Fallen Angels

Hannah just moved to to a new city and instantly she is thrown in a whole new life. After meeting Andy Biersack on her first day of school she moves out of her psycho mom's house into the boys house that they all share together. Hannah brings a whole new life into the house and Andy gives Hannah the safety that she always wanted. Hannah and Andy live a life full of Harry Potter, pillow fights and much to Hannah's dismay, clowns. Who knows? Maybe Hannah and Andy will discover something new about each other and themselves.


18. You crazy Bitch!!

Here it is!! One of the few moments we all have been waiting for!!!

“Andy I don’t think I can do this!” Hannah was already panicking and they didn’t even leave the house yet. “Hannah, it will be fine. You got to calm down.”

Today was the day that Hannah was going to see her mother for the first time since the night Hannah left her. All day she was pacing and talked to herself. Her ADHD was at its worst that it had ever been.

Hannah looked up in his eyes and she found the comfort and she took deep breathes. “Ready?” he asked her making sure she wasn’t going to back out. She shook her head and answered, “No. push me out the door and drag me to the car.” And that’s what he did. Hannah put up no resistance as Andy lead her to the passenger side of her car and got in himself.

They drove in silence. As Hannah stared out the window she jiggled her leg and started to hum. Andy reached over and intertwined his fingers with hers. With his thumb he drew circles on the back of her hand. She looked over at him and he winked. She smiled and took deep breathes.

After the world’s longest car ride they finally pulled up to a big mansion type house. Andy stopped the car in shock. Both of their jaws hung down as they looked at the big windows and the balcony. It looked like Mr. Gatsby lived here. “So you sure you got the right address?” Andy asked really confused. Hannah checked and double checked and gave a small “uh-huh. Somehow this is the place.” 

They got out of the car and walked carefully up the little walkway to the door. Hannah’s heart was beating out of her chest. Andy looked down at her and gave her a look that said “Are you sure you want to do this?”  Hannah gulped and braced herself. She knocked.

Instantly the huge Victorian doors swung open and there in the door way were two older men. One was in a clean, crisp suit. He gave a grandfatherly look. While the other one looked like he was barely holding on to life. A pale sulken man sat in a wheel chair with tubes coming out of every direction. A IV drip was attached to his wheel chair and a oxygen tank trailed behind him.

“Miss Hannah, I presume?” The healthier one asked. Hannah gave a little squeak and nodded so they were ushered in.

He took their coats and Andy and Hannah followed the wheelchair man. They followed him into a giant dining room. Hannah was confused beyond everything. Her shyness over took her and she hid behind Andy. He wrapped his arm around her. He was tense and was on high alert. He had to be ready to duck any airborne bottles aimed for their heads. 

The room was tall and the table shone from underneath the silverware. The glasses sparkled under the impressive chandelier that hung over everything.

The Grandfatherly man directed them to their seats and pushed wheelchair guy into a spot that didn’t have a chair. Not only were Hannah and Andy confused but they were also terrified. They sat down and waited for what seemed like an eternity until the grand doors they came through opened again. Hannah’s jaw dropped at the sight of who came in. Her mother stood there in a floor length gold dress. She had a giant red ruby around her neck and diamond dangly earrings. She looked brand new, even though almost a year ago she was broken and alcohol filled.

“Hannah, darling!” She exclaimed as if she had talked to Hannah in weeks. She out stretched her hands and walked over to her daughter and pulled her out of her seat and into a hug. Hannah had no idea how to react as her mother kissed both of her cheeks and let her go. Hannah sat down in a daze as Andy watched the older woman walk to her seat at the head of the table.

“Hannah this is my husband Arnold.” Hannah snapped out of her daze at the word ‘husband’.  Her face paled as she looked at the happiness in her mother’s face and the dying man sitting across from her.  

She sat down just as men in suits came in with silver platters and placed them in front of the guests. Steaming bowls of soup were set on the table and the suited men left. Mother started to eat and pretended not to notice Andy and Hannah staring at her. “So how are you dear?” She asked, setting her spoon down. Hannah blinked, questioning if she just heard her mother ask how she was. “I’m fine.” She answered in a quiet voice.

 “Tell me more! I haven’t seen you in a long time! Start with the handsome gentleman beside you.” At the motion to Andy, they all could hear the sneer in her voice but she cleared her voice trying to cover it. “Denise.” Hannah started, calling her mother by her first name. “This is my fiancée Andy Biersack. I have been living with him over the past yearish.” At the world ‘fiancee’ Denise’s face lit up like a fire cracker. “Oh my daughter is getting married! Arnold did you hear that? You’re step daughter is getting married!” Of course he couldn’t say anything back because of the breathing tube jammed down his throat.

“Tell me how you two met.” Hannah asked carefully, hoping it wouldn’t set her off.  Denise smiled even bigger. “Well I was driving down town when I hit him with my car! He never saw me coming! I shoved him in the trunk of my car and dumped him at the hospital and left. Then a week later I went to go see my therapist at the same hospital I saw him in a full body cast and tubes everywhere. Even though he couldn’t talk he looked at me with those pretty brown eyes and I knew he fell in love with me. We got married the week after that. Thank the good lord he got out of that damn hospital yesterday to meet you!”

Both Andy’s and Hannah’s jaw dropped. Andy looked over at Arnold and saw fear in his eyes. “Isn’t he a little old….. and broken?” Andy piped up. Denise gave a shrill laugh. “Age is just a number! And I’m not worried about his health; he has enough money to see every specialist in the world. He just chooses not to and doesn’t want to waste his fortune that he has planned to leave me.” The way she said it was like it was the most stupid question in the world.

Andy looked at Hannah and saw the mixed emotions messing up her head. There was confusion mixed with anger, a dash of hurt and a cup of disgrace. Andy cleared his voice. “So why did you want Hannah to come meet you?”

Denise looked at him and glared. She put on a fake smile and said “Well I have missed her and wanted to prove that my life will be getting a lot better.” He saw her eyes flash over to the dying man the wheelchair. “So I want her to come back and live with me.” She took a sip from her wine glass like the bomb she just dropped wasn’t that big of a deal. Andy felt his love’s grip his hand to the point of it almost breaking as she yelled “There is no way in hell you believe that I will move back in with you just like that?” Denise gave her daughter a confused look. She continued, “You made my life a personal hell. Ever since Dad died you made me feel like shit every minute of every hour of every day. You were – and still are- crazy! I’m living with Andy. I have a job. I’m getting married. I’m happy and living with you will ruin everything. I don’t even know why I came tonight. Before I got your phone call I thought you were lying in some ditch somewhere on the highway dead. And the funny thing was that I didn’t care.” Denise and Hannah stared at each other. After her rant, Hannah was slightly out of breath.

“You know. I thought you were going to say something along those lines.” Denise said in her glass. She swirled the wine and took one last sip. “Andy, we are leaving.” Hannah pushed back from the table and Andy followed out to the front little room. “That’s what you think.” Denise’s voice rang out. Andy pulled the door but it wouldn’t move. He rattled and pulled but it wouldn’t budge. Hannah looked out the window and saw the giant front gate that went around the entire house was closed. Panic filled Hannah and she couldn’t breathe.

“You can’t make us stay here!” Andy yelled. “Oh yeah? Watch me!” At those words they could hear every lock on every door and window clamp shut.

Anger took over Hannah’s body and mind as she stormed back into the dining room where Denise sat there calmly. “What the hell do you think you are doing?” Hannah asked, crossing her arms over her chest and leaning on one leg. “I’m keeping my daughter here.” She answered simply. “You don’t have a daughter anymore!” Hannah screamed. “She’s dead you killed her!” Shock hit Denise. She was not expecting those words to come out of her mouth. “But I am your mother!” She shrieked. Hannah screamed. “NO! I don’t have a mother. She’s dead to me! She died the night my father died!” A frown pulled at the corners of Denise’s mouth.

Hannah was keeping Denise’s distracted as he called for help. “Andy! How did it go?” CC’s voice rang out through the speaker. Andy could hear Hannah and Denise yelling so he had to talk in a hushed tone. “CC, we’re in trouble. Hannah’s mom locked us in the house and won’t let us out.” He could hear CC yelling to Ash, Jinxx and Jake to get their asses over there to help. “We’re on our way!” Andy gave them the address and hung up.

Andy went back to the dining room where Hannah and Denise were screaming at each other. Hannah walked over the Andy and he whispered in her ear, “Help is on the way.” She nodded and screamed a retort at the last think Denise threw at her. Denise screamed in frustration “You are right! I have no daughter! I never had a daughter! You were a burden and I didn’t want you in the first place! You’re dumbass father wanted to raise you! Then he just had to go and get himself killed and I got stuck with you!” And at the last words she picked up a glass and threw it at them. Hannah ducked and glass shattered everywhere. The dining room doors were closed and locked. They were trapped.

Plates, knives, bowls were being thrown at them and Hannah and Andy were getting really close to being hit by something airborne.  They yelled for help but none of the staff came for them. Denise threw a big black handled knife and it grazed Hannah just enough that it drew blood. Hannah screamed at the pain. Andy saw the crazed look in the woman’s eyes. They didn’t notice the banging around out on the other side of the doors.

“You stupid bitch!” Denise yelled. Denise just unravelled every bit of crazy in her and let it all hang out.  Andy stood over Hannah blocking her from the danger that was her mother. “This is enough! You could have gone on with your life without ever talking to Hannah! But no you had to suck her back in!” Andy’s deep voice rang out above her screams. She laughed at him and she said in a low voice “if I’m going down, she’s coming down with me!” She spat at him and clawed at his face.

The door burst open and there stood Ashley, CC, Jake and Jinxx. Ashley went to Hannah who was on the ground crying and yelling for Andy. CC, Jake and Jinxx grabbed Denise and threw her in the kitchen and barricaded the doors. “Can you walk Andy?” CC asked calmly. Andy looked at his friend and nodded. Ash carried Hannah out of the house bridal style and put her in the car. Andy was fine to walk but CC and Jinxx was on either side of him just in case he fell. Hannah fainted in Ash’s arms and Andy was in no state to drive so CC and Jinxx pushed him into the Impala and Ash jumped into the driver’s seat. Jake, CC and Jinxx jumped into the car they borrowed from Julia who was at the house now waiting for them.

After the short drive of Ash speeding, Julia met them in the drive way and pulled open the door. Hannah had her eyes open but wasn’t focusing on anything. Julia opened her door with a clear mind and supported her into the house. And Hannah let her. Even though they didn’t really know each other all that well, Julia helped as if they were the best of friends. Ash got out and pulled Andy out who was still and that anger high. Adrenaline was pumping through him. He had to get to Hannah but Jake held him back. “Let Julia clean her up and have their girl moment. Hannah needs a girl’s present right now and you need to calm down before you do anything.”

 Andy looked at his friend and saw the sternness. He nodded and sat on the couch. He placed his head in his heads and leans on his knees. He focused on his breathing. Images of Denise hurting Hannah went through his head like a movie playing. Different scenarios played through and a tear escaped down his cheek.  

What finally calmed him down was hearing Hannah’s voice above him, ringing out strong. He let out a shaky laugh and scooped her up in his arms. He embraced her tightly and was afraid if he let go he would lose her. Hannah looked up at him and kissed him. Andy deepened the kiss and they fell on the couch. Everyone else went upstairs, saving their questions til tomorrow but for now, they knew they needed to leave Andy and Hannah alone.


Hannah layed on Andy’s chest and they listened to each other breathe. Andy started humming to “The light Behind Your Eyes” by My Chemical Romance, knowing it was one of her favourite songs. Hannah closed her eyes and drifted to her dream world and Andy did the same seconds after. 

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