Everything I Need

Makenzie, a rich girl living in a huge home in California has everything except love. Once she runs totally wild at a party, her whole life gets upside down. Now, she has a baby on the way and has to manage being on her own. When she crosses paths with famous boy band member, Liam Payne, will she also be able to find love after all?


13. The Best

I woke up the next morning to Liam who made me breakfast in bed.

"For you, my love", he said kissing the top of my head.

"Aww you're the best", I told him, hugging him tightly.

I ate as he sat down next to me, playing with my hair.

"I'm sorry about what happened last night", he said, gazing into my eyes.

"It's okay. I get it, and it makes sense", I told him.


"Yeah. I mean, it was too soon. I just haven't been intimate in a long time and I was feeling it", I said and he nodded in agreement.

"I was too. I just think that should be something special not just because. I do love you though", he said and I smiled.

"I love you too", I smiled, finishing my breakfast.

"I gotta go. I'll call you later", he said kissing me on the lips.

"Okay, I had a lot of fun. Thank you", I said and he nodded. "My pleasure babe", and he was gone.

I got up, showered, threw some clothes on, and a little bit of makeup. There was a knock on the door, and I knew it was Ashley with James.

I opened it, and James came running into my arms. "Hi baby. Momma missed you!"

"I missed you too mommy but I had fun", he said smiling.

"Thank you so much!", I said hugging Ashley. "Don't mention it. I love you girl. I would stick around, but I have so much to do!"

I guess it was just going to be me and James today, like usual. He's so darn cute.

"Mommy!", he said taking my hand.

"James?", I asked him.

"I love you!", he told me.

"Awe I love you too. Why don't we go out for ice cream?", I said knowing I would make him happy.

"Yes!!!!", he said excitedly.

Thankfully, my car was finally fixed so we could drive there.

We got into my car, and drove to a little ice cream place in town.

When we arrived, James insisted on getting chocolate ice cream. I ended up getting Blue Moon.

We took a seat at a small table outside, James looking very excited about his ice cream.

"Momma I make a mess", he said sounding worried. I looked at his cute little face, covered in ice cream and his white shirt full of it too.

"It's okay honey!" I said smiling at him. "Smile I wanna take your picture!", I said and he nodded, but stuck his tongue out instead of smiling.

"You are so adorable!" I told him.

"Thanks momma!", he told me, then focused on his ice cream again.

I thought about sending the picture to Liam, so I did.

"Ice cream date;)" I texted him with the picture attached.

A few minutes later he responded with "He's lucky I want to make a mess with you..;) but very adorable. tell him I say hello :)"

"James baby, Liam says hi", I told him.

"I like Liam", he said and I laughed a little.

"Silly?", he asked me.

"No I'm glad you like him because I do too!", I said, not quite sure if James was following me. He just shrugged.

Once I got James home, and gave him a bath, he put his jammies on and we watched 'Toy Story' snuggled up on the couch. After the movie, he looked very tired. I carried him to his bed, tucked him in, and kissed the top of his head. Before I could even flip the light switch, he fell asleep. I felt my phone buzzing, and saw that Liam was calling me. I went into my room and shut the door, then answered it.

"Hey!", I said.

"Hello Kenzie. What are you up to?" he asked me.

"Nothing really, just put James to bed. What about you?", I responded.

"Lying in bed thinking about you", he said.

"Oh really? Well I wish I was next to you", I said feeling cheeky.

"I'll come over in a heartbeat. If you want me to, of corse!" Liam said guiltily.

"That would be wonderful, but be careful not to wake James please", I told him.

"Not a problem. Oh, and I have to tell you something. Not too sure how you'll feel about it, though", he said.

"Okay, well tell me when you get here I guess?", I suggested.

"Will do. I'm on my way sexy", he said effortlessly turning me on. That was only his voice on the telephone, too. Only imagine what he does to me in person.

A few minutes later, Liam texted me saying he was outside my door, and I opened it for him. He gave me a huge hug, and then we tiptoed to my room, sitting down on my bed.

"I'm so glad you asked me to come over", he said smiling and reaching for my hand.

"Me too!", I replied. "So what did you want to tell me?"

"Well, I told the boys about...us and they want to meet you", Liam said.

"I'd love to meet them!", I told him.

"Really? Wow, awesome!", he said sounding pleased.

"Actually, that would be a dream come true", I said.

"Oh really?", he responded.

"I used to be obsessed before I had James", I said and he laughed at me.

"That surprises me about you", he said.

"How so?", I asked, curious by what he meant by that.

"I don't know it just does", he said looking shy.

"You're so cute. Are you worried for me to meet them?" I asked.

"Why would I be? You're amazing and I know they'll like you. And babe, so are you", he said getting closer to me.

"I don't know maybe because I don't deserve you. You could do so much better, and you know it", I told him.

"Mackenzie..do you really feel that way?", he said looking hurt.

"Yeah", I said quietly. I wasn't trying to hurt him.

"That's not true baby. You know I love you and I don't want to be with anybody else. You make me feel like nobody else ever has before. You're the one for me", he said, wrapping his arms around me.

Tears came to my eyes. I just snuggled up close to him as he held me close, not too sure what to say.

"You okay?", he asked me.

"Kiss me", I demanded, placing my body all up on him.

He kissed me alright, and didn't stop.

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