Fallen Angels

Hannah just moved to to a new city and instantly she is thrown in a whole new life. After meeting Andy Biersack on her first day of school she moves out of her psycho mom's house into the boys house that they all share together. Hannah brings a whole new life into the house and Andy gives Hannah the safety that she always wanted. Hannah and Andy live a life full of Harry Potter, pillow fights and much to Hannah's dismay, clowns. Who knows? Maybe Hannah and Andy will discover something new about each other and themselves.


16. We set the world on fire

Even though Hannah and Nikki were no longer friends, Hannah tried everything to communicate with her. She wrote her letters about news about Brendon and his new girlfriend, how the guys are and she explain how Andy proposed. As she wrote that part Hannah smiled as she remembered the reactions from the rest of the guys.

Hannah and Andy had stayed out for a week after that first day either sleeping in the Impala or a cheap motel. When they got home the guys had been worried sick. “Did you fuckers not bother leaving us a note or a fucking phone call or an email? No you just left us without a word!” Jake was worried the most so he was flippin shit.

Hannah and Andy were standing in the living room trying not to laugh as Ash, CC and Jinxx were pretending to hit Jake with random objects. First it was pillows and Ash upped his game by unplugging a nearby lamp and swung it by his head. Hannah had to cling onto Andy to avoid falling on the ground from laughing.

Jake finished his rant and stood there out of breath. “Are you done now?” Andy asked with his eye brow raised. Jake thought for a moment and nodded. Jake looked at Andy and Hannah and suddenly turned on his heel and kicked Ash in his family jewels. Ash dropped a plastic vase full of flowers and just dropped to the ground. Hannah just about lost it when Jake faced them again and smiled at them.

“Good because we need to tell you guys something.” Andy voice was pretty serious so CC, Jake and Jinxx sat on the couch and they waited for Ash to get over the pain in his baby maker.

Hannah and Andy planned to be sad and serious and lead them to think of something way off from the truth. Hannah sniffled and looked at her stomach. She started playing with her shirt and Ashley’s eyes grew huge.

Ever since their talk in the woods all those months ago they agreed that they would be the most annoying brother and sister. He looked out for her and acted like the dad who was against Hannah doing the dirty and threatened Andy in the most ridiculous ways.

“You son of a bitch!” Ash jumped up and started pacing. A smile flashed onto Andy’s face but he pushed it away to try and keep the act going. “What the hell did you guys do while you left? Ok, we can do this together. We can put a bed in the spare room since no one’s in there now. We will need as much money as we can spare……” Ash went on and on making these plans.

 Jake, CC and Jinxx were so confused. They looked at Hannah and Andy and she held up her hand with her ring. Just as they were going to say something she motioned to say nothing and pointed at Ashley and her stomach. Realization was clear on their faces and nodded at them.

 “Ash can you sit down we need to ask you something.” Ash quickly sat down but he stared at Hannah’s stomach the entire time still mumbling to himself. Hannah leaned forward and snapped in his face. “Focus Ashley.” He nodded and stared into Hannah’s eyes.

Hannah stopped herself from laughing and started. “Ashley we need to ask you something serious. You are my brother and my favourite person in the world.” At that last part she winked at Andy as he pouted at her. Everyone but Ash laughed. She moved her hand so the ring was visible. “Ash, I need to know if you will walk me down the aisle.” Ashley just stared at her as the words sunk in. They all watched him as his eyes went from Hannah’s face to Andy’s face to Hannah’s stomach to Hannah’s hands. His eyes landed on the ring and relief relaxed his body. He gave a nervous laugh as he put his head in his hands. “Holy fucking shit.” He said. Then he swung out and hit Andy.

“Ow! What the fuck was that for?” Andy cried out rubbing the place where Andy hit him. “That’s for making me believe you got Hannah pregnant!!!!”

Everyone laughed. Ashley let out a shaky breath. Hannah got up and pulled Ashley to his feet. She pulled him into a hug. “Congratulations. I will be honored to walk my little sister down the aisle. ” Ashley whispered into her ear. They pulled away and she gave him a huge smile.

CC ran into the kitchen as the other congratulated the couple for the biggest step in their life. Jinxx gave Ash the 30$ that he now owed him. CC came back with 6 beers and they stood in a circle. “To Andy and Hannah,” Jinxx said “You two will be the happiest people in the world and Hannah, if Andy fucks up; we have always liked you better.” He winked at her as Andy yelled out “Hey now!!”

The all said cheers and drank. Everything was going alright when Hannah went to the kitchen to get some water. She leaned over the counter and she saw a group of photos that had been growing over the past year. There was one with Hannah and her Dad when in was in the hospital. He was doing so well. Walking around, making sexual perv jokes. Just acting like him. Then the next day she got a call that he had died through the night. Ashley reminded her of her Dad in so many ways. The way he spoke, the way he walked. Even the sexual jokes reminded her of her Dad. That’s way she asked Ashley to walk her down the aisle. If her Daddy couldn’t walk her down, she would want the one person who could have been her Daddy.

The next picture was Hannah and Nikki. They were at the park and Hannah was on Nikki’s back. They looked so happy. That was the day that Nikki nearly got them all banned from the Starbucks in town. Who knew they weren’t allowed to fill an empty cup full over flavour shots and milk? Hannah’s mind went back to the day that it all went sour. If only they didn’t let Nikki leave and let her explain, Hannah would have been telling Nikki first before anyone else.

Nikki acting the she acted really took a toll on the house. Jake would stare off into space and feel really depressed. Hannah cried sometimes through the night. They all acted like Nikki never happened and that they never met her. It was hard but it just happened. Who knew what she was getting into with Ronnie? She knew CC was keeping tabs on Ronnie through the magical place called the internet. From what Hannah could tell they were both getting pretty trashed every night.

Andy came in and saw that Hannah was looking at the photo frowning. He sighed and walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her. He placed his chin on her head and she leaned into him. He watched her pick up the photo and run her finger along the edge of the picture. She turned around into Andy’s arms and fished the light out of his pocket. She walked over to the sink and placed the stopper in the sink. She grabbed her beer and took a sip from it. With one last look she tipped the bottle over the photo over the sink and drenched it. She dropped it into the sink and continued to poor beer into the sink. “Hannah. Be careful.” Andy said from behind her. She didn’t answer when she grabbed a tooth pick and lit the lighter. She watched the flame devour the pick and she throw it into the sink. The alcohol burst into flames. Hannah and Andy watched the photo curl and burn. When the photo was ashes Andy reached out and turned the tap to put the fire out.

Hannah turned and faced Andy. They watched each other and he could tell it was needed to do. “Better?” Hannah nodded and hugged the boy she loved. She pulled away and looked up at him. “Are you ready to have dinner with my mother?”


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