Harry we're having a baby

Harry find out he's having a kid to his one true love Sofia but what will happen when harry can't be there every day for their newborn


1. day:1

I woke up searching the bed for harry. Where was he?

"Harry"I was starting to get scared"harry where are you?"

"Sorry to have scared you precious I was just making you some breakfast"

"We'll that's ok then I thought you had run off and left me"I Said with a pout on my face.

He put down the tray and came in to bed I remember what happened last night and I sure as hell weren't regretting it.

"I think we will snuggle in bed all day today"he said with his lovely smile that just melted my heart.

"I agree" I replied giving him a quick peck on the mouth he came closer leaned in for another kiss this time it was longer. And more passionate.

"Well that was fun"harry said.

And he was telling the truth it was the best sex you could every have had. I just wish he didn't have to go on tour tomorrow with the band because I sure will miss him.

So we sat all day in bed watching rom-coms and any other movie we could think of tomorrow I will be in this room by my self I may as we'll make the most of today.

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