Fallen Angels

Hannah just moved to to a new city and instantly she is thrown in a whole new life. After meeting Andy Biersack on her first day of school she moves out of her psycho mom's house into the boys house that they all share together. Hannah brings a whole new life into the house and Andy gives Hannah the safety that she always wanted. Hannah and Andy live a life full of Harry Potter, pillow fights and much to Hannah's dismay, clowns. Who knows? Maybe Hannah and Andy will discover something new about each other and themselves.


5. I will have my revenge

They spent the day at the carnival and to the guys disappointment they didn’t come across any clowns. “You guys are assholes if you want to see me having a panic attack. I’m glad my pain excites you.” She said poking at Ashley playfully.

                They all got home tired and smelling of carnies. Hannah went for a shower and came back to the guys watching “Batman Forever” with their feet up on the coffee table. Andy spotted her and moved over so that she could sit with him. She shook her head and said “There’s no way in hell I’m sitting with any of you until you shower. Y’all smell homeless.” Andy gave her a pouty face and the band laughed. Hannah raised an eyebrow doubting that they were in fact challenging her. She stood her ground. “I’m not going to sit with any of you or make dinner!” She shot back. They all stopped laughing. She smirked. They all looked at her as if she took all their beer away and threatened to never give it back. Hannah jumped out of the way as they all booked it the only bathroom that the six of them now shared. Hannah laughed as she could hear everyone yelling at CC to not take all the hot water.

                Hannah started making meat balls and spaghetti and one by one the boys came out smelling fresh and new. She was too distracted to see Ashley grab a piece of ice and walked behind her and slipped it down her shirt. She screamed and tried to move away but he hugged her from behind. CC and Jake laughed as he pressed the ice into her skin. It melted fast and Hannah turned to face Ashley with a death glare. “I see how you want to play.” She smirked with an evil grin. “Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week. I swear to sweet baby jesus Ashley Purdy I will get my revenge. And when you think I have forgotten and you think you’re safe then BAM!” She clapped her hands in front of his face and laughed as he flinched. She turned back to making her tomato sauce. She heard Ash chuckle behind her. “Hit me with your best shot.” Jinxx yelled “oooooo shit just got real!” “What just got real” Andy asked as he entered the room in grey track pants and a black tank top. Jake filled him in and laughed.

                Dinner was made, ate and cleaned up when everyone sat down to finish the Batman movie they were watching from before. One by one they left for bed and soon it was just Andy and Hannah for a while. Hannah yawned and snuggled in Andy’s chest. The movie ended and they just stared at the black screen enjoying each other’s company. The silence was broken by the ring of Hannah’s phone. She looked at the caller ID and it came up UNKNOWN. “Hello?” she said and was greeted by a crying girl.

“Hannah?” the voice rang out.

“Nikki?” Hannah knew that voice all too well.

“Hannah I need your help. Hannah….” And she burst into tears. Andy could hear what was happening through the phone and gave Hannah a concerned look. “Nikki, where are you?” Nikki gave Hannah where she was and both Andy and Hannah jumped into the car and drove.

Half an hour later they found Nikki standing on the sidewalk crying. Her shirt had been torn and one heel was missing. Eyeliner ran down her face and her hair looked as if she hadn’t touched a brush in weeks. They parked the car and Hannah ran over to her friend and they both sat on the sidewalk, Hannah just letting Nikki cry there. Hannah whispered comforting things to her and got her calm enough to get in the car. Andy drove while Hannah sat in the back with Nikki.

                Hannah and Andy helped her get into the house and Hannah took her into the bathroom to get her cleaned up. Hannah put Nikki in her bed and sighed as she came back out and sat with Andy. Andy had made tea and they both watched the steam rise from each of their mugs.

                When both mugs were empty, Hannah started to set up a blacket and pillows on the couch when Andy stopped her. “You can sleep in my room, I’ll sleep here.” She just shook her head. “No I don’t want to take your bed from you.” Andy smiled. “How ‘bout a compromise? We both sleep in the bed?” Hannah smiled and raised an eyebrow. Andy realised what he said and laughed in embarrassment. “It didn’t mean it the way it sounded.”  “Hannah nodded her head. She knew what he meant and she knew that he wouldn’t try anything with her. Andy went into her room to change into pjs and Andy went to his room to clear a pathway to his bed. “Typical teenage boy. Clothes everywhere.” Hannah laughed. “Sorry, my maid’s on vacation” he said sarcastically.

                They both got in and lied there in the dark listening to each other breathe.  Hannah thought back to what could have happened in the corn maze. The memories put a smile on her face. Then she thought about her and Andy scaring the peeping toms. Hannah could help but laugh, trying to be quiet but Andy rolled over and faced her with a puzzled look. “Is sleeping with a boy funny? Why are you giggling like a little school girl?” He teased. She recalled the memory to him and they both laughed. The temperature in the room dropped and Hannah shivered hoping at Andy didn’t notice. He frowned at her and said “You’re freezing. Come here….” Andy opened his arms and Hannah scooted closer and he wrapped his arms around her. She laid her head on his chest and they breathing synced together. Hannah could have sworn she heard Andy sing as she fell asleep.

                The next morning Hannah woke up to the smell of coffee. She opened one eye and saw Andy smiling at her holding two cups of coffee. She pulled a pillow over her head and moaned. Andy laughed and placed the cups down. He crawled over and spoke above the pillow where he guessed was where her head was at. “Hannah. It’s time to get up.” A muffled no came back to him. “Hannah I’m going to get you out of bed one way or another.” She laughed. A muffled “Andy! But you’re bed is so comfy!” He sighed. “Alright, you asked for it.” He said slyly. He got off the bed and grabbed her by the ankles. Hannah screamed as he pulled her out of bed and they both landed on the floor. Hannah hit him with a pillow that she dragged along with her. Andy laughed and grabbed another pillow and hit her with it. “Hey! You can’t hit a girl!” exclaimed Hannah. He stuck his tongue out at her when they heard a girl screaming.

They both jumped up and ran to the living room where they saw Jake, Jinxx, Ashley and CC stare at Nikki who was staring right back with fear in her eyes. She loved the whole dark, black clothed  guy but waking up in a strangers house and finding four of them all at once not knowing who they are, yeah that can be scary. She turned and saw Hannah. She rushed into her arms and heard Andy say. “I’ll go make some tea….” Hannah brought Nikki to the couch in the living room and the boys followed right on their heels. “Have you people never seen a girl before?” Hannah winked at them. She laughed gently as red faces appeared.

                Andy came back with a tray full of tea and the boys dragged Andy out of the room faster than termites eating wood. “Dude. Who is that and why is she here?” Whisper-yelled Jinxx. Andy explained what happened the night before. They all peek around the corner and watched Hannah talk to Nikki. They got off the couch and the guys move so they weren’t caught peeking and eves dropping.

 “Nikki and I are going to go get coffee, anyone care to join us?” Hannah asked. Andy of course nodded and strangely Jake nodded too. Jake hadn’t said anything ever since they came across Nikki. The four of them went and got ready for the day.  They all climbed into Hannah’s car with Hannah in the front and Jake and Nikki in the back. Hannah watched them in the rear view mirror and smiled at the fact that Jake was careful not to touch her but kept looking at her in awe. It was really cute.

She pulled into a Starbucks and they sat down with their coffees. Jake couldn’t take his eyes off of Nikki but he wouldn’t say anything. ‘I have never seen Jake this shy before.’ Hannah thought to herself. ‘Jake isn’t a shy person, so why is he acting so weird?’ Andy thought in his mind.

They all sat there sipping at their coffee. Hannah and Andy on one side with Jake and Nikki on the other. Hannah and Andy sat with mere millimetres between them. Nikki and Jake on the other hand sat with a couple of feet away but they could both see that Jake was respecting Nikki and gave her some space to breathe. Hannah finally had to say something. “So Nikki, where are you going to go? Are you going to stay here?” Nikki shrugged and looked down at her mug. “Where is Brendon?” Hannah asked. ‘Brendon? Who’s Brendon?’ Andy asked. He looked at Hannah and gave her a puzzled look. His face must have shown his question because she told him that Brendon was Nikki’s brother. “He has a place here. I was on my way there when I was attacked.” Nikki said quietly. Hannah nodded. Then she face palmed. “I’m sorry Nikki, where are my manners? This is Andy and Jake. The other scary guys were Ashley, CC and Jinxx. But don’t worry they are perfectly harmless.” Nikki smiled and took a peek over at Jake. He smiled at her and looked away. Andy started asking Nikki the basic questions like ‘where are you from? How did you and Hannah meet?’ and soon she got comfortable around Andy and Jake.

Andy got a call from Ashley and asked his three friends if they wanted to meet up with the rest of the gang at the park. They nodded and left. Hannah pulled into the park parking lot and walked with Andy several feet behind Jake and Nikki. “What do you think?” Hannah asked, looking up at Andy. “about what?” “About Nikki and Jake stupid! I really hope Jake snaps out of his shyness soon. He would be good for her.”

Andy nodded and put his arm on Hannah’s head. She swatted his arm away just so he could put it back on. “Why?” Hannah asked. “Well with you being what? 5’2? That’s the perfect height to rest my arm on.” He smirked. “Oh yeah?” Hannah raised an eyebrow. “Well how do you like this?” Next thing Andy knows that Hannah jumps on his back and yells “Run my tattooed steed! Run like the wind!” Andy laughed and started running. Hannah screamed and laughed as she held onto him tightly. They got to the base of the playground and Andy flipped her so that he was holding on to her so they were face to face. Hannah wrapped her legs around her waist and looked around as if she was looking for something. She pointed somewhere and exclaimed “I can see our house from up here!” Everyone laughed as Andy smirked at her. “Ha ha. You’re funny.” He teased. “Are you kidding me? I’m fucking hilarious” she teased right back. She kissed him on the nose and dropped down. Andy stood there stunned. He knew what he had to do.



HAHAHAHA CLIFFHANGER BITCHES. I felt as if I dragged that on forever and ever. What do you guys think about Nikki and Jake huh???? I like them. It’s cute. And fluffy.

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