Everything I Need

Makenzie, a rich girl living in a huge home in California has everything except love. Once she runs totally wild at a party, her whole life gets upside down. Now, she has a baby on the way and has to manage being on her own. When she crosses paths with famous boy band member, Liam Payne, will she also be able to find love after all?


3. Exposed

I did nothing, except collapse on the floor and cried and cried. I figured I might as well call Ashley once I finally got myself to stand up and unlock the bathroom door. Hoping nobody could hear me on the phone, I dialed her number.

"Hey!", she answered almost instantly.

Flat out, I told her "I'm pregnant!" The tears came back, this time gushing like the Niagara Falls.

"Oh my god! You're fucked..", she said and I nodded, unable to speak.

"Look, I've got to go don't wanna loose my job or anything, but I'll call you when I'm off work and we can sort this out. Hang in there", she said and I struggled to get out a quick "Bye", shaking as I hung up the phone.

After two hours of uninterrupted crying, my middle sister, Darcy, was at my door with Anna. Darcy, who was 12, figured something was wrong while Anna probably just wanted me to play with her.

"Mackenzie, open upppp!!!", Darcy yelled, knocking harshly.

"Leave me alone...I'm upset and I want to be ALONE!", I yelled, not getting up from where I was.

"I'M TELLING MOMMM!", Darcy threatened. Anything to get them to leave me alone. I needed time. Time to think about everything.

"Mackenzie! Open up", my mom said, lightly knocking.

"Mom, can I have some time please?", I begged.

"I've never heard you so upset darling. Just open this door please!", she said sweetly.

"Okay", I said and knew she was about to find out exactly what would break her.

I sat down on my bed, and she joined me.

"What is it?", she asked, using one if her methods she probably read about in on of the parenting books she kept on the shelf downstairs.

"I can't tell you. I need to figure it out myself", I said and she didn't look so happy.

"You are fifteen years old. There is nothing you can figure out entirely alone.

"Mom, I'm pregnant", I said and her face went pale. She stood up, and I knew this was like a bullet to the head for her. She was in the same situation, except she got rid of the baby, and this is the only thing she always told us never to do.

"I can't even look at you right now, you disgust me! Let's go get that thing out if you, RIGHT NOW BEFORE ANYBODY ELSE FINDS OUT!"

"I AM NOT GETTING RID OF MY BABY. ITS NOT A THING, ITS LIFE. I AM NOT YOU, MOM! I CARE ABOUT THIS BABY, AND WHAT THE HELL ITS YOUR GRANDCHILD!" I argued back. I didn't care what she thought I now cared about my baby.

"If you think I'm going to help you raise this child, you've got another thing coming, because I'm not. IM DONE WITH YOU. YOU BRING SHAME TO THIS FAMILY. I BET YOU DONT EVEN KNOW WHO THE FATHER IS, DO YOU? YOU...YOU..FILTHY SLUT!", she screamed.

"MOM, STOP! The father is Brenton. I bet he'll help me with the baby. He ought to. And what are you gonna do, kick me out? I have nowhere else to go. I can't buy a house, I don't have money, a job, a car. I have nothing!", I said, hysterical.

"It's real simple Mackenzie. Get rid of the baby, and I'll help you with everything like I always do. Keep it and you're on your own", she said, breaking down.

"I'm keeping the baby, so I guess I'm gonna do it alone", I said.

She nodded. "We will discuss this tomorrow", she said, slamming the door. I called Brenton.

"Who's this?", he picked up.

"It's Mackenzie", I said.

"Do I know you...", he asked, aggravating me.

"We slept together..Ashley's party three weeks ago...", I said and instantly he replied saying "Oh yeah. How's it going babe? Wanna fuck?"

"You make me sick, Brenton", I said.

"What you talking about baby? I thought you were into that sorta thing", he said making me want to punch him in the face. Realizing that wouldn't settle anything, I calmed down a little.

"Listen here, you fucking idiot, I'm pregnant thanks to you", I said and didn't hear a response.

"What, do you want money or something? Cus I'm not gonna give it to you. Have fun raising a child, or get rid of it. What do I care? Not my problem. Do you want to have sex with me or not!", he replied,

making me hate him even more. How can you even behave like this? It was as much his baby as it was mine.

"I'm keeping the baby, and you will have nothing to do with him or her, then. DONT YOU EVER TRY TO CONTACT ME AGAIN. I HATE YOU", I said hanging up, hearing him laugh.

How in the hell is this funny to him? He ruined my life, and he laughed like it was all part of his evil plan.

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