Fallen Angels

Hannah just moved to to a new city and instantly she is thrown in a whole new life. After meeting Andy Biersack on her first day of school she moves out of her psycho mom's house into the boys house that they all share together. Hannah brings a whole new life into the house and Andy gives Hannah the safety that she always wanted. Hannah and Andy live a life full of Harry Potter, pillow fights and much to Hannah's dismay, clowns. Who knows? Maybe Hannah and Andy will discover something new about each other and themselves.


12. Hufflepoof

Woot woot

As May and June passed, graduation happened. Prom happened and now they were all ready for their lives to start. And what’s a better way to start it than going to Warped Tour?

They took two cars and they all raced to the venue in Orlando. Andy, Hannah, and CC in Hannah’s car while Ashley, Jake, Nikki and Jinxx rode in Nikki’s car. Hannah let Andy drive her car and Jake drove Nikki’s A couple times on the road Hannah got a call from Nikki begging to switch cars because Ashley and Jinxx wouldn’t stop farting toxic gas.

They pulled up and as soon as they both parked Nikki scrambled out the car door gasping for clean air. Hannah laughed and said “Why didn’t you open a window?” Nikki death glared at her. “If Brendon hadn’t of fucked with the windows they would have all been down!” Hannah, Andy and CC laughed as they all walked around looking at everything.

They watched as people set up tents and built the stage where their idols would be performing the next day. “Tell me again why we came so early?” asked Ashley, looking tired from the long drive. “We booked the hotel rooms early because it would be hell trying to find a room tomorrow” answered Andy.

Everyone looked dead on their feet. Nikki and Jake were leaning on each other trying to support each other. CC was pretty close to sleeping standing up. Hannah felt tired and yawned as she suggested “Why don’t we get to our hotel now?” Nobody answered but they all turned on their heels and walked back to the cars and drove to the hotel.

They checked in and they split up into the two rooms. Hannah, Andy and Jinnx shared one and the rest shared the other. Hannah gave Nikki a pity smile as Ashley and CC walked into her room.

Hannah fell on her side of the bed and felt Andy fall beside her. She turned to curl up beside him. But then she felt Jinxx lay down right between them, shoving his bum and making sure he was in the middle. “Hi Jinxx.” Hannah mumbled. They were too tired to move him or even change out of their clothes so they slept with Hannah and Andy on either side of Jinxx in the tiny bed.

Hannah was the first one up and laughed when she saw Andy and Jinxx had snuggled up together. She got her phone out and took pictures of them wrapped in each others arms. She laughed and walked out to the little kitchenette and started brewing coffee. As the smell of the coffee filled the room the boys started waking up. They both had major bedhead and Hannah had to place her knuckles in her mouth to keep from laughing out loud. “Did you guys sleep well?” Hannah asked calmly trying to keep her voice even. Andy had poured himself a cup of coffee and said “yeah, it’s was probs one of the best nights I had.” Hannah snickered and tried to control her laughter but Andy and Jinxx gave her strange looks. Luckly there was a knock on the door and Hannah ran to answer it.

The rest of the gang stood there with Nikki on Jakes back holding small pieces of paper. Hannah gave her a questioning lok and Nikki rolled her eyes. She shoved them in Hannah’s face. They were tickets to the Universal Studios in Disney! Hannah squealed. Both Hannah and Nikki knew what was at Universal and the guys wouldn’t know what hit them. Nikki gave her a wink as she ran and got dressed in an Asking Alexandria hoodie with red plaid skinnys and a black beanie. She saw that Nikki was wearing her Hogwarts logo tank top with Black skinnys and a blue beanie. She yelled at Andy and Jinxx to get ready and soon they were all out the door and in their cars. “Warped can start without us.” Andy said, kissing the side of Hannah’s head as she lead the way.

When they got to the gates to Universal, Nikki and Hannah ran through the park with the guys trailing behind them. The girls squealed as they stopped at the gate to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Andy raised his eyebrow at his girl and saw how happy she was as she looked around trying to look at everything at once. She turned and caught him staring at her and she gave him the widest smile. “Ollivander’s!” Nikki screamed. It was like watching two 3 year olds that had been let lose in a toy store. They all went to the wand shop and Hannah got Draco Malfoy’s wand while Nikki got Hermione’s. The girls then dragged the guys to Zonko’s Joke Shop. That was a store that everyone liked. They all bought item’s and prayed that whatever they had planned was worse for the other person.

Soon they got the Leaky Caldron they all got a tankard of butterbeer. Hannah and Nikki were talking non-stop about the Harry Potter books and movies and the boys looked at them as if they were insane.

After lunch they went to the Hogwarts Castle and sucked the guys into the series. They fired questions at the girls and soon they were hooked. “As soon as we get home, I’m going out and getting the books and the movies” declared Jake. Nikki smiled up at him and kissed his cheek. Jake held her close and they laughed.

“Andy, what house do you think you would be in?” smirked Hannah. Andy laughed and shook his head shaking “Hufflpoof. Crapplcram. I don't give a shit.” Everyone laughed and Ash yelled “Don’t act like you don’t care!” Andy laughed “I don’t care! It’s not like I ask myself ‘What if I went to Hogwarts? What would I do there?’ I really don’t give a shit.” Hannah laughed as everyone started yelling their opinions at him. Andy turned to Hannah and gave her a pouty face. “They don’t share my Batman love. Why aren’t we fighting about how they don’t like my fanboy shit?”

They filled the day with Harry Potter and the gang went back into their hotel with arms filled with Harry Potter merch. Hannah and Nikki went down to the weight room and left the boys to be alone in their rooms.

They were going through the stuff and talking about what they got into that day when Andy pulled Jake aside to talk. “What’s up?” asked Jake worried for his friend. “Hannah and I have only been dating for a month and I don’t know how to tell her how much I love her. I need your help.” Jake thought for a moment and realization set in. “Andy you wrote Hannah a song to say that I had feelings for her. Write a song that means that you love her.” As Jake said this he got thinking about him and Nikki. They were going on strong and it felt like they had known each other forever. Andy saw the worry in his eyes and gave him a small smile. “Don’t worry, we’ll think of something.”

It was a couple hours later and Hannah and Nikki came back and saw the unseeable. Nikki saw that Jake was drinking from one of her Dr. Pepper’s and he gave her a huge smile. Hannah saw that Andy had parked his ass beside Jake and had one of her jars of Nutella in his right hand and a spoon in the other hand. Andy froze with the spoon half way to his mouth. His face paled as Hannah glared down at him. They all watched each other, waiting for someone to move. They could hear the others enter the room but they ran right back out when they saw the scene. Hannah was the first to move. She walked right in front of Andy and bent down to his eye level. She looked dead into his deep ocean blue eyes and whispered. “Have fun sleeping on the couch tonight sweetheart.”  She smirk at him and pushed the spoon full of the chocolaty goodness on his face. He didn’t react to anything after she said her words. He knew that he would have hell to pay.

Nikki grabbed Jake by the ear and took the drink out of his hands. She took him to their own room and Hannah laughed at Jake's face from the pain.

She got into bed and she could feel Andy's eyes on her. She stayed strong and kept the smile off her face as she kept the act up. Andy had tried to come into bed put Hannah spread out across the bed and didn't move. She heard him sigh and he got comfy on the floor beside the bed. When she heard his breathing slow and even out she turned and looked down and watched him sleep. The moonlight was reflecting off his pale face and made his skin pale against his black hair. His lip ring contrasted against his skin. His face was beautiful and left Hannah breathless. She smiled and her heart fluttered as she told herself again that he was hers and she was his. That fact that they were dating was still lost on her and she had to continually had to tell herself that. Nothing would come between her and Andy.

She also thought of Jake and Nikki. Nikki had been through hell and back and Jake was the perfect thing to set her on the right track. They were so perfect for each other. They were so close it would seem that nothing could get between them. Oh boy was Hannah wrong.



I'm really sorry this took me a lifetime and a half to finish this chapter. Writing the first couple paragraphs I felt awkward and switched settings so the next chapter with be at Warped Tour. Special Appearances by Asking Alexandria and Falling in Reverse. Peace out Bitches. 

Ps i was trying to to add a link to a Bryan Stars Interview with Matt Good and Andy Biersack but it wouldn't let me. I make references to that interview so it would make a little more sense if you watch the video so here's the link and go watch the video. 



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