Fallen Angels

Hannah just moved to to a new city and instantly she is thrown in a whole new life. After meeting Andy Biersack on her first day of school she moves out of her psycho mom's house into the boys house that they all share together. Hannah brings a whole new life into the house and Andy gives Hannah the safety that she always wanted. Hannah and Andy live a life full of Harry Potter, pillow fights and much to Hannah's dismay, clowns. Who knows? Maybe Hannah and Andy will discover something new about each other and themselves.


28. What the hell did I just do?

"Jake. What the hell are you doing to my child?" 

Hannah stopped in the doorway to the living room, coming back from the kitchen and saw that Jake had got out the bands warpaint and started decorating the child.

"Well i'm bringing the child into the family by creating his own character. I even made him this!" He put the paint down and held up a tiny black cut vest with Black Veil Brides logo on the back. He put the vest down and started to paint the small child. "Jake you are so lucky Andy isn't here." Hannah shook her head when Jake responded by sticking his tongue out at her. 

"Jake i need you to watch Sebastain for a few hours. Nikki will be back within the hour so you won't be alone the entire time."

Jake focused on painting stripes on the chubby cheeks of the innocent child and nodded his head. Hannah sighed and grabbed her coat and started out the door to meet Andy and Jinxx. "If i see that you painted a dick on my child i'll cut your dick off!!" Hannah yelled, slamming the door.

Jake placed Sebastian in his car seat and sat on the floor beside it. He started rocking the seat and watched Sebastains eyes looking around the room. He smiled as Sebastain looked at him and started laughing. 

They were sitting there laughing when the front door opened and Nikki walked in. She walked into the living room about to say something but paused when she saw Jake looking up at her. The corners of her mouth turned up at him for a few secounds then she turned her focus onto her godkid. She smiled widered but she was startled when she realized there was black paint on him. 

She slowly turned her body and faced Jake. She raised her eyebrow at him and crossed her arms over her chest. He looked up at her in confusion. He thought about it then relazation hit him. He threw his hands up in surrender and explained "Hannah let me do it!" She just shook her head. "You're so lucky that Andy's not here." Jake just rolled his eyes. 

They didn't talk much for the rest of the day. Nikki sat on the couch reading Harry Potter, listening to Jake talk to Sebastain as if they were best friends. She snuck glances and peered over her book and watched them. 

"....and that's how you came into this world. Teenage hormones." Jake said finishing his story as if Sebastain understood every word. Nikki let out a giggle. She darted her eyes back down to her page when Jake turned his head at the sound of her voice. 

A blush rose from her neck as she buried her nose into her book ignoring Jake who took Sebastain out of his car seat and sat with him beside her. He layed his god son across his chest and breathed deeply. He smiled when he saw that Seb looked up at him and placed his small hand on his mouth.

Beside him Nikki giggled again. He looked over and had a split sec of eye contact with her before she looked down to her book. 

He sat beside Nikki and watched Tree House while Sebastain slept on him. He watched Nikki out of the corner of his eye. He watched her steal glances at him, thinking he didn't notice. Jake shifted careful not to move Sebastain too much and turned to face Nikki. She felt his eyes on her and looked over. 

"What?" she asked in a quiet voice. "How are you?" Nikki looked at him with a mixture of confusion and surprise on her face. 

“I’m ok I guess…” She wasn’t sure how to answer his question. He raised an eyebrow, “You guess?” She just shrugged. Jake saw right through her. “If you ever need to talk, I’m always here to listen.” Nikki’s eyes searched Jake’s face and bit her lip. “You’re going to tell me anyways, I hope you realize that.” Nikki sighed.

“I feel like Hannah and Andy don’t want me here anymore. They were perfectly fine after I left and now that I’m back it feels weird. I don’t want to be a burden but yet I feel like one.” Jake’s eyes grew wide as she explained how she felt. “That’s not it at all!! They don’t think that you’re a burden! Hannah was frantic to get you back. She was worried sick. She got depressed and stressed. She needed you more than you realize. We all did.”

His final words finally filtered through his head and he realized how that sounded. Nikki gapped at him. His cheeks turned red as he back pedalled. “CC and Jinxx kept tabs on you and Ronnie. Andy made sure Hannah never saw the police reports and stuff online.” She closed her mouth and nodded. She pressed her lips in a tight white line and nodded again. “Of course.” She said in a small voice looking back down to her book.

Jake looked everywhere except at Nikki. He rubbed Sebastains back as he slept on his Uncles chest.

“I regret not letting you explain yourself that day.” Nikki’s eye snapped as she looked back at him. He willed himself to look her in the eye to say “Nikki, I was your boyfriend. I should have believed you from the get go. I’m sorry I wasn’t there to support you.” Jake shifted Sebastain so that he could move closer to Nikki. She shifted so that she was facing him full on.

“Jake. It’s not your fault. I made a huge mistake and you reacted the way a sober me would have wanted you to react. I never have and I never will blame you.” Jake’s frown turned into a surprised O.

“Why always the look of surprise?” Nikki smirked.

Jake looked down to his lap and realized the lack of space between the two of them on the couch. He looked back up at Nikki and saw how close her face was. He could see every eye lash and every detail in her eyes and her lips.

Her smirked disappeared as she realized how close she was to Jake’s face. She had to restrain herself from moving a lock of hair out of his eyes. She followed with her eyes the outline of his nose and mouth.

Everything came back to them. It was as if Nikki never left. Jake and Nikki were the lovebirds they wanted to be. As if nothing bad had ever happened and everything was back to those perfect moments. Jake watched her actions as he leaned forward. She watched him as he leaned towards her. Her eyes fluttered shut. She could feel his breathe on her lips. Nothing could interrupt them.

The door bell rang.

They sprung apart as Nikkis book clattered to the floor. The doorbell chimed again. Nikki bolted from the couch, leaving Jake in a stupor, trying to piece together what happened.

“Olly!!” Nikki squealed from the front room. Jake picked up Seb and walked to the front room to see who could possibly be here.

A tall man filled the door way. His hair was swept to the front, covering his left eye. His arms and neck were covered with tattoos. “Hello there Nikki.” He said with a British accent.

They started talking as if they known each their entire lives. Jake cleared his throat and Nikki jumped and the sudden noise. A red blush crept up to her cheeks as she stuttered for words. “Oh! Jake! This is my friend I met at Bluebell, Olly Sykes.”

Jake and Olly shook hands and said an awkward hello. Olly turned to Nikki and asked, “You ready to go?” Nikki nodded with a smile and grabbed her jacket. “Tell Hannah I’ll be back later!” She called out behind her.

Jake stood in the door with Seb in his arms, watching the girl he still had feels for get into another man’s car and drive off.


 I hope you’re enjoying this story. I have an sequel idea but I must talk to my informat. Peace out bitches.


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