Harry we're having a baby

Harry find out he's having a kid to his one true love Sofia but what will happen when harry can't be there every day for their newborn


3. 2 weeks later

"Harry what is the date today?" I ask a wee bit frightend

"The 20th why?"

"I've missed my period"

"What do you mean"

"I haven't bled Dumass"

There was a look on his face a look if fear.

"I'm going to the shops I'll be right back"he said in a hurry. And I knew exactly what he was doing he was going to get pregnancy tests.

I know I said that a voice in my head wanted this but I didn't want this for harry I said not the

now why does the world have to go against everything I say.

He was back from the shops and I wasn't happy he had a whole pack of them so I peed on all of them. 5 minutes later all of them said I was pregnant and this was not happening I felt like is was dreaming I can't be pregnant.

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