Harry we're having a baby

Harry find out he's having a kid to his one true love Sofia but what will happen when harry can't be there every day for their newborn


2. week:1

"Bye, remember to text me when you get to all the different countries so I know your ok"

"I will don't worry your the only one for me" flashing that gorgeous smile.

He left , he was on that tour bus going to Amsterdam and I couldn't. Complain I loved him and soon we'll have a perfect family but not just now not when he was having fun singing I couldn't fall pregnant and ruin his singing career it isn't nice I love him but there was this voice in the back of my head telling me to manipulate him.

Just so I could have him all to myself but I also wanted him to live his life what was I going to do I will not be a cow and ruin his career that's what I'll do just for the now.

Days have passed and I want him so badly he's my other half I can't wait till tomorrow I want him NOW!!

Why won't the day come in faster why does it just have to drag in I want harry in this bed next to me snuggling up to me treating me like his princess just like I treat him like my little prince.

Tomorrow I will have him with me for a big 1 year he can't have a delay it's our anniversary and I have got him the best thing ever more bow ties a mug movies and me!!

I can't wait please hurry....

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