Fallen Angels

Hannah just moved to to a new city and instantly she is thrown in a whole new life. After meeting Andy Biersack on her first day of school she moves out of her psycho mom's house into the boys house that they all share together. Hannah brings a whole new life into the house and Andy gives Hannah the safety that she always wanted. Hannah and Andy live a life full of Harry Potter, pillow fights and much to Hannah's dismay, clowns. Who knows? Maybe Hannah and Andy will discover something new about each other and themselves.


24. You're getting old my boy.

'Ok. Hannah. You have 2 days to plan this party.'

A 3 month preganat Hannah was wrapping up the last of the christmas presents that she got last minute. As she placed the last piece of tape she thought of the birthday presents upstairs hiden in Jinxx's room for Andy.

With his birthday on the 26 she could understand that he wants it seperate from Christmas.

She turned to her lunch beside her and grabbed her McDonalds fries and dipped one into her Oreo McFlurry. Pregnacy perks.

"Hannah! Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you can eat whatever you want!"

She turned in her seat and saw CC and Jake staring at her. She glared at them and asked "Are you stopping a hormonal pregnant women from eating?"

The guys stood there wide eyed like a deer in headlights. She smirked and popped another fry in her mouth.

As she chewed the guys plopped down on either side of her on the coach. "Ash and Jinxx took Andy to the movies right?" She asked CC. He nodded and they started talking about ideas for Andy.

"Ok. last year we did a small party with just a few friends and family. With everything happening in the next few months I think Andy should have what he wants." Jake started. Hannah and CC nodded in agreement and Hannah frowned as while.

"What's on your mind Hannah?"

Hannah knew part of what she was going to say was partly fueled by hormones but she had to say it, "I never thought to ask him what he wanted! He never said anything and I didn't know how to ask. now it's too late to ask him without letting him think that I'm remembering his birthday last minute!"

CC laughed but dodged Jake's hand and glare. "Hannah! that's why we are here to help!"

And with that the three pit their heads together and planned Andy's surprise.

They had just finished planning a few hours later when Andy, Ashley and Jinxx walked through the door. "I don't care about animals and how stupid animals look!" Andy exclaimed.

They stayed in the front hallway and talked about stupid looking animals.

"Andy!" Hannah called out, interrupting their conversation. He popped his head in and smiled at her. "Yeeeeesssssss my lovely?" 

The question was on the tip of her tongue. She opened her mouth to say it but nothing came out. She froze as she panicked. "i -uh-um- i just wanted - uh-......" Andy came fully in the door way and gave her a confused look. She gave up and asked "Can you go out and get me my McDonalds fries and a Oreo Mcflurry please?" 

He smiled and said he would and left. 

Hannah sighed as CC and Jake laughed. "Hey! I tried so therefore i should not be criticized!" She got up off the couch and went downstairs to the basement. She grabbed her acoustic guitar and strummed random notes.

There was sheet paper sprawled all over the floor from Andy’s song writing sessions. She got up awkwardly and sat on the floor. Awkwardly.

She picked up a sheet full of notes and words. She saw that it was the start of a song. She looked around for the next sheet. She found it but saw that it was only half finished.

Alone at last we can sin and fight/And I’ve lost all faith in this blurring light/ Stay right here we can change our plight/ Storming through this despite what’s right/ One final fight for this tonight/  Whoa-oh-oh.”

“With knives and pens….we made our ……plight…./ Lay your heart down/…… the end’s in….. sight.”

She worked on the song and finished before Andy got home. She had hid the music sheets in her underwear drawer and was coming out of hers and Andy’s room when Jake stopped her. “Hey Hannah! What cha doin’?” “Nothing.” She grimaced as she realized she answered faster than she should have. He raised an eye brow at her and stared at her unconvinced.

 An idea popped in her head. “Hey! You play guitar!” He smirked and said “You just realized that now?” She rolled her eyes and continued, “Can you help me with something?” He thought for a moment and answered “Depends on what I’m helping with. No Porn!” Again Hannah rolled her eyes.

She pulled him in her room and showered him the song. He read it over and a huge smile came across his face. “Hannah this is brilliant!”

 “Stop. It is not. I just sort of wrote it on the top of my head.”

“Lair. This is amazing! Maybe Andy should go to you when writing his songs. What do you play on doing with this?”

“Andy’s writing good songs all by himself. And that’s where you come in my friend.”

She explained to him what the plan was and asked to keep it on the down low. They walked back downstairs and Andy gave her, her fries and Ice cream. “What are you keeping on the down low?” Andy asked. “Oh Jake asked me to keep Ashley’s and His plans for a porno secret.” She deadpanned.

Andy laughed as Jake tried to convince him that it wasn’t true.

Over the 3 day span, Christmas came and went and Hannah got baby stuff from everyone. She laughed as she unwrapped a little baby onesie with the words “I love Uncle Ashley” from you know who.

Finally the day arrived. December 26.

Andy rolled over in bed and let out a snore. Hannah was already awake and was blowing on his face. She poked his face and rolled her eyes when he didn’t budge. “Alright, I see how you want to play.”

She got out of bed and opened the door she knocked on the bedroom doors of the others and as they came out she said in a fake sad voice, “Andy won’t get up. I need help.” A smile played on her lips. They all nodded and said “just you wait here.” Jinxx winked at her as they snuck into the room.

“One….Two…..Three!” Ashley counted down. They all sprinted from the doorway and landed on Andy. Hannah doubled over in laughter as Andy started cussing at his friends. The guys started screaming the “Happy Birthday” song. “It doesn’t matter! I was asleep!” Andy yelled back.

Hannah walked downstairs and made everyone breakfast. At the smell of food the boys and a grumpy Andy came down. Hannah reached up on her tip toes and kissed him and wished him a happy birthday.

“See! She can say it without jumping on me!”

“You’re very lucky I’m pregnant Andy because I could have been the one jumping on you!”

“At least it would be someone hot”

Hannah laughed as CC, Jinxx, Ash and Jake just posed and tried to be sexy but it came out as creepy. Hannah and Andy left them there and went to the living room to watch tv. They turned the tv on and Sesame Street was on. “Do not change this channel Andrew Dennis Biersack!”

Elmo and Big Bird had asked Oscar the Grouch why he was always so grouchy. Andy burst out into laughter. “People treat him like shit and make him live in a trash can and yet ask him why he’s grouchy? Maybe because he’s living in a goddamn trash can!”

Hannah laughed as Andy freaked out how they treat Oscar like shit. “You are no longer allowed to watch Sesame Street.”

About mid-day Hannah brought out the cake which ended up on the floor, the walls, the ceilings, hair and clothing. “Did any of you eat it or did it all just end up everywhere?” They all just shrugged.

Jinxx pointed to his nose and so he started the nose game. CC lost. “But it’s Andy’s cake!” Andy laughed. “It’s my birthday and I have to help my pregnant fiancée.” He smirked.

They all got clean up and Hannah was ready. They all sat in the living room and she took a deep breath. She nodded to Jake who got his violin ready and set up. “Andy, darling. So I found this in the basement a couple days ago and I saw that it was unfinished. So I tweaked it a little bit so Let me now if you like it or not.” Jake started and Hannah soon followed with her acustic.

Alone at last we can sin and fight.
And I've lost all faith in this blurring light,
(Stay right here we can change our plight.
Storming through this despite what's right.)

One final fight for this tonight.
With knives and pens we made our plight.


Lay your heart down, the end's in sight.
Conscience begs for you to do what's right.
(Everyday it's still the same dull knife,
Stab right through and justify your pride.)

One final fight for this tonight.
With knives and pens we made our plight.

Well I can't go on without your love, you lost, you never held on.
(We tried our best. Turn out the light. Turn out the light!)

One final fight for this tonight.
With knives and pens we made our plight.

Well I can't go on without your love, you lost, you never held on.
(We tried our best. Turn out the light. Turn out the light!)

When they finished Andy was shocked. Regret and embarrassment went through her head. She was on the verge of tears, thinking he didn’t like it and that she made a mistake when Andy stood up off the couch and slowly started clapping.

 He walked up to her and took the guitar out of her hands and took her hands in his. “That was beautiful. I’m glad you were the one the finish it. I couldn’t have done it any better than you did. Thank you”

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