Fallen Angels

Hannah just moved to to a new city and instantly she is thrown in a whole new life. After meeting Andy Biersack on her first day of school she moves out of her psycho mom's house into the boys house that they all share together. Hannah brings a whole new life into the house and Andy gives Hannah the safety that she always wanted. Hannah and Andy live a life full of Harry Potter, pillow fights and much to Hannah's dismay, clowns. Who knows? Maybe Hannah and Andy will discover something new about each other and themselves.


23. It's never too late

Ok so this is going to be a hard chapter to write so bear with me. This chapter is only going to have Jake and Nikki. 

"I'm here to see Nikki Waters."

Jake took a deep breath and waiting for the receptionist to come back. 

A couple days ago he got a call from the Bluebell Rehab from a Dr. Hart asking if he and Hannah could come in a sit down and talk about her progress and to make sure she had a plan after she left Bluebell. Since Hannah was now 3 months pregnant and had her thoughts on the baby, their wedding and everything else that came with it, Jake and Andy agreed that Hannah would stay home and not add anymore stress. 

The short older receptionist came back in the lobby and told him he could follow her into an office. She turned and left him in a room with beautiful Victorian windows and a huge oak desk. A warm brown colour covered the walls and a huge book case covered an entire wall with books. on other walls, frames of diplomas spotted the walls. On the desk was a couple picture frames that had two happy people smiling. One was during a wedding, one was in a hospital holding a bundle in a pink blanket.  Two leather chairs were on one side of the desk while a huge recliner was on the far side. 

Jake sat in one chair and released the air in his lungs. He was surprised to find that he was holding his breathe. Thoughts and memories and "what ifs?" went through his head as he waited for Dr. Hart. 

All too soon, high heeled footsteps came from down the hall and Jake sat up straight in his chair. The door opened and a young, tall brunette woman like the one in the photographs stood in the door way. "Are you Jake Pitts?" He cleared his throat and nodded his head. He stood up and they shook hands. "I'm Dr. Hart, Nikki's doctor here. i'm glad you could come." He sat back down as she walked over to her chair and she placed a file on the desk in front of her. "Um Hannah couldn't come because traveling doesn't really mix well with hormones and pregnacies." Jake explained in a weak voice. Dr. Hart laughed at his very weak joke and nodded in understanding. Then she got serious. 

"We tried to call Nikki's brother, Brendon but when we explained to him how she was doing, he said he was done with her and that she wanted nothing to with her. As part of the recovery process after patients leave Bluebell, we want to make sure they have the proper fondations as a strong recovery on their own. So Brendon told us to give you and Miss Prescot a call." Jake nodded at her words and remember the argument Hannah and Brendon had over the phone after Dr Hart called them. 

"Hannah and I agreed that we would help her get on her feet and we would only be a temperary place for her to stay until she's recovered." It was Dr Hart's turn to nod in agreement. She leaned forward and propped her elbows up on her desk and said "Nikki explained what happened and what she said the night that she first turned to drugs. I understand that she hurt you and you went out of your way to be here. But let me a sure Mr Pitts that she fully understands how much harm she has put herself and the people that she loves. I told her that you were coming." 

Jake's heart skipped a beat at that last part and a slight panic filled his veins. 'Was she angry?' 'Do i want to see her?' 'Does she wish Hannah was here instead of me?' Dr Hart noticed the panic in his eyes because she said in a reassuring voice "Don't worry Mr Pitts. She asked me if she could talk to you and i said it would be helpful for her. It's really up to you. She's in one of our therapy session rooms. It will only be you and her." 

Jake thought this would be the perfect time to explain to her what has happened with Hannah and Andy and everything else at the house. Jake nodded and made sure it was too late to back out. Dr Hart and Jake walked down a hallway and she lead him into a small room. She held open the door and gave him a small reassuring smile as he past her. He watched the door close with a soft click. He sighed and turned around. Sitting in a black plush chair was the girl that he had opened up to all those months ago. It was the girl that made Hannah the happiest girl in the world and there staring at him was the girl that brought that world crashing down around him. 

"Hi Jake." 

He looked into the brown eyes that once held happiness but is now looked old and 5 years older. He hair a lot longer than it usually was as if she never got it cut. 

He sat down quickly in the opposite chair and whipped his sweaty hands on his pants. Jake looked at Nikki while she looked everywhere but him. They sat in silence as Jake stared at her and she was occasionally glancing over at him. "What?" Nikki finally snapped at him. Her face turned red immediately and mumbled "I'm sorry." 

Jake sighed and spoke. "Do you want to hear the latest events happening at the house?" 'Talk about Hannah first then ease her into asking her what the hell happened in Colorado.' Simple plan to follow. Nikki nodded and Jake answered simply. "Well i'm going to start off after we left Warped. Andy proposed to Hannah. They were planning on getting married in May but that changed when Hannah told everyone she's pregnant." Jake stopped talking when he noticed Nikki's face paled. Her eyes were wide with shock. "Hannah's engaged?" Jake nodded. "Hannah's pregnant?" Again, Jake nodded. Nikki let the news sink in and she let out a shaky laugh. "Do they know what gender the baby is?" She asked in a small voice, still not looking at him in the eye. "No they're waiting until the birth of the kid to find out. But they picked names already." Nikki gave another shaky laugh. "Hannah's been debating on baby names since we were in high school." Jake then gave a small laugh. "Sebastian and Violet." 

Nikki sighed smiled at the floor. "In Ninth grade she played a fairy named Violet. She fell in love with the name. Same with Sebastian. She also always said that if she was going to have kids she wanted a boy first then a girl so her baby boy could protect her baby girl. But if she had twins of a boy and girl she would name them Christopher and Robin." Her voice stopped at a whisper at the end of her rambling. "How far along is she?" "3 months." Nikki slowly nodded her head and started picking at her finger nails. 

"So how did Andy propose?" He jumped a little in his seat at the sudden volume of her voice. He cleared his voice and explained how Andy drove them to this little town and hung out all day and finally went to this field and set up blankets and pillows and how they sat there and talked and how he finally popped the question. When he finished explaining he saw that a tear had trickled down her face. But he wasn't done. He explained what happened with the dinner with Hannah's mother and Ashley's new girlfriend and Brendon moved out of his place. 

When he was done explaining everything the tears were free flowing but she didn't cry out. She cried silently. Something deep inside of Jake wanted to forget everything that had happened and comfort her but another part said that she would have known all this if she hadn't left them. She could have helped Hannah through so much but she left them all in the dust. Once again they fell into a silence that seemed to fill the room and suffocate them both. 

Jake had to ask. "Nikki, why did you go?" He sounded years younger like a child asking why his parents left and never came back. 

Nikki opened her mouth to say something but then closed it like she didn't trust what was going to come out. "Because Jake, I didn't have any of the pressure with Ronnie. I was able to block out all the bad in my life. I kept remembering what i did to you and Hannah that i just drowned myself deeper in the drugs and alcohol with him. It wasn't until Danny took me from Ronnie while he was in jail to bring me to you guys then here." Jake nodded and said. "You don't have to explain to me what happened with you and Ronnie. Everyday you were gone, we were waiting for a phone call or watching the news that your body was found dead in a ditch somewhere by the highway. You have no idea how happy everyone was when Danny brought you to us. We thought you were dead." 

As his words sank in, the tears sprung back to her eyes and fell down her face. She nodded and looked at her hands which were bundled in her lap. "Since you down get out of here until next April, Hannah wanted me to give you this. He got a white envelope out of his back pocket and gave it to her out reached hand. 

She stared at the piece of paper in her hands. Jake stood up and walked over to her chair. He explained to her that Hannah and the rest of the guys were willing to help her. She gave him a weak smile. He kissed her forehead and headed for the door. "Jake?" She called out jsut as he opened the door. He turned. "Jake, i'm sorry for what i did to you. I loved you and i hurt you. I might still love you. Do you think you could ever give me a second chance?" 

Jake stood there thinking about his response carefully. "To be honest with you, I don't know. But i do hope so." She nodded and went back to looking at the piece of paper in her hand. 

Jake left the building and drove back home. When he got there he sat in Hannah's car that she let him borrow somehow. He watched his friends through the open windows and saw that they were care free at the moment. He saw Hannah giving Ash and CC her famous scold while Andy and Jinxx were laughing behind her like a bunch of children. 

He let the air out of his lungs and laughed as Hannah up sided Ashley on the back of the head, Jake guessing that he said something perverted.

Everything was good now. Jake didn't want to upset anyone by letting Nikki back in. He didn't want to get hurt and he was sure as hell that he didn't want Hannah hurt again. But they both agreed to let Nikki back into their lives long enough for her to get back on her feet. 

Jake finally got out of the car and went inside to join his friends. 

Back at Bluebell Nikki was in her room and was getting ready for bed. She got under her sheets and picked up the paper that Jake gave her from Hannah. She had no idea what to expect. Either it could be full of nasty hateful words from her former best friend or there could be words of support and forgiveness. 

Dear Nikki,

Oh Sweetheart, what did you get yourself into? I want to start out with explaining myself from Warped Tour. Jake and I were looking for you to explain how we jumped to conclusions when we saw the photos of you online. We wanted to apologize about our behaviour that day. But it seems that you made it clear that i was the whore everyone thought i was. I was so hurt that my best friend thought i slept with the people who saved me from my mom. I told you everything about what she had done to me and you helped me through it. But when you said those words to me you acted just how my mother did. I didn't know what to think. 

After some time to think after Danny came to us with you, i realized that i still need you. I hope you can understand that i can't trust you, at least not yet. As Jake probably told you but Andy and I are getting married and i want you to be there. As a guest. I'll understand if you don't end up going because you don't ever want to see me again. But if you do come, i'll be more than happy to see you there. 

With forgiveness, Hannah.

Nikki reread the letter what seems like a thousand times. Her heart broke in a millions pieces. It was that moment that she wanted to make everything up to get her best friend back more than anything.

Peace out bitches.



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