Being a princess is every girls dream. Not Guinevere's. Instead of crowns and castles she has to deal with a second. All because of a curse from a witch. A second is a person nobody sees but they follow you around and control every move you make. But if you don't listen you will die a painful and gruesome death.


1. The Start To It All

Chapter 1

I was just a girl. Laying in my bed which was way too big for my six year old body. For some weird reason I just couldn't sleep that night. I had heard a thud come from down the hallway jerking me to sit up. I feel strands of black hair fall on my back too short to fit in my ponytail. Then, hearing foot steps, I start to tiptoe to my bedroom door and just as I start to reach for the knob my father swings it open causing me to jump.

"What's going on?" I yawn starting to doze off

"Come Guinevere. We have to hurry." He says I can see pure worry in his big brown eyes.

He picks me up and starts running holding my mothers hand. We start going out of the castle only to run into a woman. A beautiful woman with long brown hair that reaches the middle of her back and small hazel eyes that shine green if you look at them in the right lighting she was wearing a eggplant purple dress that brushed her toes.

"Run. Guinevere. Run." My mothers piercing blue eyes had the same expression my fathers did. Worry.

*15 minutes later*

I didn't know where to run so as a six year old would do I ran to my room and locked the door. I start to fixate on things my clock, my pictures of our family, a dark corner in my room. And then it happened. I heard something knock down or fall in the corner of my room. Then I wasn't sure but I thought I saw a figure of a man. He started to walk closer and closer until I saw him clearly.

He looked 20-25 years old. He was very pale and tall he had golden blonde hair and blue eyes

"Hi my name is Aarben and I am your second."

After that I never saw my parents again.

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