holding Hannah in my lap right now....

"Oh look your duet starts now!"

Harry said excitedly as the song started to come on.

Hannah got up and grabbed my hand, I quickly sang whatever we had to, whereas Hannah just mumbled it. I guess she doesn't feel comfortable with singing! we even danced! I twirled her around and she twirled me around once. Then the song was just about ending when I decided to have some fun. I quickly grabbed Hannah's waist, ignoring her looks of confusion and lifted her up over my head. Her hands were on my shoulders and it was like the perfect movie scene. I started to spin her a little before she screamed. I instantly put her down, "Hannah are you ok?!"

"Oh Niall don't be worried I'm fine..... It's just that.... I'm only wearing Liam's hoodie and I'm not wearing shorts underneath....." She said while blushing. She looked so cute when she blushed. She looked up into my eyes and we both burst out laughing. We turned around only to see Harry with his phone out, filming us! "This is going on Instagram!"

He declared.

" no Harry stop!"

"What Hannah?!"

" Harry... None of my fans can know that I was hanging out with you.... There's already rumours going around that in Liam's sister, but I don't address them. I'm already a youtuber and I'm famous because of that and I love it! But if people found out that I was Liam's sister.... Then everyone would give me hate and I would gain subscribers for a completely wrong reason..."

"Oh I'm sorry Hannah, I won't post it but I'm keeping the video..."

"That's fine Harry."

" well then I'm going to bed."

Hannah's Pov

"Well then I'm going to bed."

Yes! Now I can sing let It go by myself!

All of the boys left and I couldn't help but feel butterflies. I sat in Niall's lap and it was just perfect.... It was like I was made to fit in his arms... And when we were doing our duet I nearly melted! But I pushed those feeling aside when Hayley excused herself to the washroom.

Then let it go started.

I sang to my hearts content, standing up on the sofa.

Then I had to sing the very powerful note and I aced it! I collapsed on the couch and then I heard Hayley say "I really don't know why you don't like to sing in front of anyone. I mean seriously Hannah you could get signed to a record label!"

I sighed "Hayley I'm not that good. Besides singing isn't my thing, it's Liam's. And I don't like it when other people hear me sing,it makes me uncomfortable. I mean my own parents haven't even heard me properly sing in ages! That's also another reason I keep my music room a secret, because everyone would ask me to sing. And if I said no, they would ask why I have a music room with my name so clearly written on it if I don't even sing for them."

"Hannah please just.... At least sing in front of Liam? Or maybe one of your youtube friends! Like Zoe!"

"I don't know Hayley. I mean nobody knows that I even like to sing or play any other instrument other than the piano...."

"But it's not something to be ashamed of Hannah! You have talent, and it kills me to see your insecurities about it and for you to be fearful of showing that talent!"

"Hayley..... I..... I'm not ready to sing in front of Liam..... But, I will sing in front of Louise cause she's a friend but also has a motherly nature because of Darcy. Darcy is soooo cute!"


"Whatever" I mumbled before flopping back down onto the sofa.

Me and Hayley were left in the basement so I went on Twitter

'Doing a livestream in 5 minutes with my best friend @HayleyVB. Send in questions with #AskHannahlive

And we'll do our best to answer! Xx'

Hayley was about to go to my extra room that was located in the basement so I of course yelled,


"Fine fine don't yell! Shouldn't we do it in the music room?" She asked hopefully.

"No, cuz it's not musical, the rooms my secret and it's live."


We both sat down and started the livestream. There were so many questions do we frantically answered when Hayley read out one question

"Who is your favourite in one direction and why?"

I cringed and Hayley looked panicked at me.

I lent into her ear and whispered "it's ok just cover it okay?"

She nodded and answered "my favourites Liam."

"Why Hayley?"


I looked at the screen,

"What Hayley means to say is because she thinks he's hot."

Hayley shot me a death glare and we both laughed.

"So.. Erm... My favourite is....."

"Who is it Hannah? Who do you think is soooooooooooooo hot?"

"Erm.... Well not hot really..... More like cute..?"

"Yea go ahead..."

Whatever I won't make a big deal out of it, I'll just say it like its a joke and nobody will suspect anything.


"Ohhhh why?"

"Cuz he's irish" I said while grinning cheekily.

After that question my phone buzzed, it was a text from Liam,

'We're all watching your livestream. So the irish one eh?'

I texted back 'well I'm not gonna pick Harry....'

'Fine but I'm gonna need to talk to you after your livestream about that.'

I rolled my eyes and got another text

'I saw that!'

I ignored him and smiled at the camera when I saw that almost all the questions were one direction related.

"Ok here's one, if you had to describe one direction in a sentence what would it be? Hmmmm.... Cheeky, funny lads that have amazing accents and are terrible at dancing, as well as cooking and cleaning but still very loveable."

Ten minutes after answering a bunch of people were spamming the questions saying that one direction followed me.

I grabbed my phone and saw new notifications, @Harry_Styles, @Real_Liam_Payne, @Louis_Tomlinson, @Zayn_Malik and @NiallOfficial have followed you. Liam said he really wanted to follow me but that would make people suspicious so he was waiting for an opportunity. And, Liam tweeted out 'watching @Real_Hannah_Payne livestream with the boys, loads of fun xx'

I was going to kill him.

Soon enough it was 11:45 pm and me and Hayley were super tired so we decided to end the livestream "ok bye guysss! This was really fun and I'm gonna do it again soon because I'm a loner and this is like a party...! Oh! Yeah, everyone go listen to 'this is gospel' by panic at the disco, amazing song, and I'm ranting.....ok Hayley tell them what happens on the upcoming Friday"

"Oh yea, tomorrow Hannah will be making a video for a spring giveaway, so on twitter send in why you're excited for spring and on Friday a winner will be randomly chosen and Hannah will send you whatever is part of the giveaway and she'll tell you the # in her video."

Suddenly I remembered Joey, I can't wait to go back to america to see all the American youtubers again! "May the odds be ever in your favour goodbye!" I said trying to mimic Joey. "Oh and sorry Joey that was a horrible impression, anyways see ya later peeps!" We quickly shut the computer and walked upstairs. I burst through the door to Liam's bedroom.

"Oh hey little sis, we all finally got the opportunity to follow you, so we did."

"Liam. People are already suspicious as it is...."

"Hannah don't worry! Nobody will find out!"

"Fine. But I will get you back for this Liam."

He looked terrified. I smirked.

"Nothing bad lili I promise!" I went over to him and we hugged, when we pulled away I asked him,

"So what are the sleeping arrangements for tonight?"

"Okay so I figured Harry and Zayn could sleep in mum and dad's room, Louis can sleep in the guest room and Niall-"

Before Liam finished his sentence, Harry interrupted, "Niall can sleep with Zayn and I can just sleep in Hannah's room."

Niall's Pov

"Niall can sleep with Zayn and I can just sleep in Hannah's room."

My blood was boiling. He was trying to make a move on Hannah! This is not okay. So not okay. I was clenching and unclenching my fists, but luckily nobody noticed.

"Fuck no Harry!"

"HAZZA! If anyone would be sleeping in Hannah's room it would be Niall!" Louis said, and the butterflies in my stomach were going crazy.

"But why?" Harry whined, dragging out the y.

" because Harry, your a pervert and Niall's cute."

Harry just pouted.

" ooook. I think everyone's forgetting that I'm having a sleepover with Hayley? She's going to be sleeping in my room. So Zarry will sleep in the guest room, Nouis will sleep in mum and dad's room and Liam will sleep in his room." Hannah said.

"Zarry, Nouis? Really Hannah?" Liam asked.

"It's quicker! Now shut up and go to bed. All of you!"

"Only if you promise to make cupcakes tomorrow!" Liam said excitedly. She can bake too?! I swear Hannah was made for me...

"What kind if cupcakes?" And Liam replied back "the super chocolatey one that you rarely make!"

"Fine Liam. But me and Hayley will be doing the grocery shopping tomorrow with your credit card."

"But mum left cash" Liam whined.

"But I'm getting more stuff then she counted for!"


"Well if you haven't noticed we have your fiancé and four very hungry man children to feed!"

Everyone was laughing now except for Hannah and Liam who were just looking at all of us flustered.

Then Liam said, "fine but I'm coming with you."

"Are you serious Liam! I need Hayley to help pick out the good chocolate! How am I gonna be able to do that when you guys are planning your wedding or shoving your tongues down eachothers throats?!"

On top of everything, Hannah had the power to make everyone laugh, I'm falling hard and fast. What am I saying? I already fell for Hannah, a long time ago, but this time the feelings are stronger, and I know I can't control it.

Zayn broke my train of though by saying "aw! Everyone look at Hayley! Look she's blushing... How cute!"

"And there's also the fact that you know we would get mobbed and everyone would find out my secret and know that you live around here. Do you realllly want that Liam?" Hannah said sarcastically.

"Fine I guess you're right, everyone to bed now!"

After what seemed like forever I finally fell asleep, thinking of what it would be like if me and Hannah were dating..... That all I dream about lately, and I wish I don't have to wake up from that dream...... What is Hannah doing to me?

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