Change Your Life

My name is Maria Lancaster. I go to woodland high school in LA. I was a normal girl with a normal life until I found out that my mom got cancer. My days in school shortened, I was depressed but everything turned around once I met Harry.


6. Gone

Maria's POV

"I'm Maria, Harry's girlfriend."

It turned around and walked to my bag. I took my earphones and plugged them into my phone and put on Gangsta in Spanish by Kat Dahila. Even if I can't understand her, I still love this version.

Harry came back. I took our my earphones. "Are you mad?"

I looked up, "Who said I was?"

I put my sunglasses on and laid on the sand and looked at the sky.

He sighed, "No one but the way you walked away."

"I walked away because the way she said that kinda hurt, ya know."


"Because it's like, who's she? Like I don't even exist." A tear rolled down the side of my eye, I wiped it away.

"I'm sorry Mar-"

"It's okay, it's not your fault. I'm going to go walk around. LUKE COME WALK WITH ME!" Luke ran over and linked his arm with mine. "Let's go!"


Luke and I walked to this bar that was on the beach and had crazy fun. We came back and the boys gave us a look.

"Where were you guys?" Niall asked.

"At that bar over there." Luke pointed at the bar behind us.

They nodded. I took Luke's arm and dragged him into the water. "Swim you loser." He laughed.

"Oh so now I'm a loser!" He threw his arms in the air.

I pushed into the water. He started to splash water at me.

"Hey! No fair!"

I ran out the water and hid myself behind Ashton. "Protect me!" He took a hand full of sand and got up. "Surender Luke, you may never win this battle."

Luke laughed, "I will always win!" He put his hands on his hips as victory. Ashton put the sand on his head. "Nope you lost!"

Luke fell on his knees and faked cried. "Harry, love me!" Harry ran over and wrapped his arms around Luke. "Ahahah! I'm being loved and you aren't!"

Ashton ran over and wrapped his arms around me. "I am too!" I yelled.

We all broke down laughing. All the other boys looked at us like we were stupid. I walked over to Harry and kissed him. "Love you babe." I turned around and saw Luke and Ashton tap kiss and Luke said, "Love you babe." Ashton had his arms wrapped around Luke's hips.

I looked at Harry then Ashton and Luke. I ran over to them and kissed their cheek. "I LOVE YOU BABES!" I tap kissed Luke and pinched his cheek. He blushed. I looked over at Harry and he laughed. "Now that's manly Luke!"

After a long day. We drove to my house. I looked at my mom and she was so happy. "Guess what!"


"So it wasn't like really really bad cancer and it was cureable!! So today i went to the doctors and it's GONE!"

I dropped my bag and ran over to my mom. I hugged her. I cried. "I love you."

* * * * * *

I hope you guys liked this chapter! Any shippers for Luke and Maria? #Laria or #Muke 😜

Kisses babes xx -Destiny ❤️✌️😍

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