Everything I Need

Makenzie, a rich girl living in a huge home in California has everything except love. Once she runs totally wild at a party, her whole life gets upside down. Now, she has a baby on the way and has to manage being on her own. When she crosses paths with famous boy band member, Liam Payne, will she also be able to find love after all?


5. Done

A few more weeks passed, and finally, it was time for school. Oh yeah, I gotta pack my own lunch. I've been trying to eat really healthy, the doctor told me that's what's best for the baby, so I packed a ham and turkey sandwich on wheat with a side salad, and apple, a granola bar, and mini carrots with fat free dip.

Then, I ran into my room trying to decide what to wear. I tried on my white high waisted shorts, pleased they still fit, and grabbed a cute flowy tank top that hid my barely-noticeable baby bump. I curled my long blonde hair, put on some makeup, and took the short walk to school.

When I entered, it was pretty obvious that everyone knew about me. Brenton told everybody, of corse.

"Just Ignore them. Let's get to class", Ashley said popping up behind me. I tried to listen to her, but it was really hard to when I was hearing all these comments about me.

"So I heard she's actually keeping the baby..what an idiot! Oh, better move. The pregnant lady needs a seat!", this loud mouth bitch yelled to this guy, Tanner. He didn't even react to her.

I took a seat, and Ashley sat right next to me.

"Ok class! My name is Mr. Harriot, and this is first hour Geometry...", he said starting, but I couldn't listen. I was getting a lot of weird looks, and comments were being said about me. Usually, people didn't say a word about me and now, they couldn't stop. After that class ended, Ash stopped me.

"What's the matter, Kenz?", she asked me.

"Nothing nothing", I replied faking a smile.

"The stuff they're saying..it's getting to you isn't it?", she asked, putting exactly what I was feeling into words. She knew me too well.

"Oh, and I can tell when you fake smile, because your real smile is the most beautiful thing in the world", she said and I smiled.

"Oh gosh I love you!", I said, as we hurried to our next classes. We met up for lunch, and I tried to ignore the comments and looks.

"You are so strong. I don't know how you do it", she said, pulling her lunch out of her bag.

"I don't have any other choice, do I?", I said, half smiling. A few minutes later, some other cheerleaders surrounded us.

"Hey babes!!", I said. I was so happy to see everyone.

Amanda, one of the captains, sat down next to me and gave me a hug.

"So, are you planning on telling coach anytime soon?", she asked me.

"Well, as soon as she plans on coming to practice I'll tell her. I can't stunt today, though", I said and she nodded. "I figured. Just tell coach, please", she begged and I bit my lip.

"Okay, I will", I replied.

"Hey baby momma", Brenton said winking at me.

"You make me sick!", I yelled so everyone could hear me. However, that just do treated more attention to me.

"Whore", I heard someone yell for the thousandth time today. I wasn't having it.

"Calm down they don't get it!", My friend, Mary told me.

Finally, the day was over, so I hurried into the gym for cheer practice.

"Ladies! Hello!", my coach yelled, greeting us. Holding my breath, I knew I was going to have to tell you.

"Ready for another great season?", she asked.

"YES!", some girls yelled and we gathered around.

"Stretch while we talk, please!" she demanded but politely this time.

"So, let's go over the ground rules. No conflictions. No babies. No problems. oh, and respect and all that good stuff", she said. I could kiss cheer goodbye.

"Okay, now let's start stunting! Get into your groups!", she said. I got into my group, but knew I wasn't going to be able to stunt.

"Let me see some cradles", one of the captains, Vanessa said.

"And they better be on point!"

"What seams to be the issue here?", my coach asked, coming towards us.

"Coach, I can't stunt", I told her and she frowned.

"Why is that, Kenzie?" She asked.

"Because..I'm pregnant", I said.

"No, not you! I'm very disappointed in you. Turn in your uniform and get out of my gym", she said and I started crying.

"Please. Coach. You know how committed I am to this team, it's everything to me. It's all I have right now", I begged, not realizing I was causing a scene.

"Rules are rules Mackenzie", she told me harshly.

"But, once you have your baby, if you plan on keeping it, give me a call. There's always a spot for you on this team when you're fully able", she said and I nodded.

"Thank you coach!", I said hugging her. She's not the hugging type. With that, I exited the gym, walking home.

I then realized I had a doctors appointment and was going to have to walk. It was a good ten blocks.

An hour later, I arrived at the doctors office. I had to wait for at least a half an hour before my appointment, so I took a seat in one of the chairs, picked up a magazine and started flipping through it. I was interrupted when a mother of two sat down next to me. She looked younger, maybe mid twenties.

"I can never control them!", she said laughing. I flashed her a smile.

"They're adorable!", I said.

"Thanks. Adorable but a handful", she said smiling.

"Anyways, I'm Katherine", she said and I shook her hand.

"I'm Mackenzie", I said shyly.

"How old are you?", she asked me.

"I'm fifteen", I told her, thinking she would immediately judge me or worse, give me a lecture but she didn't, just smiled a little.

"I had my first baby when I was seventeen.", she finally said. "It was tough. My parents kicked me out and everything", she said. I was surprised she was confiding in me.

"My parents did kick me out", I said, tears welting in my eyes.

"I'm sorry", she said and I knew she meant it. "Are you okay?", she added after a moment of silence.

"Yeah. I have somewhere to live and everything", I said and she nodded.

"I'm glad to hear that, because I had nowhere to go", she said and I felt terrible for her. "But, I made it work and here I am now", she said, smiling. I smiled back at her.

"So, you'll be just fine", she said patting me on the shoulder.

"Unless your kid never stops crying", she said, referring to her son who looked about two.

"can I?", I asked.

"Go ahead!", she said and I picked him up, smiling at him.

"Hi cutie", I said and he instantly stopped crying. I held him for a minute, then set him down so he could go by his mommy.

"Wow. You have a way with babies", she said looking at me.

"Mackenzie?", a nurse said and I stood up.

"Well I better go. Thank you", I said and she shook her head.

"No. Thank you. I'll see you around, Mackenzie", she said smiling and giving me a hug. Then, I went with the nurse.

"Hi! Right this way!", she said, leading me into the same room as a few weeks ago. She asked me some questions, and told me the doctor was on her way in. She checked the baby, and assured me that everything was going well and it was healthy. That made me feel good. I called Ashley, figuring she would be out of practice.

"Hey Kenz!", she answered.

"Hey! sorry to bother, but could you maybe pick me up I'm at the doctors and it's getting dark out", I said. She told me it was no big deal, and would be there any minute.

All the sudden, I was sitting there waiting for her to pick me up and I put my hand on my stomach. "It's okay little baby. We'll figure this out", I said and I felt something. It kicked my hand! It's first kick! I knew I would remember this moment forever.

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