Everything I Need

Makenzie, a rich girl living in a huge home in California has everything except love. Once she runs totally wild at a party, her whole life gets upside down. Now, she has a baby on the way and has to manage being on her own. When she crosses paths with famous boy band member, Liam Payne, will she also be able to find love after all?


1. That Night

I'll never forget the night it all happened. I was getting ready, curling my last strand of hair and applying more lipstick, and then I was ready.

"I'll meet you in the car when you're ready, honey", my mom yelled up the stairs.

"Okay", I replied, grabbing my purse and then closing the door behind me, heading into the car. I was excited and nervous. I've never been invited to a party like this before by a hot guy. All my friends were going to be there, too.

"Thank you for letting me go!", I said and my mom smiled.

"Of corse! Have fun, sweetie!", she said and I smiled.

"Yeah. I will."

"It's at Amber's..right?", she said, referring to my best friend.

"Yes. You already said I could spend the night", I reminded her.

"Oh. Right. Have a good time", she told me.

"I will. Love you", I replied.

"I love you, too. Nothing will change that unless you do something stupid, like get pregnant. But, I know you won't", she said laughing.

"Okay Mom..bye", I said hopping out of the car and heading towards my bestfriends house, being careful not to trip over my heels.

As soon as I opened the door, Ashley freaked and opened the door with open arms.

"OHMIGOD KENZ!", she yelled hugging me. I could hear the music blaring.

"Don't just stand there- come in!", she said and I laughed.

"This is a little..wild", I said and she shrugged it off. "Nah it's nothing compared to last year."

I walked in, and Ashley grabbed my hand. She dragged me into the huge clump of people dancing to excessively loud music playing from speakers, hooked up to someone's phone or something.

"ITS OUR SONG LADIES!", Ashley yelled. It was 'Yoncé/Partition' by Beyoncé, and us and some of our other cheer friends were working on a routine for the song.

"LETS DANCE!", Taylor yelled, thrilled. We all skipped to the front and everyone made room for us just in time for the words to start.

"Everyone! it's the cheerleaders!", some boy yelled.

Eyes dropped as we all provocatively danced to the song. I didn't feel right dancing like this in front of so many people, but it was fun to be up there with my girls. Eyes on us.

When I finished, I saw eyes watching me. They belonged to Brenton, probably one of the hottest guys in my school.

"He totally wants you", my friend/flyer Libby announced as Brenton headed my way.

"Hey!", he said giving me a look.

"Oh, hi", I said feeling flustered. I didn't know what to say, he'd never approached me before. Usually guys like him pretend like I don't exist.

"So, what you did there was pretty hot", he said playing with a strand of my hair.

"Oh, thanks. You really think so, because we've still got a lot of work to do and..", I said but was interrupted by his index finger to my lips.

"Ssh. You talk too much. Can I get you something to drink?", he asked.

"No..no thanks I don't drink", I responded shaking my head.

"So you're telling me you're going to be a sophomore in high school and you've never had a drink.." he said shaking his head.

"I guess not. What's so great about drinking anyways?", I asked, trying to stick up for myself. I didn't want to disappoint my coach or my parents.

"C'mon. Just a sip. For me", he said and I gave in.

"Okay. Okay. Just a sip", I replied, taking the cup from him when he came back. I took a long sip, and realized it wasn't really that bad. In fact, it was really really good.

"What you think?", he asked me sweetly.

"That's..really good!", I said, wanting more. I finished the drink quickly, and he got me another one, and another one until I felt..different. Everything was a little blurry, and I was all over Brenton without a care in the world. When he finally leaned into kiss me, he didn't stop. He was a really good kisser, even though I didn't know much considering I've only kissed one other guy. We started making out, and things got really heated. He lead me to an empty bedroom upstairs and started to undress me. I undressed him, and before I knew what was happening, he was on top of me, and it happened. The next morning when I woke up, his arms were around me.

"Don't tell anyone sexy", he said, sitting up.

"How did that even happen...?", I said, seeing my new dress, bra, and panties on the floor. I got up, and threw my clothes back on quickly.

"Text me sometime so we can do this again. You're really good", Brenton said with a wink and snuck out the window. I guess he was used to these kinds of things. I ran to Ashely's room, and collapsed on her bed, bawling.

"I totally had sex..with Brenton last night", I said and she hugged me.

"Oh my god!! You were with Brenton? I didn't even invite him how'd he get here??", she shrieked.

"Wait...what's the deal with him..", I asked really curious.

"You mean you didn't know..?", she said, sounding shocked.

"Of corse not!", I almost yelled, wanting to know.

"Oh honey. He does the same thing to every girl- gets them a couple drinks, slips something in them so he can get what he wants, then moves onto the next girl", she explained. "And he's gotten like three girls pregnant already", she added and I couldn't control myself.

"You think that's what he did to me..?", I asked, confused, angry and curiously.

"I know it is, Mackenzie", she said, only making things worse.

"He used protection though..right..?", she asked.

"I sure hope so", I said.

"So you don't know?", she said, her jaw dropping.

"No. I have no idea", I replied, feeling sick to my stomach.

"It'll be okay. Just don't let him do that to you again. You're too naive", she said shaking her head.

"I just want to be loved", I said, basically a whisper.

"He'll make love to you whenever he wants. But, he'll never love you", she told me, giving me a tight hug.

"Now, you're mom should be here soon. Better get ready", she said, and right after she did, I ran to the bathroom, puking all over.

"Oh Kenzie!", she yelled.

"I'm sorry. Drank too much last night!" I responded and Ashley understood. A year older than me, she's been to crazy parties before and had her turn being drunk a handful of times.

"It's okay. Don't worry about it. Just take some of these", she said handing me a couple aspirin.

"Oh, and get some more sleep when you get home, it'll do the trick", my best friend in the whole world told me.

"Okay. Thank you so much!!!", I exclaimed hugging her.

"I love you, you know that Mackenzie", she said smiling.

"I love you too Ash!", I said and grabbed my bags.

"Moms here", I said frowning.

"Good luck bae!", she said walking me out the door, giving my mom a wave then heading back inside her house as I climbed into the car.

My mom made small talk, and I told her I was just really sleepy.

"You get some rest then. I'm gonna go run some errands with your sisters", she told me and I nodded.

"Okay. thanks!", I said kissing her cheek then heading straight to my room.

Looking in the mirror, I studied myself. I looked like I haven't slept in a hundred years. My face was pale. Makeup was everywhere, and these bags under my eyes have never been there before. Deciding I need some rest, I crawled into bed almost instantly falling asleep.

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