The Secret Society of Sunset Valley

When Opal Everings moves to Sunset Valley, she attends Sunset Valley Private Academy. But a secret society, called The Blue and Greens, is calling the shots. Opal is then caught up in fake friendships, bribery and even murder. What will happen to Opal? What will happen to The Blue and Greens? Find out in, The Secret Society of Sunset Valley


2. Chapter One : Moving

Chapter One : Moving
I hastily packed my bags. I tore every piece of clothing out of my dressers, stuffing it in a large duffel bag. As I packed quick, I stopped to look at myself in the mirror. A blonde with tangled, pulled back hair and hazel eyes, stares back at me. She flashes a smile, then returns to her job of packing.

She mimics me. Mocks me. I guess I go in depth about mirror images. They are so full of lies to a normal girl, but truth to me. Because I'm happy with the way I am.

"Opal! The limousine is here!" Mother calls. I rush down the stairs over four bags in hand. Big bags. Full of clothes, and jewelry. Plus little stuffed animals. My room's furniture will be moved tomorrow, into our new house.

My father works in a place known as San Francisco, far away from New York. We are moving to a town right outside of San Francisco, Sunset Valley. There, I will attend a boarding school called Sunset Valley Private Academy.

We leave in the fancy limousine my father ordered. He works as a CEO of a company. He was an actor before the company, and still is. But, his priority is his CEO job. I'm glad it is. He owns Especially Finds, a popular clothing store, and I shop for free.

I get out of the limousine to be greeted by five of my bestfriends. Christie, Haili, Morgan, Paige and Abigail.

"Oh, you can't go!" Cried Morgan.

"I don't want to!" I said back.

"Good bye, Opal. Have a nice trip." Says Haili.

"I hope I will!" I replied.

"Don't forget to text us every night!" Christie said pulling out her phone.

"Oh, I will!"

"I've already arranged Fall Break for us!" Paige smiled.

"Always organized, Paige? Thanks!" I told her.

"Bye! Don't forget us!" Abigail said through her tears.

"I never would!" I said as I pulled them into a group hug.


"I will talk to you soon, girls!"

I boarded the plane, and waved back to them. We took off, and I left my normal, happy life, for a mysterious one.

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