Hannah Payne, Sister of Liam

Hannah Payne, I'm the younger sister of Liam Payne. I'm not known as the sister of Liam Payne, instead I'm known as the famous youtuber Hannah Payne. Popular because of hard work, not because my brother is one fifth of One Direction.
I just went through a horrid breakup and I soon found out my brother and the rest of One Direction will be staying at my house for a week. I'm starting to get pretty close to the boys.... One of them I fancy. But he can't like me right? Who would like a weird person like me? I mean, I talk to a camera all the time, I eat so much, I'm always laughing, I can be sassy and funny, I love to play music but I'm to scared to play for anyone other than my closest friends, I skateboard, my fashion sense changes in the blink of an eye, I mean, it's not even possible for him to like me.... Right?

Keep in mind this is my first movella, so it's most likely not the best one out there, but I'm trying. <3


11. Calm down.

I ran out of my room and into the basement. I stopped at the door to my music room, realizing I forgot my keys in my room. I slid down, my back to the door and tried to do some breathing exercises, but it wasn't working. Hayley quickly ran down the stairs and ran over to me.

"Hannah, breathe. Breathe, it's ok.... Calm down....."

Then I heard Liam say "boys, stay here. I mean it."

He came bounding down the stairs and ran to hug me. He engulfed me in a big hug which made me feel even worse. If you couldn't tell already I'm claustrophobic, and Liam hugging me very tightly wasn't helping. I started to hyperventilate in his arms. He put me down,

"Hannah what's happening?"

"C-can't b-re-eat-th."

"Hayley what's happening?! What do we do?!"

"Liam Hannah's having an anxiety attack due to the fact that she's claustrophobic. We need to calm her like this."

She bent down and rubbed my back and said things like 'it's ok' 'just breathe' which usually helps, but it wasn't working this time.

"H-Hayley. C-call Z-Zoe."

Hayley quickly took out her phone and ringed up Zoe. She wasn't picking up.

"Okay Zoe isn't answering...."

"What do we do know Hayley?!"

"I don't know.... The panic attacks usually go away by now!"

"I'm calling Niall down, he's dealt with claustrophobia before, not this bad, but he can help. NIALL!"

Niall came running down the stairs,

"What happened?!"

"Claustrophobia. Anxiety attack."

He crouched down and hugged me gently, just enough to make me feel safe but not unable to breathe. I could smell his cologne and god it smelt so nice, like an ocean. He whispered in my ear gently,

"Shhhh..... It's ok Hannah, you're ok.... You're fine..... Just relax and breathe....." Then he started singing The A Team by Ed Sheeran softly in my ear, which makes me fall asleep all the time. Before I know it I'm slowly drifting off into a comfy slumber, dreaming of Niall and the ocean.

Niall's Pov

She fell asleep in my arms not too long after I started singing. I picked her up bridal style and walked up the stairs ignoring the looks of confusion and concern from the other boys. I carried her into her room and set her in the bed. I kissed her on the forehead before I walked out of the door and walked downstairs to see everyone but Liam eating their food.

"Where's Liam?"

"He's talking to his mum mate."

"Oh, alright."

I sat down and ate quickly, damn this stuff was good! I just hope that Hannah will be ok....

Liam's Pov

I was about to go up after Niall, but mum called so I went into the laundry room and closed the door before answering.

"Hello? Liam why isn't your sister picking up?"

"Mum. Why didn't you tell me?"

"Tell you what sweetie?"

"Mum, you know what I'm talking about!"

"No I don't!"

"Hannah's claustrophobia, her anxiety attacks, mum I'm her brother! Just because I'm not always with her doesn't mean that I don't want to know! I could've helped her! I wish I'd known how to help her!"

"Liam what happened?"

"She had an anxiety attack mum! The first person that knew how to help was Hayley. So she tries helping Hannah but it doesn't work. Then she tried calling one of her youtuber friends. And then Niall had to help her mum, Niall. I'm her brother and I didn't know a thing about what to do in this case. Mum, why didn't you tell me?!"

"Liam, you're very protective of your sister and if you found out about it you probably wouldn't like for her to travel to London and Brighton on her own...."

"She travels to London and Brighton alone?!"

"Yes Liam! She's a youtuber, she wants to meet her other youtube friends! And we're not going to stop her! She's responsible, and we're not going to let her ruin herself again! We're not going to stop her from accomplishing her dreams.

"Ruin herself, dreams... What?"

"Liam. When you left for the X factor, Hannah was so depressed! She would rarely come out, her only connections from the outside world would be school and youtube. When she hit a million subscribers later that year, she finally felt happy again. She told me 'mum, I want to get to 4 million subscribers before I finish high school' that's her dream. She said 'mum, I want to hang out with the other youtubers' and we let her. She has never, ever been happier in her life Liam, and it's because of these amazing people!"

"Well I guess I never though of it that way. Your right mum."

"Yes, but why isn't she picking up her phone?"

"She's sleeping mum."

"Oh alright then text me when she's awake."

"Will do mum, bye."

After hanging up, I made my way to the kitchen to eat.

Hannah's Pov

The same nightmare was there, Brad chasing me. And this time Niall catches me before I fall. I look up Into his blue eyes and BOOM. I'm awake. I check the time, it's only been half an hour since the panic attack. I should get out of bed.... Whatever this blankets warm. I spotted my laptop next to me so I opened it and quickly uploaded the video that I filmed earlier this week. Then I went on Twitter.

@Josh_Devine: @Real_Hannah_Payne, I'm hungry and I need cupcakes!

Oh Josh. Then I realized I never told the boys...... Me and Josh are really good friends, we have this joke where whenever somebody says I love you or anything we go 'he/she's mine!' And the boys think I fancy him. Great. I reply to Josh like this,

@Real_Hannah_Payne: @Josh_Devine cupcakes like these?

Then I added in a picture of some cupcakes that I took a month ago.

@Josh_Devine: @Real_Hannah_Payne Share?

@Real_Hannah_Payne: @Josh_Devine I would, but I made those a month ago....

@Josh_Devine: @Real_Hannah_Payne I hate you -.-

@Real_Hannah_Payne: @Josh_Devine love you too <3

Hey! Thank you so much for getting me to 100 reads, it means so much that people are actually reading what I'm writing! Anyways I just wanted to say, this chapter (and many more chapters to come) is dedicated to one of my best friends Danielle (luv ya Dani!)

Danielle will be a character later in this story, I'm not sure how much later but I do know that she'll be in it. So I guess that's it, byeeee

Luv ya ;*


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