Fallen Angels

Hannah just moved to to a new city and instantly she is thrown in a whole new life. After meeting Andy Biersack on her first day of school she moves out of her psycho mom's house into the boys house that they all share together. Hannah brings a whole new life into the house and Andy gives Hannah the safety that she always wanted. Hannah and Andy live a life full of Harry Potter, pillow fights and much to Hannah's dismay, clowns. Who knows? Maybe Hannah and Andy will discover something new about each other and themselves.


6. I like it

I hope y’all are showing this to all of your fanfic reading friends because I just know that they would love this too. I also want people to love me. Do you people even read the authers notes?? I could put spoilers in these and NNNOOOOONNNNNEEEEE of you would know!!!! *insert evil laugh*

                They spent a good couple hours at the park and a plan formed in Andy’s mind. When they all got home Andy pulled Ashley and Jake aside while Jinxx, Nikki and Hannah went up stairs. “Guys I need help.” Andy started. “pffft yeah we know. Tell us about it.” Joked Ash, rolling his eyes. Andy smacked him on the solider and continued. I need you guys to keep Hannah busy on Friday. I have a surprise for her.” Ash and Jake both put their hands on his soldiers and said “it’s about fucking time dude. We were getting worried that you both were dumb and clueless about each other.” Andy laughed and told them what he had in mind. He just finished explaining when Hannah, Nikki and Jinxx came down.

                The three gave them all weird looks as they tried to smile innocently back as they walked into the room. Andy turned to walk into the kitchen when he heard someone running at him. He didn’t have a chance to turn around when someone jumped up onto his back and covered his eyes. “Who has inserted their body onto my back?” Hannah giggled and tried to do her best Jinxx impression.  “It’s an alien coming to suck your brains out.” She knocked on his head. “Huh, seems like you’re safe.”

Everyone laughed and Andy flipped Hannah so that she was facing him but he was still holding her. “You think you’re so cute don’t yeah?” Andy asked, narrowing his eyes up at her. She was trying to hold in her laughter but all she could do was nod her head. He gave her a look that said “Now you’re really going to get it.” “Oh shit!” She squeaked and jumped out of his arms, running up stairs. He was right on her heel as they ran around the house. Hannah ran past Nikki who pulled her out in Andy’s way. “Nikki stall him!” Hannah yelled out behind her. Nikki tried to block Andy’s way but Jake pulled her to him. 'She squealed with laughter and yelled “Hannah they have teamed against us! Run!” Jake let her go and the boys hurdled together and Nikki and Hannah huddled together.

 In seconds it turned in to a boy vs. girl man-hunt.  They broke their huddles and stood across from each other, squaring each other up as if they were in a Texas show down. They waited to find out who would make the first move.

Hannah and Nikki bolted to the basement and hid in the dark armed with pillows. They just got to their places when they heard the thundering of the guy’s feet on the hard wood steps. They watched the figures sneak into the room, trying to be undetected but someone creaked. “Now!” Hannah yelled and both Hannah and Nikki started hitting the closest victims with the pillows. The boys tucked and covered and tried to grab anymore pillows but they had been moved behind the couches. It would take time for them to look for the pillows and Hannah and Nikki would have the advantage. Now five 18 year old boys would never hear the end of them being beat by two girls. CC managed to grab Hannah around the waist and hold her down while Andy tickled her. Jake tackled Nikki to the ground and sat carefully on her stomach and holding her hands to the ground. Andy stopped tickling Hannah but CC didn’t get off of her. CC gave Hannah an evil grin and nodded at Jake. Now it was their turn. Jinxx and Ash went down to Hannah’s feet because they knew that was where Hannah was the most ticklish. “Guys. Please. Let’s talk about this!” Hannah begged, her eyes going wider as they got closer. Nikki cried out to her captures. “I was forced into this! I was unwillingly forced to go with her!” trying her best to avoid whatever was coming her way. Jake looked at the guys. They all shrugged and Jake let her up. “Nikki!” Hannah screamed. “Sorry sweetheart. You got yourself into it and now you’ve got to get yourself out.” She laughed. Andy kneeled down by her head. “Tell everyone the Andy is so cool and so smart.” Hannah shook her head. Andy motioned to Jinxx and Ash and they started to tickle her feet. Hannah kicked her feet and screamed in laughter. “Say it!” grinned Andy. “Never!” she gasped and they all tickled her from all angles. She couldn’t breathe. “Fine!” She gasped. They stopped, waiting. “Andy is so cool and so smart. He is the best tattooed steed ever.” She panted. Andy thought over her words. He nodded and let head up.

Hannah looked at Nikki and laughed “Whatever happened to ‘chicks before dicks?” They all laughed. “Traitor.” She said, sticking her tongue out at her. “Whore.” Nikki shot back. “Slut.” The boy’s jaws dropped to the floor. ‘What is happening?’ Andy thought. He really didn’t want to break up a chick fight. Nikki and Hannah smiled at each other and say “Love yeah!” and hugged. They were so confused as they watched the girls go back upstairs.

They found the two girls sitting on the couch talking and laughing. They shrugged at each other and joined them. Nikki looked on her phone and said she had to go to her Brother Brendon’s which was a couple hour drives. She was going by train so she left promising to call Hannah in the morning. Jake’s face fell as he said goodbye to her but she promised him that she would be back.

After Nikki left Hannah went up to her room and got ready for bed. She got out a book to read and was quite comfy until Andy came in and laid down face first in her bed. “Can I help you?” Hannah asked still into her book. “Why yes, yes you can sweetheart.” Hannah put her book down and looked at Andy. He gave her a toothy smile and she sighed and moved over to give him room. He winked at her as he climbed in and snuggled up to her knee and stared at her. She played with his longish hair and rubbed his shaved side of his head. Every time she would look down at him, she would catch him staring at her. “What?” He just shrugged and closed his eyes. Hannah put her book on her table and turned her lamp off. She pushed Andy’s head off her knee so that she could lie down.

She looked over at the boy and wondered ‘How the hell did you make my world so crazy?’ Andy flung his arm around her and snuggled in with her. To Hannah, all she wanted to do was lie there with him forever without a care in the world.

Hannah listened to Andy’s breathing slowing down and he held on to her like something was going to snatch her away. Hannah smiled up at him and kissed his cheek and nuzzled into the crook of his neck. She didn’t notice the smile that formed on his face.

The next three days were uneventful. Andy was now sleeping in Hannah’s bed and Tish made Hannah feel like shit every chance she got. Tish didn’t enjoy Hannah showing her up on that first day so it was now her life goal to make her life a living hell.

Andy was busy making plans his surprise for Hannah that she was clueless about. He got excited every time he thought about it, he wanted it to be perfect.

On Wednesday, Hannah pulled into the parking lot and the guys climbed out. Tish and her other “Barbie’s” walked by and narrowed their eyes at Hannah. Hannah flipped them off and smirked as she watched them stomp away. The morning on like usual and nothing excited happen. Hannah left her fifth period class to go to the bathroom and put her earbuds in. She didn’t hear the clicking of heels following her in to the bathroom. She screamed out in pain as someone grabbed her hair and pulled. Hannah fell on her butt and looked up to see Tish standing over her with a smile. Hannah tried to stand up but Tish pushed her back down. “You know Hannah. For someone like you, you’re not smart.” She sneered down at her. “I bet you’re fucking all those guys that you live with. Poor them. It must be a lot of work trying to satisfy you. But they’re probs doing it just out of pity. And for the easy sex.” Tears streamed down Hannah’s face. “I bet they turn the lights off so they don’t have to see your fat face. I’m surprised you haven’t killed them with your weight.” Hannah got lightheaded as Tish’s words sunk in. She started to scratch at her wrists and Tish smiled.  This was exactly what she hoped for. With a flick of the hair, Tish left an unstable Hannah on the floor. She stood up, still scratching at her wrist, she went through the rest of the day avoiding the guys and locked herself in her room. She just walked and didn’t process anything that was happening around her. She could hear them having band practice in the basement. She sat on her bed and cried. Then she did what she always did best. She bottled her feelings up and hid them in an overflowing part of her brain. She fixed her Falling In Reverse shirt and her makeup, plastered a smile on her face as if nothing happened.

But Andy knew something was up. Hannah wasn’t her normal hyper self when they all got home. She just went straight up in her room and didn’t come out for hours. He wanted to go up to her and help her but he didn’t know how. He didn’t know if she would let him. He went up stairs to get a drink of water during band practice and saw that Hannah was making dinner. He watched from a distance as she leaned against the counter trying to stop from making any sign that she was crying. Andy slowly walked behind her and wrapped his arms around his waist. Hannah turned and hugged him, tears free flowing. He knew not to push her so he just tried to sooth her. She sniffled and whipped away the tears and smiled at him. “How’s practice going?” She asked voice cracking. He nodded, getting the message that she didn’t want to talk about it. “It’s going well. After months of debating we finally picked a band name.” Her smile grew wider.

 “What is it?”

“Black Veil Brides.”

“I like it.”


Andy smiled down at her and kissed her forehead. Over the last few days they both had their share of touching and small kisses. Even though they’ve known each other for almost a week the others had made a bet on how long until they finally get together. Andy was just praying to every God out there that his plan would work. 

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