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2. -Calum- Swimming Pool Imagine for @Heydollitsrach

-Calum- Swimming Pool Imagine for @Heydollitsrach

You and Calum had been best friends since you were little. Your mums were very close work colleagues, and as the only children to parents, you had grown up like siblings; inseparable and alike to two peas in a pod.

The school terms were hard as you were unfortunately at separate schools, however you would cherish as much of the weekend together as possible until the beautiful summer seasons rolled around and you were able to do as you pleased.

It was now the height of summer and Calum's parents had offered you the opportunity to go away with them for a Hawaiian vacation. Of course you had seized the opportunity to spend the two weeks with your best friend and your own parents were rather excited for you to go, to say the least; paying for the whole trip and preparing you with much more spending money than you would suitably need.

You were just lying on your bed at the villa -stomach down and typing on your laptop- when Calum came bursting through the open door behind you.

You don't turn around; you knew who it was. His parents had gone out for a meal, leaving the two of you alone in this extremely large villa with no one to spoil any fun.

"Come on Y/N." Calum moaned, kicking your leg that dangled off of the bed lightly with his foot.

You saw him grinning at you through the reflective screen of your laptop and ignored him -knowing that he would get frustrated. "Y/N..." He moaned again, extending the last syllable.


"What are you doing on there?"

"Just on Facebook, sending a few messages." Although you really wish you didn't have to, you had promised your three girlfriends back home that you would send them a message every so often.

He jumps on the bed, purposely making you bounce up and down on the mattress as much as possible. "We've only been gone 3 days..."

"I know..." You moan. "Trust me -I wish I didn't have to reply but I had 13 unread messages."

"Wow." He whistles through his teeth and supports himself on an elbow with one hand supporting his head. "I wish we went to the same school and that we only had to worry about each other -not the people we end up hanging out with at school." You completely understand what he means.

You'd much rather be spending your time with Calum than your so-called 'girlfriends' -and all of the boys at your school are complete and utter pigs. You would know... Especially with the amount of times Cal's had to come to your house, bearing ice cream, to comfort you after yet another crappy break up from a worthless relationship. Each and every time he would try his hardest to make you laugh, persuade you that they weren't good enough for you anyway and then threaten that he'd kick their asses if you really wanted him to. He did everything that a friend should do and more -everything that your other friends didn't do.

"Yeah well unfortunately your school decided I lived too far away to travel and stopped me from coming before I even set a foot through the door -so you can blame them."

"I always hated school anyway..." He mutters with excessive hatred, making me giggle. I'm not surprised with the amount of texts he's constantly sending me in the middle of my classes.

You hit send and close the laptop dramatically, paying him all of your attention. He grins happily; bearing all of his teeth -one of your favourite smiles. "Okay, what do you want Cal?"

"I want to go swimming." He says childishly and you laugh. "Please?"

It's a good job you're always prepared for moments like these on vacation; with your bikini beneath your clothes rather than underwear. 

You wait a few seconds, narrowing your eyes, and then you jump straight up before Cal can even register your movement. "Race you!" You scream out, sprinting for the door.

Unfortunately it's not long before Calum catches up with you -his long legs breaking the distance. He must have gotten rid of his t-shirt along the way because now the only thing he's wearing are his heavy, blue, swimming shorts.

He grabs your waist, holding you back as you both skid over the slippery white tiles and round a corner, and the two of you nearly fall over together before Calum catches you and supports himself on one of the white corridor walls.

You don't want him getting too far in front, so you jump onto his back, letting him sprint you to the poolside whilst you secure your arms around his neck -holding on for dear life- and wrap your legs around his waist.

You're about to jump off of his back, to strip off your shorts and tshirt, when he holds your legs in place and takes a running jump for the warm, blue water of the pool.

You come into contact with the water, hard, and let out a scream. You find yourself submerged at the bottom of the pool, before Cal pushes off of the blue and white tiles and you find yourself emerging breathless and bursting with laughter.

You let go of him, swimming back slightly when you release it's deeper than you thought -too deep for you to touch the bottom and nearly choke on the water (still laughing) whilst you try to keep afloat.

You start to panic until Cal reaches for you with steady arms, pulling you back to him. He's still laughing and water's dripping down his face in beads -running into his eyes, mouth or off of his chin. "Hey there." He laughs in his deep aussie accent as you secure your arms around his neck once again -trying to stop from drowning.

You attempt to pull your tshirt off single-handedly, and it clings to your skin now that it's drenched.

Cal helps you to throw the heavy thing to the pool side, followed by your shorts, and then you slap him lightly on the shoulder. "You ass."

"What?" He shrugs like he has no idea what you're talking about, a huge grin plastered across his face.

"You could have let me take my clothes off!"

"I was being nice -I would have won if I let you do that."

"That's what you think." You retort, digging your nails in slightly as you try to keep a grip on his slippery shoulders. "So who actually won then?"

He pushes off of the bottom of the pool -making you both jump in the water. "Both of us!" He shouts happily, raising his arms.

"But that's boring! One of us needs to win."

"Fine." He looks around at the palm trees and green grass of the private villa garden, thinking to himself. He uses one hand to rub all of the water off of his face and then looks at you with bright eyes. All of his eyelashes are thickly clumped together -framing them rather nicely. "Who can stay under the water the longest?"

"Ah but you'll win!" You complain, pouting at him and adjusting your small hands on his shoulders. He's much heavier than you and has always enjoyed being under the water -you... not so much.

"But there has to be a winner!" He laughs, using your own sentence against you.


"Ready?" He asks, taking hold of your hands and letting you float back a bit.

You nod, noticing the difference between his tanned hands and your own.

"Okay..." Then you count down together, from three to one, bobbing up and down with each number. On one you both take a deep breath and fall to the bottom of the pool. Crouching there and letting go of your hands, you both regard each other with open eyes, hearing nothing but the gentle sloshing and crashing of water.

Calum smiles widely, holding up a hand and waving it vigorously. You breath out water -a substitute for a laugh- and curse his distraction techniques. You wave back at him and he raises an eyebrow at you cheekily.

Then he stops waving, and points to the top of the pool. You shake your head with a smile, knowing that you've got at least another thirty seconds in you.

Cal rolls his eyes and then a smirk plays on his features. He points at himself first, designs a heart with the fingers of his two hands and then points at you -winking. Another distraction technique.

You roll your eyes this time, giving in to his tricks.

And then he waves again, this time floating slowly upward. You follow him with you eyes with shock in your features, but stay sat at the bottom of the pool -the cold tiles smooth under you. You look up at him once again, a smile on your face. You won and now you're just making a point that you've actually won. You never win these types of competitions against Calum. Ever.

And then he waves a hand under the water, gesturing for you to come up, so you kick off and course through the water until you emerge on the surface smiling.

"I won." You laugh, swimming back to him like a child swims to their parent. He holds his arms out and lets you clamber back onto his shoulders. "I guess you did. Does the winner want her prize?"

"There's a prize? Ofcourse!" You say, splashing him and then he leans forward, surprising you with a kiss.

It's definitely a surprise -I mean you never thought of him like that. It was always you and Cal, but there had never been any funny business. You knew he was attractive -he always had girls running in his direction- but he never seemed interested in them and you never seemed to give it a second thought.

And then you did.

You and Cal. Cal and you. You were inseparable -the best of friends. It seemed so right. And now you think about it, even your parents were encouraging it; sending you both on holidays together where you were left alone for most of the time, constantly asking the two of you about the other person and always urging you to invite each other round as much as possible.

It was so right -so, so right. The grin plastered across his face said it all -and you knew yours mimicked his. It felt like second nature when you leaned back in to kiss him again; your arms tightening around his neck as you pushed yourself up to kiss him from above. He wrapped both of his arms around the tops of your legs, keeping you there -tall and still.

Everything was so amazing and you felt ontop of the whole world. You continued to kiss, exploring new things about the person you thought you knew everything about; exploring new emotions which had been hidden inside of you for quite a while -trapped in your subconscious mind and what you thought were rather weird dreams.

You curl your legs around his waist and his hands slide up your back -tickling you in a completely different way.

You were scared of stopping -scared of what he might say or what he might not say- but it was Calum who pulled away first.

He looked deep into your eyes first -like he was discovering you for the first time- and then he regarded the way that the two of you were tangled together; your arms and legs a jumble of new found passion.

"Wow... I never thought-"

"This was going to happen." You finish his sentence, nodding with emotion.

He looks at you like he can't believe it and makes you feel like a billion dollars in his arms.

"Remember the first time we met?" He asks you and you nod eagerly, laughing as you recall it.

"I came to your house and our mothers introduced us. You were just a little tanned toddler with these huge brown eyes who stood in front of me with a huge smile."

"You were all shy and cowered behind your mum, so I took your chubby little hand and pulled you out into the garden to show you my tree house."

You laugh with him, feeling emotional as you reminisce on the past.

"Is this really happening?" He asks and you can't quite believe it either.

"I think so..." And then he grins that same grin that he did 15 years ago, before diving under the water and pulling your ankle down with him. You spend the whole day splashing about -surprising each other with spontaneous kisses- and only end up getting out when your skin goes all soft, your lips turn blue and Calum starts complaining he's hungry.

You then decide to spend the rest of the evening bundled up in half a dozen towels and each other’s arms, as you watch your favourite movies; making the most of this surprisingly perfect day. 


I hope you liked it, and if there are any imagines that you would like me to extend into fanfictions just give me a shout :) Dont forget to request in the comments! :)

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